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Aubin; P.O.—3. Beaumont, 4 miles from Weeley,
NE. Essex; P.O. See
Beaumont cum Moze.

Beaumont Chase, par., S. Rutland, 1| mile from
Uppingham, pop. 32.

Beaumont Cote, seat, NW. Lancashire; post-town,

Beaumont cum Moze, par., NE. Essex, 10 miles E.
of Colchester, 3058 ac., pop. 434; P.O.

Beaumont Leys, par., in N. of co. and 2 miles N. of
Leicester, 1210 ac., pop. 39.

Bcauparc, seat and ry. sta., 6 miles NE. of Navan,
mid. co. Meath ; P.O.

Beanport Park, 3| miles SE. of Battle, Sussex. _

Beaupre Castle, ancient seat, Glamorgan, on river
Thaw, 3 miles SE. of Cowbridge.

Beaurepaire, seat, 4 m. N. of Basingstoke, Hants.

Beausall, hamlet, Hatton par., in S. of co. and
4 miles NW. of Warwick, pop. 195.

Beau Pale, manor, Greasley par., in AY. of co. and
7 miles NW. of Nottingham.

Beauvoir Town, eccl. dist., AY. Hackney par.,
Middlesex, London, near Kingsland Road, pop. 12,012.

Beau worth, par., N. Hants, 6 miles SE. of Win-
chester, 1252 ac., pop. 124.

Beaver, 2 miles from Ashford, Kent; P.O.

Beaver Craig, a picturesque ravine, in King Edward
par., NW. extremity of Aberdeenshire.

Beaworthy, par. with ry. sta., S. Devon, 6 miles
SW. of Hatherleigh, 3806 ac., pop. 296.

Beazley End, vil., 4 m. N. of Bain tree, NE. Essex.

Bebington, par. with ry. sta., W. Cheshire, on river
Mersey, 3 miles SE. of Birkenhead, 5421 ac., pop.
32,802; P.O., T.O. It includes the townships of Be‘/u-
ington, Higher, and Bebington, Lower, 9444 ac.,
pop. 4122; and 1054 ac., pop. 4050.

Bebside, township with ry. sta., Horton par., S.
Northumberland, 2 m. W. of Blyth, 535 ac., pop. 54.

Becca Banks, earthworks, 1J mile E. of Barwick-in-
Elmet, West-Riding Yorkshire.

Becca (or Cuffortli) Hall, West-Riding Yorkshire,
7 miles NE. of Leeds.

Beccles, par., mun. bor. and market town, E. Suffolk,
on river AYaveney, 8 miles W. of Lowestoft, 33 miles
NE. of Ipswich, and 109 miles NE, of London by rail,
1892 ac., pop. 5721; P.O., T.O., 2 Banks, 1 newspaper.
Friday. It has an interesting church,
with detached bell-tower begun in 1500. The Waveney
being navigable, a good trade in coal, corn, and malt
is carried on. B. possesses a common of 1| sq. m.,
on which races are held annually.

Becconshall. See Hesketh-with-Becconshall.

Beccott, hamlet, Arlington par., N. Devon.

Bechan, affluent of river Einion, flowing from Berwyn
mountains near boundary between Montgomeryshire
and Merioneth to a point above Maifod, 16 miles long.

Bechmaken, site of a Greyfriars’ priory, Isle of
Man, 2 miles AY. of Rushen.

Beck.—vil., Arthuret par., E. Cumberland, 2 miles
W. of Longtown.—2. Beck, vil., E. Cumberland, 3
miles NW. of Kirkoswald.

Beckbnry, par., S. Shropshire, 5 miles SE. of
Shiffnall, 1343 ac., pop. 329; P.O.

Beckenham, par. and town with ry. sta., W. Kent,
2 miles W. of Bromley and 7 miles S. by E. of London,
3881 ac., pop. 13,045; P.O., T.o., 2 Banks, 1 newspaper.
It has an interesting church of 16th century. The seat
of Beckenham Place is in the vicinity.

Beckering Holton (Lincolnshire). See Holton-

Beckermct.—St Bridget and St John, 2 adjacent
pars., W. Cumberland, 3 miles S. of Egremont—St

B., 5063 ac., pop. 661; St J., 2946 ac., pop. 623.—2.
Beckermet, ry. sta., Cumb., 3 m. S. of Egremont; P.O.

Beckermonds, locality, in Arncliffe par., West-
Riding Yorkshire, 4J miles from Hubberholme.

Becketsbury, ancient camp, W. Gloucestershire, 1
mile N. of Wootton-under-Edge.

Beckett, tithing, Shrivenham par., NW. Berks, 5
miles SW. of Faringdon. Beckett House is in vicinity.

Beckfoot.—ry. sta., 6J miles NE. of Ravenglass, W.
Cumberland.—2. Beckfoot, hamlet, Bingley par., E.
div. West-Riding Yorkshire.—3. Beckfoot, hamlet, in
par. and 2 m. NE. of Kirkby Lonsdale, S. Westmorland.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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