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London by rail, 1832 ac. (50 water), pop. 2106; P.O.,
T.O., 1 Bank. Market-day,
Saturday. Herring and
lobster fishings are carried on, and there is some coast-
ing trade. The town was the birthplace of Crabbe
(1754-1832), the poet.

Aldeby, par. with ry. sta., S. Norfolk, on river
AYaveney, 3 m. NE. of Beccles, 3056 ac., pop. 642; P.O.

Aldcnknni, par. and seat, SAV. Herts, 3 miles NE.
of AVatford, 6113 ac. (80 water), pop. 1833.

Aldenkant Park, seat of Lord Acton, Shropshire,
3 miles AYNAY. of Bridgnorth.

Alderbury.—hundred, S. AYilts, 32,737ac., pop. 4711.
—2. Alderbury, par., civ. par., vil., and seat, in above
hundred, 3 miles SE. of Salisbury—par., 4486 ac., pop.
1213; civ. par., 226-5 ac., pop. 667 ; P.O.

Alderear, place with school, Derbyshire, 4 miles SE.
of Pentrich.

Alderford, par., N. Norfolk, on river AYensum, 10
miles NAY. of Norwich, 432 ac., pop. 37 ; P.O.

Aldergrovc, ry. sta., co. Antrim, 5 miles S. of
Antrim junction and 22J miles from Belfast.

Aldcrliolt, eccl. • dist. (St James) and tithing, N.
Dorset, 2689 ac., pop. 620; P.O.

Alderley.—par. and ry. sta., E. Cheshire, 8 miles
SAY. of Stockport, 6369 ac., pop. 1323 ; P.O., 1 Bank.—

2. Alderley, par. and vil., W. Gloucestershire, 4 miles
NE. of AYickwar, 898 ac., pop. 93 ; P.O ; the birthplace
of Sir Matthew Hale (1609-1676).

Alderley, Netlier and ¼ver, 2 townships, E. Cheshire,
8 miles SAIL of Stockport—Nether Alderley, 2852 ac.
(46 water), pop. 573 ; Over Alderley, 2204 ac., pop. 399.

Alderley Park, seat of Lord Stanley of Alderley,
Alderley par., Cheshire, 3 miles E. of Chelford ry. sta.

Alderman Haw, vil., N. Leicestershire, 2 miles AY.
of Mount Sorrel.

Alderman’s Green, place, AYarwickshire, 3 miles
from Hawkesbury-Lane ry. sta.

Aldermaston, par. and vil. with ry. sta., S. Berks,
8 miles E. of Newbury, 3742 ac. (51 water), pop. 528;
P.O., T.O. ; contains the seat of Aldermaston House.

Alderminster, par., E. AYorcestersh., on river Stour,
5 m. SE. of Stratford-on-Avon, 3167 ac., pop. 493; P.O.

Aldermoor, eminence, Isle of AYight, Hants, 2 miles
SAY. of Ryde.

Aldernan, or Alt-Arnan, rivulet, in extreme AY. of
Perthshire, flowing 3| miles S. and E. to the Falloch
below Inverarnan Hotel.

Alderney, one of the Channel Islands, about 7 miles
from the coast of Normandy and 50 miles SE. from
Portland Bill, Dorset; separated from Cape La Hague
in France by the Race of Alderney. Area, 1962 ac.,
pop. 2048 ; P.O., T.O. The island is about 4 miles long,
1J mile broad, and 12 miles in circumference. The soil
is rich and well cultivated, and the island is famous for
its breed of cows. On the N. side an extensive break-
water and harb. of refuge have been constructed.

Aldersbrookc, a place in Epping Forest, Essex, 1
mile NAY. of Ilford ry. sta.; has a city cemetery.

Aldcrscy, township and seat, Coddington par., AY.
Cheshire, on affluent of river Dee, 7 miles SE. of Ches-
ter, 803 ac., pop. 109.

Aldersgate Street, sta. on Metropolitan Ry., London.

Aldersbot, par. and town, N. Hants, 3 miles NE. of
Farnham and 35 miles from London by rail, 4178 ac.
(30 water), pop. (including 7280 military) 20,155; P.O.,
T.O., 2 Banks, 4 newspapers. A permanent camp was
established here in 1854-55.

Aid erst on, seat, in co. and 1J mile AVNAY. of Had-

AMerton.—par., E. Gloucestershire, 9 miles NE. of
Cheltenham, 1750 ac., pop. 415; P.O.—2. Alderton,
par., in S. of co. and 74 miles S. of Northampton,
910 ac., pop. 117.—3. Alderton, coast par., E. Suffolk,
Smiles SE. of AYoodbridge,2575ac., pop. 533; P.O.—4.
Alderton, par., N. AYilts, 9 miles NAY. of Chippenham,
1587 ac., pop. 125; P.O.—5. Alderton, place, Great
Ness par., N. Shropshire, 8 miles NAY. of Shrewsbury.

Alderton, seat, co. AYexford; post-town, New Ross.

Alderwasley, township and seat, S. Derbyshire, 2
miles SE. of AYirksworth, 3106 ac. (25 water), pop. 386.

Aldfield, township and eccl. dist. (A.-with-Studley),
E. div. AYest-Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles SAY. of Ripon,
1269 ac., pop. 125 ; eccl. dist., pop. 372.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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