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Bargoeil, ry. sta., on border of Monmouthshire and
Glamorgan, 18§ miles N. of Cardiff; P.O.

Bargrcnnan, quoad sacra par. and hamlet, AY. Kirk-
cudbrightshire and Wigtownshire, on river Cree, 9 miles
NAY. of Newton-Stewart, pop. 366; P.O.

Bargy.—coast bar., S. co. Wexford, 40,002 ac., pop.
8521.—2. Bargy, seat, in co. and 8 miles S. of Wexford.

Barham.—par., mid. W. Huntingdonshire, 1| mile
N. of Spaldwick, 700 ac., pop. 64.—2. Barham, par.,
E. Kent, 6 miles SE. of Canterbury, 4698 ac., pop.
1012; P.O., T.o.—3. Barham, par., E. Suffolk,
1\ mile
NE. of Claydon ry. sta. and 5 miles N. of Ipswich,
1806 ac., pop. 470.

Barham Court.—seat, near Canterbury, Kent.—2.
Barham Court,'manor, 4£m. SW. of Maidstone, Kent.

Barham Downs, E. Kent, 6 miles SE. of Canter-
bury, 3 miles long.

Barholm, par., S. Lincolnshire, 31? miles NW. of
Market Deeping, 1230 ac., pop. 179.

Barholm, estate with ancient tower, Kirkcud-
brightshire, 6 miles SE. of Creetown; reputed the
“ Ellangowan” of Scott’s
Guy Mannering.

Barhullion, a conspicuous hill, Glasserton par.,
SE. Wigtownshire, alt. 450 ft.

Baripper, hamlet, 2 miles from Camborne, W. Corn-
wall ; P.O.

Barjarg, vil. and seat, Keir par., W. Dumfriesshire,
3J miles S. of Thornhill.

Barkby, par. and township, N. Leicestershire, 1J
mile SE. of Syston ry. sta. and 4| miles N.E. of Lei-
cester, 2290 ac., pop. 1046; township, pop. 579; P.O.

Barkby-Thorpe, township, Barkby par., in N. of
co. and 3 miles NE. of Leicester, pop. 47.

Barkestone,. par., N. Leicestershire, in Yale of
Belvoir, 2 miles W. of Bottesford ry. sta. and 12 miles
NE. of Melton-Mowbray, 2870 ac., pop. 302.

Barkham, par., SE. Berks, 2£ miles SW. of Woking-
ham, 1388 ac., pop. 217.

Barking.—par. and market town, S. Essex, 2 miles
N. of river Thames, 7 miles E. of London by rail—12,307
ac., pop, 16,848; town, 3814ac., pop. 9203. Market-day,
Saturday. It has a large jute factory and other
manufacturing works; there are also extensive market
gardens.—2. Barking, par. and vil., E. Suffolk—par.,
3164 ac., pop. 1841; the vil. is about 2 miles SAY. of

Barking Side, eccl. dist., Great Ilford par., S.
Essex, pop. 2630; P.O.

Barkisland, township, in par. and 5 miles SAY. of
Halifax, N. div. AYest-Riding Yorkshire, 2421 ac., pop.
*2102 : P.O.; has woollen mfrs. It contains Barkisland
Christchurch, eccl. dist., pop. 1627.

Barkston Ash Division, pari, div., E. div. AYest-
Riding Yorkshire, pop. 49,360.

Barkston.—par. with ry. sta., S. Lincolnshire, 4
miles NE. of Grantham, 2083 ac., pop. 499; P.O.—

2. Barkston, Leicestershire. See Barkestone.—3.
Barkston, 4 miles from Harby, S. Notts ; P.O.

Barkston Ash.—wapentake, E div. AYest-Riding
Yorkshire, 91,362 ac., pop. 28,553.—2. Barkston Ash,
township, Sherburn par., E. div. West-Riding York-
shire, 1 mile W. of Church Fenton ry. sta. and 4 miles
S. of Tadcaster, 1164 ac., pop. 358.

Barkway, par. and vil., N. Herts, 41? miles SE. of
Royston, 5060 ac., pop. 999; P.O., T.o.

Barkwith, East, par., mid. Lincolnshire, miles
NE. of Wragby, 1594 ac., pop. 339.

Barkwith, West, par., mid. Lincolnshire, 2\ miles
NE. of Wragby, 500 ac., pop. 119.

Barland. See Evenjobb.

Barlaston, par. and seat with ry. sta., W. Stafford-
shire, 31? miles NW. of Stone, 2184 ac., pop. 821; P.O.

Barlavington, or Barlton, par., W. Sussex, near
river Arun, 2 miles S. of Petworth ry. sta., 1198 ac.,
pop. 182.

Barlay Hill, birthplace of Thomas Faed, R.A. (born
1826), Girthon par., Kirkcudbrightshire.

Barlborough, par., E. Derbyshire, 2 miles E. of
Eckington ry. sta. and 8 miles NE. of Chesterfield, 3453
ac., pop. 1678; P.O., T.o. ; contains Barlborough Ilall.

Barlby, township, Hemingbrough par., East-Riding
Yorksh., If m. NE. of Selby, 1482 ac., pop. 513. Barlby-
Bank, hamlet, is included in this township ; P.O.

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