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Caerleon-ultra-Pontem, hamlet, Christchurch par.,
S. Monmouthshire, opposite Caerleon.

Caerphilly.—hundred, E. Glamorgan, 63,438 ac.,
pop. 75,993; contains 4 pars, and parts of 3 others.—
2. Caerphilly, town with ry. sta., Eglwysilan par., E.
Glamorgan, 7 miles N. of Cardiff and 179 miles NAV.
of London; P.O., T.O., 1 Bank. Market-day,
has extensive collieries and ironworks. C. Castle, a
magnificent ruin, with leaning tower 80 ft. high, was
one of the largest strongholds in the kingdom.

Cacrscddfan, township, Darowen par., AV. Mont-
gomeryshire, 6 miles NE. of Machynlleth.

Caersws, hamlet with ry. sta., Llanwnog par., S.
Montgomeryshire, 6 miles NAV. of Newtown ; P.O.

Caervorran, site of Roman station, 4 miles NAV. of
Haltwhistle, S. Northumberland.

Caerwent, par. and vil., SE. Monmouthshire, 5 miles
SAV. of Chepstow, 1962 ac., pop. 400; P.O.

Caerwinning, hill, Dairy par., Ayrshire, alt. 634 ft.

Caerwys, parliamentary bor., and par. with ry. sta.,
N. Flintshire, 74 miles E. of St Asaph and 201 miles
NAV. of London—par., 2737ac., pop. 805; bor., 754ac.,
pop. 604; P.O., T.O.; has large cattle fairs. C. is one of
the Flint district of pari, bors., and unites with 7 others
in sending 1 member to Pari. See Flint Boroughs.

Cacrynwcli, seat, 3 m. E. of Dolgelly, mid. Merioneth.

Csesar’s Camp.—ancient fortification, 3 miles SE. of
Wokingham, SE. Berks.—2. Csesar’s Camp, ancient
entrenchment, on NE. border of Hants and Surrey,
24 miles W. of Aldershot.

Cagebrook, locality, in co. and 5 m. SW. of Hereford.

Caha.—mountain range, on border of cos. Cork and
Kerry, between river Kenmare and Bantry Bay, ‘10
miles long, greatest alt. 2249 ft.—2. Caha, stream,
rising near the above, and flowing 9 miles SE. to river
Bandon, W. co. Cork.

Caheny, vil., 24 miles E. of Garvagh ry. sta., E. co.

Caher.*—market town and par., S. co. Tipperary,
on river Suir, 11 miles AV. of Clonmel, 39 NAV. of
Waterford, and 124 SW. of Dublin by rail—par.,
13,646 ac., pop. 4694; town, 165 ac., pop. 2469; 2
Banks. Market-days,
Wednesday and Friday ; a clean
and well-built town, in a rich and beautiful district,
with extensive trade in corn and flour, the mills in the
neighbourhood being among the largest in the country.
Caher Castle, originally built in 1142, and now used as
a military depot, is situated on an island in the river
Suir. In the vicinity of the town are the seats of
C. Abbey and C. House; in the fine and extensive
grounds of the latter is a picturesque retreat called
“The Cottage.”—2. Caher, par., SAV. co. Kerry (con-
taining Cahersiveen), 19,100 ac., pop. 4736.—3. Caher,
seat, 16 miles NE. of Ennis, NE. co. Clare ; P.O.—4.
Caher, island, bar. Murrisk, AV. co. Mayo, 128 ac.—
5. Caher, mountain, mid. co. Kerry, alt. 3200 ft.

Caheragh, par., SAV. co. Cork, 6 miles SE. of Bantry,
23,525 ac., pop. 4290; P.O.

Caherakilleen, hamlet, 6 miles NE. of Loughrea,
S. co. Galway.

Calicrass, seat, 1 m. N. of Croom, mid. co. Limerick.

Caheravally, par., in co. and 4 miles S. of Limerick,
3833 ac., pop. 616.

Caherbannagh, ham., 5 m. SAV. of Burren, co. Clare.

Caherbarnagh, mountain, bar. AVest Muskerry, W.
co. Cork, alt. 2239 ft.

Cahcrbnlligin, hamlet, 4 m. SW. of Athenry, Galway.

Caherbullog, school, Kilmoon par., co. Clare.

Cahercivccn. See Cahersiveen.

Caliercon, seat, on river Shannon, S. co. Clare, 2
miles across the river from Foynes ry. sta.

Caherconllsh, par. and vil., in co. and 8 miles SE.
of Limerick, 2 miles S. of Boher ry. sta.—par., 8172 ac.,
pop. 1727; vil., pop. 464; P.O., T.o.

Caherconree, mountain, 8 miles SAV. of Tralee, W.
co. Kerry, alt. 2796 ft.

Cahercorncy, par., mid. co. Limerick, on river
Comogue, 8 miles E. of Croom, 1546 ac., pop. 291.

Cabcrilaniel, coast hamlet, 35 miles SAV. of Killarney
ry. sta., S. co. Kerry; P.O.

Caherduggan, par., N. co. Cork, on river Awbeg, 4
miles N. of Mallow, 6131 ac., pop. 783.

Caherelly, par. and seat, in co. and 9 miles SE. of
Limerick, on river Comogue, 2718 ac., pop. 400.

Cahergal, hamlet, 8 m. N. of Oughterard, co. Galway.

Caberkeen, vil., 5 miles N W. of Bear haven, W. co.
Cork, near Coulagh Bay.

Calicrlag, par., in co. and 5 miles E. of Cork, 3556
ac., pop. 1366.

Caberline House, 4 miles S. of Boher ry. sta., NE.
co. Limerick.

Calierlistrane, 4m. fromHeadford, co. Galway; P.O.

CahcrMiacjm, hamlet, 6 m. SW. of Burren, co. Clare.

Caherniore, hamlet, 5 miles SAV. of Bearhaven, W.
co. Cork.

Cabermoylc House, 1 m. N. of Ardagh, co. Limerick.

Cakernarry, par., in co. and 5 miles SE. of Limerick,
2478 ac., pop. 522.

Cahersiveen, market town, Caher par., AV. co.
Kerry, at the mouth of river Caher, 3 miles NE. of
Valentia and 39 miles SAV. of Killarney, 75 ac., pop.
2003; P.O., T.O., 2 Banks. Market-days,
and Saturday; carries on a good agricultural trade.
The town, which has a mean appearance, stands on the
property of Trinity College.

Cahir-. See Caher-.

Cailam, small loch, in par. and 9 miles SE. of church
of Reay, NAV. Caithness-shire.

Caileaiunore’s Cairn. See Kilchrenan.

Cailleach, headland, Lochbroom par., W. Ross-shire.

Cainail, glen, 3 miles long, Torosay par., Mull island,

Cainham, par., S. Shropshire, 3 miles SE. of Ludlow,
2529 ac., pop. 1165.

Cain Island, on N. side of river Shannon, 10 miles
below Limerick ; has a fixed light seen 5 miles.

Cainscross, eccl. dist. (St Matthew) and hamlet,
Randwick, Stonehouse, and Stroud pars., E. Glouces-
tershire, pop. 2548. The hamlet is 2 miles AV. of
Stroud ; P.O., T.O.

Caiplich, hamlet and upland moss, Kiltarlity and
Urquhart pars., NAV. Inverness-shire.

Caira (Glamorgan). See Caerau.

Cairn-. See also Carn-.

Cairn.*—East and AVest, summits of the Pentland
Hills, on border of Edinburghshire and Peeblesshire,
alts. 1839 and 1844 ft.—2. Cairn, hamlet with public
school, Kirkconnel par., NW. Dumfriesshire.

Cairnacay, hill-ridge, Inveravon par., SW. Banff-
shire, alt. 1605 ft.

Cairn-a-Crubic, hill-top, in the shape of a human
head, Contin par., Ross-shire, near Achnasheen ry. sta.

Cairnaig, or Carnacli, river, SE. Sutherlandshire,
flowing 114 miles SE. to the Fleet at Torroboll.

Cairnaire, ancient cairn, close to the “Fairway,”
Inverness harb.; is surmounted by a beacon.

Cairnaqueebn (The Cairn of Remembrance), ancient
tumulus, in par. and 14 mile W. of church of Crathie,
SW. Aberdeenshire.

Cairnavain, ancient stone tumulus, on N. border of
Orwell par., Kinross-shire.

Cairnbaan Inn, on Crinan Canal, 2 miles NAV. of
Lochgilphead, Argyllshire ; a good station for anglers.

Cairn Bane, tumulus, near Mount Norris, co. Armagh.

Cairnbanno, hamlet with school, New Deer par.,
NE. Aberdeenshire, 24 miles SAV. of New Deer.

Cairnbcddic, vil., in co. and 64 miles NE. of Perth;
a moated mound, the alleged site of a castle of Mac-
beth, is here.

Cairnbran, large cairn, Loth par., Sutherlandshire;
said to be the place where Ossian’s dog Bran died and
was buried—hence the name.

Cairnbroe, or Carnbroc, seat, Bothwell par., N.

Cairnbnlg, headland, fishing vil., and estate, with
ancient ruined castle, NE. Aberdeenshire, 24 miles SE.
of Fraserburgh, pop. 459.

Cairnburgbeg and Cairnburgmore, 2 islands of the
Treshinish group, Argyllshire, 54 miles SE. of Coll.

Caimcbunaig, mountain, Kincardine and Rosskeen
liars., NE. Ross-shire, alt. 2749 ft.

* Caher, or Cahir, is an Irish word meaning “a stone fort,”
and is synonymous with the Welsh
Cader, or Caer.

* Cairn, or Cam, signifies a “ rocky mountain.”

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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