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between Portland Bill and St Malo, and narrows at
Strait of Dover to 21 miles ; its depth varies from 5 to
60 fathoms; a chalk ridge, at a depth of 12 or more
fathoms, crosses the Strait of Dover, and through that
ridge it has been proposed to carry a submarine tunnel.
There are mackerel, pilchard, and oyster fisheries.

English Drove, hamlet, Thorney par., NE. Cam-

English Erankton, hamlet (ry. sta. Frankton), in
par. and 2 miles SW. of Ellesmere, N. Shropshire.

English Grounds, sandbanks, on S. side of Bristol
Channel, off coast of Somerset, opposite Clevedon.
English and Welsh Grounds.

English Hall, hamlet, near Ware, Herts.

English Stones, reef in river Severn, between Glou-
cestershire and Monmouthshire.

English Street, dist., Carlisle city.

English and Welsh Grounds, light-vessel, on S.
side of Bristol Channel, with revolving light seen 10 m.

Englishcombe, par., E. Somerset, 24 miles SW. of
Bath, 1852 ac., pop. 524 ; P.O.

Enhallow, island, Orkney. See Eynhallow.

Enhaiu, Knight’s, par., N. Hants, within the pari,
bor. of Andover, 794 ac., pop. 163.

Enmore, par., W. Somerset, 4 miles SW. of Bridg-
water, 1218 ac., pop. 285; P.O.; contains the seat of
Enmore Castle.

Enuiore Green, hamlet, near Wincanton, Dorset.

Ennel, Lough (5 miles by 2 miles), S. co. Westmeath.

Ennerdale, valley of Endrick Water, Stirlingshire.

Ennerdale, Yale of, W. Cumberland; comprises the
vale of river Liza, Ennerdale Water, and the upper part
of river Ehen.

Ennerdale Bridge, vil., near Ennerdale Water.

Ennerdale Water, lake, AV. Cumberland, 74 miles
SW. of Whitehaven; is 24 miles long, 4 mile~broad,
and 80 ft. deep; receives at one end the river Liza, and
at the other discharges the river Ehen.

Ennerdale and Kinnisidc, township, St Bees par.,
W. Cumberland, on river Ehen, 14 mile AV. of Enner-
dale Water, 22,407 ac. (845 water), pop. 534.

Ennercllly, or Enorely, par., SE. co. Wicklow, 4
miles NE. of Arklow, 3213 ac., pop. 304.

Ennis ,1 See also Innis . and Inish .

Ennis, co. town, township, and ry. sta., Drumcliff
par., co. Clare, on riverFergus, 23 miles NW. of Limerick
and 151 m. AV. of Dublin by rail, 469 ac., pop. 6307 ; 4
Banks, 4 newspapers. Market-day,
Saturday. It has
some fine remains of an abbey. The Fergus is navigable
to the vil. of Clare, whence corn and timber are shipped.
Ennis returned 1 member to Parliament till 1885.

Enniscoffey, par., S. co. Westmeath, 4 miles SE. of
Mullingar, 4466 ac., pop. 465.

Enniscorthy, town and township with ry. sta., St
Mary’s and Templeshannon pars., mid. co. Wexford, on
river Slaney, 77 miles S. of Dublin, 251 ac., pop. 5666 ;
3 Banks, 2 newspapers. Market-days,
Thursday and
Saturday. A great trade in provisions, corn, and flour
is carried on. There are several tanneries and a large
brewery. The old castle, in the centre of the town, is
the property of the Earl of Portsmouth. Vinegar Hill,
in the immediate vicinity, was the scene of a skirmish
in 1798. _ The Slaney is navigable for barges, and
abounds in salmon and trout.

Enniscrone, fishing vil., W. co. Sligo, 6 miles N. of
Ballina ry. sta., pop. 311.

Enniskcen.—par., E. co. Cavan and co. Meath (con-
taining Kingscourt), 20,808 ac., pop. 5043.—2. Ennis*
keen, or Enniskean, vil. with ry. sta. (Enniskean),
Kinneigh par., S. co. Cork, on river Bandon, 7 miles
W. of Bandon, pop. 376; P.O., called Enniskean.

Ennlskcrry.—vil.,Powerscourtpar., N. co. AVicklow,
3 miles SAV. of Bray, pop. 324; P.O., T.O. Market-day,
Wednesday.—2. Enniskerry, group of islets, 2 miles
NW. of Doonbeg Bay,
W. coast of co. Clare.

Enniskillen.—co. town, township,andry. sta., Ennis-
killen and Eossory pars., co. Fermanagh, 117 miles
NW. of Dublin by rail, 230 ac., pop. 5712; 4 Banks,
3 newspapers. Market-days,
Tuesday and Thurs-
day ;
is beautifully situated on an island in the
narrowest part of Lough Erne; has several steam saw-
mills and an extensive brewery. There are infantry and
artillery barracks at Enniskillen. E. returned 1 member
to Parliament until 1885.—2. Enniskillen, par., con-
taining part of the above town, 26,059 ac., pop. 11,008.

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