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Bromden, hamlet, 7 miles NE. of Ludlow, S.

Broiue, par., W. Suffolk, 2 miles N. of Eye, 843 ac.,
pop. 261; P.O.; contains Brome Hall, 3 m. S. of Scole,
for many centuries the seat of the Cornwallis family.

Broineswell, par., E. Suffolk, on river Deben, 24
miles NE. of Woodbridge, 1787 ac., pop. 210.

Bromfield.—hundred, Denbighshire, 58,501 ac., pop.
42,491; contains 3 pars, and parts of 4 others.—2.
Bromfield, par. and township, W. Cumberland, 64
miles W. of AVigton—par., 13,060 ac. and 412 foreshore,
pop. 1985; township, 3028 ac., pop. 378.—3. Brom-
fleld, par. and township with ry. sta., S. Shropshire, 24
miles NW. of Ludlow—par., 7174 ac., pop. 812; town-
ship, 6112 ac., pop. 565; P.O.

Bromfleet. See Broomfleet.

Bromford Lane, sta. (Oldbury and Bromford Lane)
on branch of London and North-Western Ry., E. Wor-
cestershire, 54 miles NW. of Birmingham.

Bromhall, hamlet, Sunninghill par., E. Berks.

Bromham.—par., in co. and 3 m. NW. of Bedford,
1798 ac., pop. 327; P.O.—2. Bromham, par. and vil.,
N. Wilts, 34 miles NW. of Devizes, 3593 ac., pop. 1162;
P.O. Thomas Moore, the poet (1779-1852), is buried here.

Bromholm, hamlet, Bactonpar., N. Norfolk, 4 miles
NE. of North Walsham.

Bromley.—market town and par., W. Kent, on river
Ravensbourne, 8 miles SE. of London by rail, 4725 ac.,
pop. 15,154; P.O., T.O., 1 Bank, 3newspapers. Market-
Thursday. B. was at one time the residence of
the Bishops of Rochester. It possesses a college for
clergymen’s widows, and a medicinal spring strongly
impregnated with chalybeate. One mile NW. of the
town is Bromley Hill House.—2. Bromley, sta.
on the London, Tilbury, and Southend Ry., Middle-
sex, in E. of London.—3. Bromley, hamlet, 6 miles
NE. of Ware, E. Herts.—4. Bromley, township,
Eccleshall par., in W. of co. and 8 miles NW. of
Stafford.—5. Bromley, place, Worfieldpar., S. Shrop-
shire, 1 mile NE. of Bridgnorth.—6. Bromley, hamlet,
Wortley township,Tankersley par., S. div. AYest-Riding
Yorkshire, 7 miles SW. of Barnsley.

Bromley and Beckenham, hundred, Sutton-at-
Hone lathe, W. Kent, 8587 ac., pop. 28,199.

Broinley Common, eccl. dist., Bromley par., W.
Kent, pop. 3149; P.O.

Bromley Cross, sta. on Lancashire and Yorkshire
Ry., 2 miles N. of Bolton, SE. Lancashire.

Bromley, Great, par. and vil., NE. Essex, 5 miles E.
of Colchester, 2996 ac., pop. 724; P.O.

Bromley, Little, par., NE. Essex, 6 miles NE. of
Colchester, 1844 ac., pop. 374; P.O.

Bromley Regis. See King’s Bromley.

Bromley St Leonards, or Bromley by Bow, par.
and ry. sta., Tower Hamlets bor., Middlesex, 34 miles
NE. of St Paul’s, London, 621 ac. (34 water), pop. 64,359.

Bromlow, place with school, AYorthin par., S. Shrop-
shire, 84 miles N. of Bishops Castle.

Brompton.—dist. and ry. sta., Kensington par., Mid-
dlesex, pop. 43,010.—2. Brompton, par. and township,
North-Riding Yorkshire, 7 m. SW. of Scarborough—par.,
11,352 ac. (includes part of Snainton, in another par.),
pop. 1600;township, 4099ac., pop. 687.—3. Brompton,
township and ry. sta., in par. and 3 miles N. of
Northallerton, North-Riding Yorkshire, 3842 ac., pop.
1295 ; P.O. — 4. Brompton, ecclesiastical district,
Chatham and Gillingham pars., Kent, mostly in bor.
of Chatham, pop. 6782. Brompton is within the forti-
fied lines of Chatham, and possesses a naval hospital,
barracks, &c. See

Brompton with Riston, township, Church Stoke
par., Shropshire, 6 m. NW. of Bishops Castle, pop. 164.

Brompton, Yew, eccl. dist. (St Mark) and ry. sta.,
Gillingham par., mid. Kent, pop. 8958 ; P.O., T.O.

Brompton, Patrick. See Patrick Brompton.

Brompton Potter, township, Ganton par., East-
Riding Yorkshire, 4 miles E. of Sherburn ; P.O.

Brompton Ralph, par., W. Somerset, 3 miles N. of
Wiveliscombe, 2690 ac., pop. 424; P.O.

Brompton Regis, par. and vil., W. Somerset, 34
miles NE. of Dulverton, 8810 ac., pop. 756; P.O.

Brompton Road, eccl. dist. (Holy Trinity), Kensing-
ton par., Middlesex, pop. 10,747.

Brompton-upon-Swale, township, Easby par.,
North-Riding Yorkshire, on river Swale, 34 miles E. of
Richmond, 1700 ac. (18 water), pop. 360; P.O.

Brompton, West, eccl. dists. (St Luke and St Mary)
and ry. sta., Kensington par., Middlesex, pop. 5483
and 4684.

Brom’s Ash, 4 miles from Ross, S. Herefordsh.; P.O.

Bromsberrow, par., W. Gloucestershire, on border
of co.,
64 miles SW. of Upton, 1803 ac., pop. 266 ; con-
tains the seat of Bromsberrow Place.

Bromsgrove, par. and market town, in co. and 12
miles NE. of AYorcester and 114 miles NW. of London
by rail—par., 11,147 ac., pop. 12,813; town, pop. 7960;
P.O., T.O., 2 Banks, 2 newspapers. Market-day,
B., situated in a beautiful valley, 14 mile from
itsry. sta., has mfrs. of buttons, nails, needles, and
coarse linen. It contains many old houses, curiously
ornamented; and has an elegant Gothic church, in
which are several ancient monuments, particularly of
the Talbots, Earls of Shrewsbury.

Bromston, hamlet, St Peter par., E. Kent, near

Bromwich, Castle. See Castle Bromwich.

Bromwich, Little, hamlet, Aston par., N. War-
wickshire, in pari. bor. of Birmingham, pop. 950.

Bromwich, West, pari, and mun. bor., and par.,
Staffordshire, 44 miles NW. of Birmingham by rail,
5719 ac., pop. 56,295; 3 Banks, 2 newspapers ; has coal
and iron mines, and hardware mfrs. West Bromwich
was made a mun. bor. in 1882, and a pari. bor. in 1885;
it returns 1 member to Parliament.

Bromyard, market town, par., and township, with
ry. sta., on river Frome, NE. Herefordshire, 17 miles
W. of AYorcester and 134 miles NAY. of London by rail
—par., 8611 ac., pop. 2998; township, pop. 1477; P.O.,
T.o. ; 2 Banks. Market-day,
Monday; is situated in
the midst of orchards and hop gardens; has malting
and tanning, and mfr. of spade-handles for Birming-
ham ; has also a fine church, originally of pure Saxon
architecture, and a free grammar-school founded by
Queen Elizabeth.

Bronbanog Hills, 8 miles SW. of Ruthin, Denbigh.

BroncasteUan, township, Llanbadarnfawr par., NE.
Cardiganshire, on river Rheidol, 14 mile SE. of Aberyst-
with, 505 ac., pop. 141.

Broncoed, township, Mold par., mid. Flintshire.

Brondesbnry, eccl. dist. and ry. sta., Willesden
par., Middlesex, 5 miles NAY. of London, pop. 1902.

Brongwyn, par., SAY. Cardiganshire, 2 miles NW.
of Newcastle Emyln, 1620 ac., pop. 269; P.O.

Bronholm Priory, ruins (1113), 54 miles NE. of
North Walsham, N. Norfolk.

Broniarth, locality, Guilsfield par., NE. Mont-
gomeryshire, 44 miles NW. of Welshpool.

Bronington, township, Hanmer par., SE. Flintshire,
44 miles SW. of Whitchurch, 4692 ac., pop. 674.

Bronllys.—township, Llanbister par., N. Radnorsh.,
10 m. W. of Knighton.—2. Bronllys. See

Bronwydd, seat, 4 miles NE. of Newcastle-Emlyn,
S. Cardiganshire.

Bronwydd Arms, sta. on Carmarthen and Cardigan
Ry., in co. and 4 miles N. of Carmarthen; P.O.

Bronwylfa, seat, close to St Asaph, Flintshire;
was a residence of Mrs Hemans.

Brony, rivulet, E. Aberdeenshire, flowing 7 miles NE
to river Ythan.

Bron-y-Foel, school, in co. and near Carnarvon.

Bron-y-Garth, 4 m. NE. of Oswestry, Shropsh.; P.O.

Bronyscawen, ancient camp, Llanboidy par., in W.
of co. and 13 miles NAY. of Carmarthen.

Brony wood, locality, Llandyssil par., in SE. of co.
and 2 miles SE. of Montgomery.

Brook.—hamlet, near Tavistock, S. Devon; has a
strong mineral spring.—2. Brook, hamlet, Bramshaw
par., S. Hants, 6 miles SW. of Romsey.—3. Brook,
tithing, Kings Sombourn par., S. Hants, 7 miles N.
of Romsey.—4. Brook, par. and vil., on SW. coast of
Isle of Wight, Hants, 24 miles NW. of Brixton, 713
ac. and 40 foreshore, pop. 195; contains B. House,
site of the old manor-house. To W. of vil., along the
beach, is B. Point, geologically interesting for its
extensive fossil forest.—5. Brook, par. and vil., E.
Kent, 5 miles NE. of Ashford, 588 ac., pop. 136; P.O.—

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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