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Llanvauglian, seat, Llanwenog par., Cardiganshire,
6 miles SAV. of Lampeter.

Llanvedw, township, Michaelstone-y-Vedw par.,
Glamorgan, in E. of co., on river Rumney, 5% miles
SE. of Caerphilly, 2453 ac. (20 water), pop. 304.

Llanvetiierlne, par., Monmouthshire, in N. of co.,
on river Trothy, 4% miles NE. of Abergavenny, 2169
ac., pop. 221; P.O., called Llanwetlierine; contains
the seat of Llanvetherine Court.

Llanveynoe, township, Clodock par., Herefordshire,
in SW. of co., 9 miles SE. of Hay, 695 ac., pop. 221.

Llanvigan, par., Brecknockshire, in SE. of co., on
Brecon Canal, 4 m. SE. of Brecknock, 12,642 ac., pop. 549.

Llanvihangel.—ry. sta., Monmouthshire, 4% miles
SE. of Abergavenny. See Llanvihangel nigh Use.
—2. Llanvihangel. See also Llanfihangel.

Llanvihangcl-Crucorney, par. and vil., Monmouth
shire, 3278 ac., pop. 445; P.O., called Llanfihangel
Crucorney ; contains the seat of Llanvihangel Court.

Llanvihangel Gobion. See Llanvihangel nigh Usk.

Llanvihangcl-Llantarnain, par. (ry. sta. Llan-
tarnam), Monmouthshire, in S. of co., 2% miles N. of
Newport, 4092 ac., pop. 3991; contains the seat of
Llantarnam Abbey.

Llanvlhangcl-Pont-y-Moile, par., Monmouthshire,
on Brecon Canal, 1 m. E. of Pontypool, 1651 ac., pop. 373.

Llanvihangel-Tor-y-Mynydd, par., Monmouth-
shire, in E. of co., 5% m. NE. of Usk, 1186 ae., pop. 163.

Llanvihangel-Ystern-Llewern, par., Monmouth-
shire, in NE. of co., on river Trothy, 5 miles NAA7. of
Monmouth, 1884 ac., pop. 124.

Llanvihangel-ar-Arth, Carmarthenshire, in N. of
co., 12 miles E. of Newcastle in Emlyn; P.O. See

Llanvibangel-nant-Mellan, par. and township,
Radnorshire, 3 miles SW. of New Radnor—par., 11,204
ac., pop. 234; township, 9350 ac., pop. 129.

Llanvihangel near Roggictt, par., Monmouth-
shire, 6% miles SAV. of Chepstow, 557 ac., pop. 38.

Llanvihangel nigh Usk, par. (ry. sta. Llanvihangel),
Monmouthshire, on river Usk, 4% miles SE. of Aber-
gavenny, 388 ac. (11 water), pop. 108 ; P.O., T.O., called
Llanfihangel Gobion.

Llanvillo, par., in co. and 5 miles NE. of Breck
nock, 3305 ac., pop. 215 ; P.O., called Llanfillo.

Llanvithln, par., Glamorgan, in SE. of co., 4 miles
SE. of Cowbridge, 427 ac., pop. 37.

Llanvlewyn, Anglesey. See Llanfflewyn.

Llanvrcehva, par., Monmouthshire, in S. of co., 2%
miles NW. of Caerleon, 4320 ac., pop. 5358; P.O.,
called Llanfrechfa; consists of 2 townships—Lower
Llanvrechva, pop. 1181; and Upper Llanvrechva,
pop. 4177.

Llanvrynach, par., in co. and 3 miles SE. of Breck-
nock, 7127 ac., pop. 405 ; P.O., called Llanfrynach.

Llanwarne, par., Herefordshire, in S. of co., 6% m.
NAV. of Ross, 2469 ac., pop. 374 ; P.O.

Llunwddyn, par. and vil., Montgomeryshire, in N.
of co.—par., 20,190 ae., pop. 453; vil., 10 miles NAV.
of Llanfyllin; P.O., and P.O. at Llanwddyn Reservoir.

Llanwenarth, par. and vil., Monmouthshire, in NAV.
of co., on river Usk, 2 miles NAA”. of Abergavenny,
5267 ac. (53 water), pop. 1807 ; the par. consists of 2
townships—Llanwenarth Gitra, 2812 ac. (31 water),
pop. 268; and Llanwenarth Ultra, partly in Blaen-
avon town, 2455 ac. (22 water), pop. 1539.

Llanwenllwyfo, coast par., Anglesey, at mouth of
river Dulas, 3% miles SE. of Amlwch, 1756 ac. (135
water), pop. 403.

Llanwenog, par. and vil., Cardiganshire, 6 miles SAV.
of Lampeter, 10,720 ac., pop. 1560.

Llanwxrn, par. and ry. sta., Monmouthshire, in S.
of co., 5£ miles E. of Newport, 701 ac., pop. 14; con-
tains the seat of Llanwern House.

Llanwetlierine, Monmouthshire, in N. of co., 4%
m. NE. of Abergavenny ; P.O. See Llanvetherine.

Llanwlnio, par. and vil., in co. and 11 miles NW. of
Carmarthen, 7169 ac., pop. 880.

Llanwnda.—par. and ry. sta., in co. and 3£ miles S.
of Carnarvon, 8765 ac. land and 2694 water, pop. 2185;
contains the vil. of Bont Newydd; P.O.—2. Llanwnda,
par., Pembrokeshire, 2% miles NAV. of Fishguard, 5701
ac. (90 water), pop. 1003.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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