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Ingravc, par. and vil., S. Essex, 2 miles SE. of
Brentwood, 1822 ac., pop. 524;

Ingress Abbey, seat, on river Thames, W. Kent,
near Greenhithe; was built of stones from Old London

Ingrow, vil. with ry. sta., in par. and 1 mile SAV. of
Keighley, N. div. AVest-Riding Yorkshire;
P.O.; here
are the Ingrow Paper Mills.

Ingrow Lane, near Ingrow vil., N. div. AVest-Riding

Ingrow and Hainworth, eccl. dist. (ry. sta. Ingrow),
Keighley and Bingley pars., N. div. AVest-Riding York-
shire, pop. 6351.

Ings, hamlet, Kendal par., AVestmorland, 2 miles E.
of AYindermere.

Ings, North, hamlet, Sheriff Hutton par., North-
Riding Yorkshire, 9 miles SAY. of New Malton.

Ingsdon Honse, seat, 4 miles NAY. of Newton
Abbot, E. Devon.

Ingthorpe, hamlet, Tinwell par., Rutland, on river
Gwash, 2 miles NAY. of Stamford.

Ingthorpe Grange, seat, 6 miles AY. of Skipton,
N. div. AVest-Riding Yorkshire.

Ingworth, par. and vil., N. Norfolk, on river Bure,
2 miles N. of Aylsham, 512 ac., pop. 144 ;

Inholm, hamlet, Stoughton par., AY. Sussex, 8 miles
NAV. of Chichester.

Inholmes, seat, 3 miles N. of Hungerford, Berks.

Inhousc, vil., near Mossbank, in NE. of Delting
par., Shetland.

Inhurst, place, Baughurst par., N. Hants, 4 miles
NE. of Kingsclere.

Inis , and Inish . See also Inch ,

Innis , and Insh .

Inish, island, in Ballyteige Bay, Killag par., S. co.
AVexford, 114 ac., pop. 4.

Inishall, island, with old ecclesiastical ruins and
cemetery, in Loch Awe, Argyllshire, 24 miles SAY. of
Kilchurn Castle. See
Glenorchy and Inishail.

Inishaklllen, island, in Clew Bay, Kilmeena par.,
AY. co. Mayo, 58 ac., pop. 41.

Inlshnl, island, Templecrone par., co. Donegal, 70
ac., pop. 47.

Inislianboe, island, in Lough Corrib, Kilcummin
par., co. Galway, 16 ac., pop. 9.

Inlshannon, par. and vil. with ry. sta. (Inni-
shannon), S. co. Cork, 2§ miles NE. of Bandon and 16
miles SAY. of Cork, on river Bandon—par., 7151 ac.,
pop. 1649; vil., pop. 321;
P.O., T.O., called Inni-
shannon. The Bandon becomes navigable here.

Inishard, island, in Lough Mask, Ballinchalla par.,
S. co. Mayo, 209 ac., pop. 19.

Inisliargy, par., E. co. Down, on Lough Strangford,
5857 ac., pop. 1801; contains Kircubbin.

Inishark, island, co. Galway. See Inishshark.

Inlshbarra, island, in Kilkieran Bay, Killannin
par., AV. co. Galway, 262 ac., pop. 159.

Inishbec, island, in Clew Bay, Kilmeena par., AY.
co. Mayo, 38 ac., pop. 13.

Inishbcg.—island, in Roaringwater Bay, Aghadown
par., S. co. Cork, 370 ac., pop. 57.—2. Inish beg,
island, in Lough Arrow, co. Sligo, 19 ac., pop. 8.

Inishbigglc, island, in Achill Sound, Kilcommon
par., NAY. co. Mayo, 637 ac., pop. 82.

Inishbofin.—insular par., NW. co. Galway, off the
entrance to Ballynakill Harbour, 3151 ac., pop. 1166;
P.O., called Innisbollln; comprises Inishbofin Island
(2312 ac., pop. 959), and some smaller islands.—2.
Inishbofin, island, in Gweedore Bay, AY. co. Donegal,
297 ac., pop. 139.

Inishcaltra, par., cos. Clare and Galway, 12 miles
N. of Killaloe, 9471 ac., pop. 934; includes Holy Island,
in Lough Derg.

Inishcarra, par., in co. and 8 miles AY. of Cork, on
r. Lee, 10,190 ac., pop. 223S ;
P.O., called Inniscarra.

Inishcoo, island, in the Atlantic, Templecrone par.,
W. co. Donegal, 109 ac., pop. 35.

Inishcoog, island, in Lough Mask, Ballinchalla par.,
S. co. Mayo, 64 ac., pop. 22.

Inishcorker, island, in river Fergus, Killadysert
par., S. co. Clare, 207 ac., pop. 4.

Inishcotllc, island, in Clew Bay, Kilmeena par., AV.
co. Mayo. 23 ac., pop. 29.

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