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Deer Sound, spacious natural harbour, on E. side
of Mainland, Orkney; affords good anchorage.

DeerUnrst. — hundred, E. Gloucestershire, 16,949
ac., pop. 3719; contains 9 pars, and parts of 3 others.
—2. Deerliurst, par. and vil., E. Gloucestershire, on
river Severn, 2 miles SW. of Tewkesbury, 2930 ac., pop.
832; the church (1056) is the earliest dated in England;
1 mile from vil. is the hamlet of Deerliurst Walton.

Deemess, quoad sacra par., St Andrews par., Ork-
ney, pop. 867; P.O.; includes E. peninsula of Mainland
and some islets.

Deersbaiv, or Newtondeershaw, hamlet, in co.
and 54 miles SW. of Banff.

Deerswood, seat, W. Sussex; post-town, Crawley.

Deeslde, valley of the river Dee, Aberdeenshire.

Decside Hydropathic, on S. side of river Dee, in
Kincardineshire, 5 miles SW. of Aberdeen.

Defford, township and vil. with ry. sta., St Andrew
Pershore par., in co. and 9 miles SE. of Worcester,
pop. 438; P.O.

Deganwy, ry. sta., on NW. border of Denbighshire,
1 mile NAV. of Llandudno Junction; in vicinity is
Dlganwy Castle.

Delienfryn, hamlet, 3 m. SW. of Abergele, Denbigh.

Heighten. — township, Escrick par., East-Riding
Yorkshire, 5 miles SE. of York, 2002 ac., pop. 196.—

2. Deighton, township, in par. and 5 miles NE. of
Northallerton, North-Riding Yorkshire, 2036 ac., pop.
114.—3. Deighton, ry. sta., in NE. of Huddersfield,
West-Riding Yorkshire.

Deighton, North, township, Kirk Deighton par., E.
div. West-Riding Yorkshire, on river Nidd, 24 miles N.
of Wetherby, 1475 ac., pop. 111. See
Kirk Deighton.

Dell’s Birig, natural arch, over a long deep cleft in
the cliff, Holborn Head, Caithness-shire.

Deil’s Dyke. — ancient fortification, consisting of
ditch and wall; it extends from Loch Ryan, Wigtown-
shire, to the upper part of the Solway Firth, Dumfries-
shire. See
Catrail.—2. Deil’s Dyke, line of denudated
trap rock, SE. coast of Great Cumbrae isl., Buteshire.

Dcira, S. part of ancient kingdom of Northumbria;
it comprised the country between the Humber and the
Tyne, with territory to the W.

Delabole Quarries, large slate quarries, E. Corn-
wall, 2 miles W. of Camelford, the oldest and largest
of which is 300 ft. deep; the slate is shipped at the
port of St Isaac, 6 miles distant.

Delaford Fark, seat, 3 m. NE. of Colnbrook, Bucks.

Delainere, par. and township with ry. sta., in co.
and 10 miles NE. of Chester—par., 8934 ac., pop. 1467;
township, 1969 ac., pop. 578; contains Delainere
Lodge; D. was anciently a royal forest.

Delamore, seat, near Cornwood, S. Devon.

Delapre Abbey, seat, on site of a nunnery of 12th
century, in co. and 1 mile SE. of Northampton.

Delbury, hamlet, S. Shropshire, 7 miles N. of Lud-
low ; in vicinity is Delbury llall.

Delfour, place with ancient Caledonian monuments,
Alvie par., Inverness-shire.

Delgany, coast par., vil., and ry. sta., N. co. AYick-
low, 5 miles S. of Bray—par., 3977 ac., pop. 1581; vil.,
187; P.O., T.o. The vil. is 2 miles W. of the ry. sta.

Delgaty, seat, Aberdeenshire. See Dalgety.

Delhorn, 3 miles W. of Cheadle, N. Staffordshire ;
p.o. See

Dell, or Abcrnciby, deer-forest, E. Inverness-shire,
27,110 ac. See

Delly End, hamlet, near Witney, Oxfordshire.

Delnadampli, shooting-lodge, on river Don, W.
Aberdeenshire, 15 miles NW. of Ballater.

Delnies, hamlet with school, on E. side of Carse of
Delnies, in co. and 24 miles W. of Nairn.

Delnnan, shooting-lodge, on river Thurso, Caithness-
shire, 8 miles from Altnabreac ry. sta.

Deiny, sta. on the Highland Ry., 3J miles NE. of
Invergordon, E. Ross-shire; P.O.

Deloraine, tract on river Ettrick, in co. and 13 miles
SW. of Selkirk; gave (from 1706 to 1807) the title of
earl to a branch of the Scotts.

Dclpb, vil. and ry. terminus, Rochdale par., S. div.
West-Riding Yorkshire, 6 miles NE. of Ashton under
Lyne ; P.O., T.O.; in vicinity is Dclph Lodge.

Dclrow Honse, seat, 2 miles NE. of Watford, Herts.

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