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Clonyn, seat of Lord Greville, near Delvin and
8 miles AV. of Athboy ry. sta., E. co. AYestmeath.

• Cloon . See also Clon .

Cloon, Lougb, 10 m. SE. of AVestport, S. co. Mayo.

Cloona, 6 m. from Granard, NE. co. Longford; P.O.

Cloonacleigba, Lougli, 3 miles AY. of Ballymote,
S. co. Sligo.

Cloonacolly, Lougli, 8 miles NAY. of Castlereagh,
AY. co. Roscommon.

Cloonacool, vil., 12 miles SAY. of Collooney, AY. co.
Sligo; P.O.

Cloonagli.—seat, 9 miles N. of Ballinasloe, AY. co.
Roscommon.—2. Cloonagli, Lough, 8 miles NAY. of
Castlereagh, NAY. co. Roscommon.

Cloouaglilin, hamlet, on Bear island, SAY. co. Cork.

Cloonagliinorc, stream, N. co. Mayo, running 10
miles to Rathfran Bay.

Cloonagro, vil., 7 miles NE. of Tulla, NE. co. Clare.

Cloonascragh, hamlet, 3 miles S. of Ballinasloe,
E. co. Galway.

Cloonlio, Lough, 2 m. AY. of Mohill, S. co. Leitrim.

Cloonbony, seat, on river Shannon, near Lanes-
borough, in co. and 8 miles SAY. of Longford.

Clooncah, hamlet, in co. and 5 m. SE. of Roscommon.

Cloonclare, par., N. co. Leitrim, 2 miles E. of Manor
Hamilton, 32,352 ac., pop. 7697.

Clooncogaile, hamlet, 8 miles NAY. of Dungarvan,
AY. co. AVaterford.

Clooncon, hamlet, near Glenamaddy, N. co. Galway.

Clooncorha, vil., 3 m. N. of Kilrush, SAY. co. Clare.

Clooncorick Castle, seat, near Carrigallen, S. co.

Clooncraff, par., N. co. Roscommon, on Lough
Bodarig, 4 m. AY. of Dromodry. sta. 4859 ac., pop. 1050.

Cloondara, vil., on river Shannon, in co. and4 miles
AY. of Longford, pop. 233.

-Cloone, par. and vil., SE. co. Leitrim, 2 miles E. of
Mohill and8miles NE. of Dromodry. sta.—par., 41,523
ac., pop. 11,309 ; vil., pop. 112; P.O.

Cloonce, hamlet, in co. and 4 m. NE. of Longford.

Cloonee, Loughs, S. co. Kerry, 7 m. SAV. of Kenmare.

Clooneen.—seat, 4 miles E. of Banagher, AY. King’s
co.—2. Clooneen, hamlet, 8 miles E. of Edgeworths-
town, SE. co. Longford.

Clooneenbeg, vil., on river Suck, Athleague par., in
co. and 44 miles S. of Roscommon.

Clooney.—-par., AY. co. Clare, 1 mile SE. of Ennis-
timon, 10,225 ac., pop. 1848.—2. Clooney, par. and
seat, mid. co. Clare, 3 miles E. of Ennis, 10,656 ac.,
pop. 1568.—3. Clooney, 7 miles NAY. of Glenties, AY.
co. Donegal; P.O.

Cloonfad, 5 m. from Dunmore, N. co. Galway; P.O.

Cloonfaghna, hamlet, 3 miles SE. of Ballymoe, N.
co. Galway.

Cloonfaris, hamlet, 13 miles NAY. of Ballinasloe, E.
co. Galway.

Cloonfin, seat, on C. Lough, 5 miles AY. of Granard
and 8 m. AY. of Ballywillan ry. sta., mid. co. Longford.

Cloonflnlough, par. and seat, E. co. Roscommon,
1 mile S. of Strokestown and 10 miles N. of Roscommon,
7814 ac., pop. 2224.

Cloonfush, hamlet, 14 m. AY. of Tuam, co. Galway.

Cloongullane, school, Kilconduff par., NE. co. Mayo.

Cloonkea, hamlet, 10 miles SE. of Ballinasloe, E.
co. Galway.

Cloonkeen.—hamlet, 3 miles S. of Tuam, N. co.
Galway.—2. Cloonkeen, hamlet, NE. co. Galway, 11
miles SAY. of Roscommon ry. sta.

Cloonlara, vil., SE. co. Clare, 5 m. NE. of Limerick.

Cloonlogher, par., NAY. co. Leitrim, near Manor
Hamilton, 6444 ac., pop. 888.

Cloonlooskaun.—vil., 3 miles E. of Tulla, E. co.
Clare.—2. Cloonlooskaun, vil., 3 milesN. of Kilrush,
SAY. co. Clare.

Cloonmore, ham., in co. and 6 m. E. of Roscommon.

Cloonoghil, par., S. co. Sligo, 3 miles SAY. of Bally-
mote, 6989 ac., pop. 1309.

Cloonprohus, hamlet, 4 miles NE. of Listowel, N.
co. Kerry.

Cloonteen.—hamlet, 7 miles NAV. of Tuam, N. co.
Galway. — 2. Cloonteen, seat, N. co. Roscommon,
4 miles SE. of Carrick-on-Shannon.

Cloonturk, school, Mohill par., S. co. Leitrim.

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