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Brooinsidc Village, polliery vil., St Giles’ par., ,N.
Durham, near Belmont vil.

Broomsthorpe, township and hamlet, East Rudham
par., W. Norfolk, 5| m.W. of Fakenham, 340ae„ pop. 12.

Broomstrcet,. hamlet, . in par. and 4 mile AY. of
Graveney, E. Kent.

Brooniy, par., S. Hants, on river Avon, 2 miles N.
of Ringwood, 4729 ac., pop. 127.

Broomyholme, hamlet, Ryton par., N. Durham,
near Sacriston vil.

Broomyieas, ridge of small hills, with good sand-
stone quarries, Newlandspar., Peeblesshire.

Brora.—vil., Clyne par., SE. Sutherlandshire, at
mouth of Brora river, 6 miles NE. of Golspie by rail,
pop. 532; P.O., T.O., 1 Bank. The neighbourhood is
interesting to geologists.—2. Brora, loch (4 miles by

4 mile) and river, E. Sutherlandshire. The river flows
26 miles SE. along Strath Brora to the Moray Eirth at
Brora village.

Brosaethydd, place, Gwyddelwern par., NE. Merio-
neth, 2 miles N. of Corwen.

Broseley, par. and market town with ry. sta. (Iron-
bridge and Broseley), S. Shropshire, on river Severn, 15
m. SE. of Shrewsbury and 145 m. NAY. of London, 2006
ac., pop. 4458; P.O., T.o., 1 Bank. Market-day,
nesday ;
has coal and iron mines, and mfrs. of coarse
earthenware and tobacco pipes.

Brosna.—par. and vil., E. co. Kerry, 8 miles S. of
Abbeyfeale, on river Clydagh—par., 11,959 ac., pop.
2416; vil., pop. 301; P.O.—2. Brosisa, hamlet, on r.
Little Brosna, SAY. King’s co., 5 m. N. of Roscrea; P.O.
—3. Brosna, affluent of river Shannon, at 2 miles
above Banagher, flowing from Lough Ennell about 30
miles SAY. through co. AYestmeath and King’s co.—4.
Brosna, Little, stream, SAY. King’s co., flowing 10
miles NAY. by Birr to the Shannon, at 2 miles below

Brother.—small island, off S. coast of Yell, Shet-
land.—2. Brother, small loch, Meams par., SE. Ren-

Brothercross, hundred, AY. Norfolk, 22,842 ac., pop.
4126 ; contains 13 pars.

Brothers Water, small but picturesque lake (f mile
by 4 mile), AYestmorland, 2 miles S. of Patterdale.

Brothertoft, township, Kirkton par., S. Lincoln-
shire, 44 miles NAY. of Boston, 1805 ac., pop. 253.

Brotlierton, par. and township, E. div. West-Riding
Yorkshire, 3 miles NE. of Pontefract byrail—par., 2388
ac. (55 water), pop. 1266; township, 933 ac. (38 water),
pop. 1159; P.O.

Brotherton House, seat, Benholm par., Kincardine-
shire, near J ohnshaven.

Brothervvick, township, Warkworth par., N. North-
umberland, on river Coquet, 6 miles SE. of Alnwick,
186 ac., pop. 20.

Brothock, stream, E. Forfarshire, flowing 6 miles
SE. to the North Sea at Arbroath,

Brotton, township and town with ry. sta., Skelton
(Redcar) par., North-Riding Yorkshire, 6 miles NE. of
Guisbrough and 250 miles NW. of London—township,
2076 ac. and 321 foreshore, pop. 3753; town, pop. 4184;
P.O., T.O., 1 Bank.

Brough.—par., township, and market town, E. West-
morland,5m. NE. of Kirkby Stephen—par., 21,646ac. (50
water), pop. 1311; township, pop. 628; P.O., T.o. Mkt.-
Thurs. A great horse and cattle fair is held annually
at Brough Hill, 2 miles NW., on 30th Sept. and 1st
Oct. The castle, now in ruins, was erected before the
Conquest. The church (1513) contains a pulpit (1624)
formed out of a single stone.—2. Brough, hamlet with
ry. sta., Elloughton par., East-Riding Yorkshire, 104
miles W. of Hull; P.O., T.o.—3. Brough, township,
Catterick par., North-Riding Yorkshire, on river Swale,

5 miles SE. of Richmond, 1177 ac (23 water), pop. 120.
Brough Hall is 14 mile SW of Catterick Bridge sta.—

4. Brough, hamlet, 1 mile E. of Langford, S. Notts;
occupies the site of a Roman station destroyed by the
Danes in 1016.—5, Brough, Skipsea par., East-Riding
Yorkshire. See
Dringhoe, Upton, and Brough.

Brough.—fishing vil., Dunnet par., N. Caithness-
shire, 11 miles by road NE. of Thurso; P.O. — 2.
Brough, vil., N. Mainland, Shetland.—3. Brough,
seat, in Fetlar island, Shetland.

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