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Maam, place with inn, 12 miles NW. of Oughterard,
N. co. Galway, situated in a fine pass near the NW.
extremity of Lough Corrib ; P.O.

Maam Cross Roads, 5 miles W. of Maam, N. co.
Galway; P.O.

Maam Turk, mountain range, N. co. Galway, near
Maam, extending 10 m. W. towards the Twelve Pins.

Maamtrasna, dist., on AY. side of Lough Mask, N.
co. Galway, 8 miles N. of Maam.

Mahe, par., Cornwall, 3¼ miles W. of Falmouth,
2569 ae., pop. 679 ; granite is quarried.

Maherry, Lock, on border of Ayrshire and Wigtown-
shire, 5 miles SE. of Barrhill.

Mahie, seat, Troqueer par., Kirkcudbright, 4¼ miles
SW. of Dumfries.

Muhledon, seat, 1¼ mile SAV. of Tunbridge, Kent.

Mabletiiorpe, par. and vil., with ry. sta., Lincoln-
shire, on the coast, 13 miles SE. of Louth, 3803 ac.
(1005 water), pop. 640; P.O. ; has excellent sands, and
is frequented for sea-bathing.

Mahws, seat, 10 m. S. of Aberystwith, Cardiganshire.

M'Adam’s Cross Roads, 4 miles from Dromore, W.
co. Down; P.O.

Macallan, ancient par., now in Knockando par.,
Macallan Distillery is near Craigellachie

Macaroni Channel, in the AVash ; leads from river
Witham, between Hook Hill and Mares Tail, into
Boston Deeps.

Macarthnr Dead, headland, Islay island, Argyll-
shire, at S. end of Islay Sound, 7 miles SE. of Port-
Macarthnr Head Lighthouse is 42 ft. high,
with fixed light 128 ft. above high water and seen 17 m.

Macarthy’s Island, in the Upper Lake of Killarney,
S. co. Kerry.

Maeheth’s Cairn, Lumphanan par., Aberdeenshire;
said to mark the spot where Macbeth was slain, 1057.

Macketh’s Castle, traces of ancient forts, so called,
at Cairnbeddie, Perthshire; on Dunsinane Hill, Perth-
shire ; and in Manor par.. Peeblesshire.

Macheth’s Hilloek, Elgin. See Hardmuir Wood.

Macbie Hill, ry. sta. and seat, in N. of Peeblesshire;
the seat, an old but modernised mansion, is 1 mile S.
of the ry. sta. and 2¼ miles E. of West Linton.

MaeCaskin, island, in Loch Craignish, Kilmartin
par., Argyllshire.

Macclesfield.—mun. bor., market town, and town-
ship, Prestbury par., Cheshire, on river Bollin and
adjacent to the Macclesfield Canal, 17 miles S. of Man-
chester and 165 miles NAA7-. of London by rail—town-
ship, 2580 ae., pop. 28,619; bor., 3215 ac., pop. 37,514;
3 Banks, 3 newspapers. Market-days,
Tuesday and
Saturday. Macclesfield has an agreeable position on
an eminence in proximity to the district known as
Macclesfield Forest. It had an early appearance on the
stage of history owing to its being a part of the estates
of the Earls of Mercia before the Conquest. It was
besieged and taken by the Parliamentarians under Sir
William Brereton during the Civil AArar. Afterwards
it supplied 4 regiments of 700 men each for the service
of Charles II., while he was at the head of his army
in Scotland. In 1745 it was occupied by the forces of
Prince Charles. Silk mfr. in nearly all its branches
forms the staple trade. The first silk mill was opened in
1756. For many years the silk throwsters of Maccles-
field supplied material to the Spitalfield weavers. The
town has extensive mfrs. of upholsterers’ trimmings, a
few cotton and smallware factories and some breweries.
Coal mines and slate and stone quarries are worked in
the vicinity. The fine old church of St Michael, founded
in 1278, is its most interesting building. Macclesfield
was incorporated in the reign of Henry III., and was
made a parliamentary borough in 1832. It returned 2
members to Parliament from 1832 until 1885, when it
was disfranchised.
— 2. Macclesfield, hundred, Che-
shire, 141,140 ac., pop. 93,401; contains 9 pars, and
parts of 2 others.

Macclesfield Canal (1826), Cheshire ; extends from
the Peak Forest Canal at Marple SAV. past Maccles-
field to the Grand Trunk Canal at Lawton; is 29¼
miles long, rises 114 ft., and has 13 locks.

March's field Division, The, pari. div. of Cheshire,
pop. 55,498.


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