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Kens worth, par. and vil., Herts, in NAV. of co.,
3 miles SE. of Dunstable, 2553 ac., pop. 655 ; P.O.; in
vicinity of vil. is Kenswortli Hill.

Kent, an important maritime county in SE. of Eng-
land, bounded N. by the Thames and the North Sea, E.
and SE. by the Strait of Dover, S. by the English
Channel, SAV. by Sussex, and AV. by Surrey; greatest
length, AV. to E., 65 miles; greatest breadth, N. to S., 35
miles ; 995,392 ac., pop. 977,706. The surface of the co.
is hilly, being traversed E. and AV. by tbe North Downs,
a chalk range from 3 to 6 miles in breadth. On the N.,
along the shores of the Thames and Medway, there is
a belt of marsh land, which extends over a mile inland.
The greater portion of the seaboard is washed by tidal
water. Besides the Thames and Medway, the chief
rivers are the Stour and the Darent. The soil is varied
and highly cultivated, more especially in the valley of
the Medway. All classes of cereals and root produce
are abundant, as is also fruit of choice quality, and
more hops are grown in Kent than in all the rest of
England. (For agricultural statistics, see Appendix.)
The woods are extensive. The chief mfr. of the co. is
paper, most of the mills being on the banks of the
Medway, Cray, and Darent. The Government works
and dockyards at AVoolwich, Chatham, Sheerness, &c.,
employ an immense number of the inhabitants. Fish-
ing is extensively prosecuted along the coast and in the
estuaries of the rivers Thames and Medway, of which
the oyster beds are especially famous. Historically
Kent has greater associations than any other co. in
England. The co. contains 5 lathes, 73 hundreds, 435
pars., and parts of 6 others, the Cinque Port Liberties
of Dover, Hythe, and New Romney, the pari, and mun.
bors. of Canterbury, Dover, Gravesend, Hythe, Maid-
stone, and Rochester (1 member each), the pari. bors.
of Chatham, Deptford (part of), Greenwich, Lewisham,
and AVoolwich (1 member each), and the mun. bors. of
Deal, Faversham, Folkestone, Margate, Sandwich, and
Tenterden. It is almost entirely in the dioceses of Canter-
bury and Rochester. For parliamentary purposes the co.
is divided into 8 divisions—viz., AVesternor Sevenoaks,
North-AVestern or Dartford, South-AVestern or Tun-
bridge, Mid or Medway, North-Eastern or Faversham,
Eastern or St Augustine’s, Southern or Ashford, and
Isle of Thanet, 1 member for each division ; the repre-
sentation of the co. was increased from 6 to 8 members
in 1885.

Kent, Tke, river, AVestmorland, rises on E. side of
High Street Mountain, and flows S. past Kendal to
Morecambe Bay ; is 20 miles long, including 5Jj miles
of estuary, and is a good fishing river.

Kent House, ry. sta., at Beckenham, Kent, 2 miles
AV. of Bromley, and 7 miles SE. of London.

Kent Street, hamlet, in par. and 1 mile N. of Mere-
worth, Kent.

Kent Town, eccl. dist., East Moulsey par., Surrey,
pop. 1706.

Kentallen, vil., Lismore and Appin par., Argyll-
shire, on Kentallen Bay, E. side of Loch Linnhe, 3
miles SAV. of Ballachulish.

Kentchurch, par. and vil., on SAV. border of Here-
fordshire, on river Monnow, 12 miles SAV. of Hereford,
3286 ac,, pop. 353; P.O.; in vicinity of vil. is the seat
of Kentclmrcli Court.

Kentt'ord, par. and vil., Suffolk, on river Kennet, 4J
miles NE. of Newmarket, 798 ac., pop. 196.

Kentisbeare with Blnckborough, par., Devon, 4228
ac., pop. 838 ; contains Kentlsbeare, vil., 3^ miles NE.
of Cullompton; P.O.

Kentisbnry, par., Devon, 9 miles NE. of Barn-
staple, 3129 ac., pop. 349; P.O., called Kcntisbury-
ford ; contains the hamlet of West Kentisbnry.

Kentlsford, hamlet, Marnhull par., Dorset, 3 miles
N. of Sturminster.

Kentish Knock, sandbank in North Sea, off mouth
of river Thames, Kent, 15 miles NE. of the North
Foreland; is 7 miles long and 2 broad, and is partly
dry at low water ; off NE. of sand is a light-vessel
with revolving light, 38 ft. above high water, and
seen 10| miles.

Kentish Town, dist. and ry. sta., St Pancras par.,
Middlesex, in N. of London, pop. 44,184; the sta. is
mile NAA7. of St Pancras sta.

Kcntmere, township, in par. and 8J miles NAV. of
Kendal, AVestmorland, on river Kent, 6613 ac., pop.
174 ; has slate and limestone quarries.

Kenton.—par. and vil., Devon, in Kenn valley, 61?
miles SE. of Exeter, 6811 ac. (930 water), pop. 1919;
P.O.—2. Kenton, hamlet, Harrow on the Hill par., Mid-
dlesex, 2 miles NE. of Harrow.—3. Kenton, township,
Gosforth par., Northumberland, 3 miles NE. of New-
eastle-on-Tyne, 1454 ac., pop. 615;
P.O.; contains the
hamlets of East Kenton, and West Kenton.—4.
Kenton, par. and vil., Suffolk, 2J miles NE. of Deben-
ham, 1208 ac., pop. 254 ;

Kentrangk, seat, on S. coast of Isle of Man, 3 miles
NAA7. of Castletown.

Kents Bank, ry. sta., in Furness district of N. Lan-
cashire, 8 miles SE. of Ulverston.

Kents Cavern, bone cave, on S. coast of Devon,
near Torquay; is 650 ft. long, 2 to 70 ft. wide, and
18 ft. high, and terminates in a deep pool of water.
The cavern is celebrated for remains of pre-historic
times, illustrating the antiquity of man.

Kentstown, par., E. co. Meath, 4 miles SAV. of
Duleek, 2521 ac., pop. 263.

Kentwell Hall, seat, Long Melford par., Suffolk,
4 miles N. of Sudbury.

Kennre Park, seat, near Rush, N. co. Dublin.

Kenvig, Glamorgan. See Kenfig.

Kenwards.—seat, 6 miles SAV. of Maidstone, Kent.
2. Kenwards, Elizabethan mansion, near Lindfield,

Ken wick, hamlet, in par. and 3 miles SE. of Elles-
mere, Shropshire.

Kenwick Hall, seat, 1 mile SE. of Louth, Lin-

Ken with Lodge, seat, on the NAV. coast of Devon,
2 miles AV. of Bideford; here, at one time, stood
Kenwitk Castle, an ancient fortalice, not a vestige of
which now remains.

Kenwood Park, seat, near Sheffield, Yorkshire.

Kcnwyn, par., in SAV. of Cornwall, partly within
Truro city, 9206 ac., pop. 8639 ; pop. of city part 5127 ;
contains the Cornwall infirmary, and has smelting
works. The Bishop of Truro has his residence at K.

Kenyon, township and ry. sta. (Kenyon Junction),
Newchurch Kenyon par., SAV. Lancashire, 13 miles AV.
of Manchester, 1685 ac., pop. 233; P.O.

Kenziels, hamlet, in par. and 1 mile S. of Annan,
S. Dumfriesshire.

Kcppel Cone Tarn, mountain lakelet, on NAV. border
of AVestmorland,
lk mile NE. of Helvellyn.

Kepplehills, place with school, Newhills par.,

Keppoch.—seat, in par. and 2 miles NAV. of Card-
ross sta., Dumbartonshire.*’—
2. Keppoch, hamlet,
Ardnamurchan par., SAA7. Inverness-shire, near Arisaig.
—3. Keppoch, seat, Kilmonivaig par., Inverness-
shire, at the confluence of the Roy and the Spean, 14
miles NE. of Fort-AVilliam; Keppoch was the scene of
a sanguinary clan battle.

Kepwick, township, Cowsby, Leake, and Over Silton
pars., North-Riding Yorkshire, 7 miles NE. of Thirsk,
2742 ac., pop. 168.

Kepyer, on river AVear, in co. and vicinity of Dur-
ham ; has ruins of an hospital, founded in 1112.

Kerdiffstown, par. and seat, E. co. Kildare, 2 miles
NE. of Naas, 703 ac., pop. 40.

Kerdiston, hamlet, 1\ mile NAV. of Reepham, Nor-
folk. See
Reepham with Kerdistone.

Kerelaw, seat, in par. and N. vicinity of Stevenston,
N. Ayrshire ; adjacent are the ruins of Kerelaw
Castle, ancient residence of the Earls of Glencairn.

Keresley, township, Coventry St Michael par., AVar-
wickshire, l|m. NAV. of Coventry, 1058 ac., pop. 455; P.O.

Kerfleld, seat, on river Tweed, in co. and E. vicinity
of Peebles.

Kerley, vil., Kea par., Cornwall, near Truro.

Kerloch, conical hill, Strachan par., Kincardine-
shire, 5 miles S. of Banchory, alt. 1747 ft.

Kerloge, par., in co. and 2 miles S. of AVexford, 268
ac., pop. 51.

Kcrmincham, township, Swettenhampar., Cheshire,
&k miles NAV. of Congleton, 1233 ac., pop. 183; con-
tains the seat of Kerininchain Hall.

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