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Llansaintffraid.—par. and vil., Cardiganshire, in
NW. of co.—psJr., 5443ac. (135 water), pop. 1324; vil.,

11 miles SW. of Aberystwith; P.O. 2. Mansaint-

ffraid, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Montgomeryshire, in
NE. of co., on river Cain—par., 6065 ac., pop. 1239;
vil., 6| miles E. of Llanfyllin ;
P.O., T.O.; the par. con-
sists of 2 townships—
Llansaintffraid Dcythur, pop.
437 ; and
Llansaintffrald-Pool, pop. 802.

Llansaintffratd-Glan-Conway, par. and vil., Den-
bighshire, on river Conway, 2 miles SE. of Conway,
5281 ac. and 441 tidal water and foreshore, pop. 1158;
has a mineral spring.

Hansalntffraid-GIyn-Cetriog, par. and vil., Den-
bighshire, in S. of co.—par., 5949 ac., pop. 750; vil.,

2 miles SAV. of Llangollen; P.O.

Llansaintffraid-Glyn-Dyfrdwy, par. and vil.,

Merioneth, in NE. of co., 2 miles E. of Corwen sta. ;
693 ac., pop. 172.

Llansaintffraid-S’ool, township (ry. sta. Llansaint-
ffraid), Llansaintffraid par., Montgomeryshire, pop. 802.

Llansaintffraid yn Meehan, eccl. dist., Llansaint-
ffraid par., Montgomeryshire, pop. 931.

Llansnintfraed.—par., Brecknockshire, in SE. of co.,
on river Usk and Brecon Canal, 7 miles SE. of Breck-
nock, 2247 ac., pop. 206.—2.
Llansalntfraed, par. and
seat, Monmouthshire, on river Usk, 4J miles SE. of
Abergavenny, 290 ac., pop. 24.

Llansaintfracd In Elvel, par., Radnorshire, on
river Edw,
4\ miles NE. of Builth, 4000 ac., pop. 305.

Llansamlet, par. and ry. sta., in AV. of Glamorgan,
on river Tawe and Swansea Canal, partly within the
municipal limits of Swansea and the parl. limits of
Swansea District, 6455 ac. (75 water) and 915 tidal
water and foreshore, pop. 8392;
P.O., T.o.; the sta. is

3 miles NE. of High Street sta., Swansea ; the par.
consists of 2 townships—
Higher Llansamlet, 4158
ac., pop. 3786 ; and
Lower Llansamlet, 2297 ac., pop.
4606 ; has coal mines and copper works.

Llansannan, par. and vil., Denbighshire—par.,
15,545 ac. (133 water), pop. 1109; vil., on ri\er Aled,
8 miles SAV. of Denbigh ;

Llansannor, par., Glamorgan, in SE. of co., on river
Sannor, 2 miles N. of Cowbridge, 1819 ac., pop. 187.

Llansawel, par. and vil., Carmarthenshire, 9 miles
N. of Llandilo, 10,017 ac., pop. 944;

Llansilin, township and vil., Denbighshire, and par.,
partly also in Shropshire—par., 16,647 ac., pop. 1836;
township, 15,188 ac., pop. 1645 ; vil., on river Cynlleth,
6 miles SAV. of Oswestry ;

Llansoy, par., Monmouthshire, in E. of co., 4 miles
NE. of Usk, 1415 ac., pop. 147;

Llanspyddhl, par. and township, Brecknockshire,
on river Usk,
2b miles SAV. of Brecknock—par., 8435
ac., pop. 382; township, 1691 ac., pop. 144.

Llanstadwell, par., Pembrokeshire, in S. of co., on
Milford Haven, on NAV. side and partly in parl. limits
of Pembroke, 3307 ac., pop. 3017.

Llanstephan.—par. and vil., Carmarthenshire, in
SAV. of co.—par., 5020 ac. land and 1690 water, pop.
1217; vil., at mouth of river Towy, 8 miles SAV. of
P.O., T.O.; is a sea-bathing place; the
ruins of
Llanstephan Castle, built in 1138, stand on a
bold headland, at the mouth of the Towy.—2.
par., Radnorshire, in S. of co., on rivers
Bachwy and AVye, 7 m. SE. of Builth, 2407 ac., pop. 171.

Hanstlnan, par., Pembrokeshire, in N. of co., on
river AVest Cleddau, 2 miles S. of Fishguard, 1579 ac.,
pop. 166 ; contains the seat of
Llanstinan House.

Llantarnain, ry. sta., Monmouthshire, in SAV. of co.,
2g m. N. of Newport; in vicinity is the seat of
tarnam Abbey.
See Llanvihangel-Llantarnam.

Llanteague, vil., Crunwear par., Pembrokeshire,

4 miles SE. of AVhitland sta.

Llantiietty, par., in SE. of Brecknockshire, on river
Usk and Brecon Canal, 7 m. SE. of Brecknock, 5980 ac.,
pop. 502; contains the seat of
Llanthctty Hall.

Llanthew, par., Brecknockshire, on river Honddu,
lb mile NE. of Brecknock, 2695 ac., pop. 238 ; contains
the ruins of an episcopal palace, formerly the residence
of the Bishops of St Davids.

Llanlhcwy-Kytherch, par., Monmouthshire, in N.
of co., 3 miles SE. of Abergavenny, 2201 ac., pop. 353 ;
P.O., called Mandewi-lthyddereh.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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