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Alsnondbank and Bridgeton, vil. with ry. sta.,
Methven par., E. Perthshire, 4 miles W. of Perth, on
river Almond, pop. 492; P.O., T.O.

Almondbury, par. and township, S. div. West-
Riding Yorkshire, 2 miles SE. of Huddersfield—par.,
30,584 ac., pop. 52,970; township (wholly in pari, and
mun. bor. of Huddersfield), 2636 ac., pop. 13,977; has
cotton and woollen mfrs. At Almondbury are traces
of an ancient castle.

Almond Glen, or Srna’ Glen, Perthshire, 6 miles N.
of Crieff. See also

Almondsbsis'y, par. and tithing, W. Gloucestershire,
8 miles N. of Bristol—par., 9574 ac., pop. 2999 ; tithing,
7020 ac., pop. 2188 ; P.O., T.o.

Alsnoritia, Ballysuoran, or Moranstown, par., co.
Westmeath,3 m. NNE. of Ballymore, 2202 ac., pop. 323.

Alnisford, or Ansford, par., mid. Somerset, adja-
cent to Castlecary, 844 ac., pop. 296.

Ain, river, N. Northumb.; rising to the W. of Alnham,
it flows E. to the sea at Alnmouth, and is 16 miles long.

Alnapest, mt. range, SW. bar. Raphoe, co. Donegal.

Alnc.—par., township, ry. sta., and seat, Nortli-
Riding Yorkshire, on affluent of river Ouse, 11J m. NW.
of York by rail—par., 9982 ac., pop. 1558; township,
2262 ac., pop. 492; P.O.—2. Alne, affluent of river Avon,
SW. Warwickshire, 1-5 miles long.

Alne, Great, par., S. Warwicksh., on river Alne, 2
miles NE. of Alcester, 1753 ac., pop. 435; P.O.

Alne, Little, hamlet, Aston Cantilow par., S. War-
wickshire, 2 miles NE. of Great Alne.

Alncsbourn Priory, par., E. Suffolk, 3 miles SE.
of Ipswich, 463 ac., pop. 59.

Ainess, par. and vil. with ry. sta., mid. E. Ross-
shire, 8 miles NE. of Dingwall, on river of same name,
44,041 ac., pop. 1033 (vil., pop. 942); P.O., t.o., 1 Bank.
The river rises among the mountains 4 m. NW. of Loch
Moir, and flows 18 m. SE. to Cromarty Firth at Alness vil.

Alney, island in the Severn, near Gloucester; here
Edmund Ironside and Canute, after a single combat
(1016), agreed to divide the kingdom.

Alnham, par. and township, N. Northumberland, 13
miles W. of Alnwick—par., 12,055 ac., pop. 226; town-
ship, 9403 ac., pop. 131.

Alnmouth, township and seaport, Lesbury par., N.
Northumberland, at mouth of river Ain, 5 miles SE. of
Alnwick, 296 ac. and 250 water and foreshore, pop. 535;
P.O., T.O.

Alnwick, par., township, and market town, N.
Northumb., on river Ain, 38g miles N. by W. of New-
castle-on-Tyne and 310 miles N. of London by rail—par.,
16,986 ac., pop. 7447 ; township, 16,749 ac. (70 water),
pop. 7440; town, pop. 6693; P.O., T.O., 4 Banks,
1 newspaper. Market-day,
Saturday. It is a town
of great antiquity, was the scene of numerous conflicts
in the Scottish wars, and underwent sieges by the
Scots in 1093, 1135, 1174, 1328, and 1448. Beside
the town is Alnwick Castle, the historic residence
of the Dukes of Northumberland, and one of the finest
examples of a feudal fortress in the kingdom. Its walls
enclose 5 ac., and the grounds extend 5 miles in length.

Alnwick Lodge, colliery vil., in par. and 3 miles NE.
of Irvine, N. Ayrshire.

A iocs bridge, hundred, Shepway lathe, E. Kent, 9832
ac., pop. 917 ; contains 4 pars, and a part of a fifth.

Alpcs'ton, hamlet, Harrow-on-the-Hill par., Middle-
sex, 8 miles NW. of St Paul’s, London ; P.O.

Alphamstone, par., E. Essex, 4 miles NE. of Hal-
stead, 1596 ac., pop. 249.

Alpheton, par., W. Suffolk, on affluent of river Stour,
6 miles N. of Sudbury, 1202 ac., pop. 249 ; P.O.

Alphington, par. and vil., E. Devon, 2 miles S. of
Exeter, 2471 ac., pop. 1115 ; P.O.

Alpington, par. and seat, S. Norfolk, 6 miles SE. of
Norwich, 1069 ac., pop. 162.

Alpitty, place, Kincardineshire, 6 miles NE. of

Alps*ahasn, township, Bunbury par., W. Cheshire,
6J miles NW. of Nantwich, 1624 ac., pop. 438; P.O.

AIresfos*d.—par., ry. sta., and seat, E. Essex, 5
miles SE. of Colchester by rail, 1436 ac. and 98 water and
foreshore, pop. 259 ; P.O.—2. Alresfos*d, market town,
N. Hants, 7 miles NE. of Winchester by rail, 693 ac.,
non. 1550 ; P.O.. T.o., 2 Banks. Market-dav.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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