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Clendower assembled a parliament here in 1402. Mach-
ynlleth is one of the Montgomery District of Parl.
Boroughs, which returns 1 member.—2. Machynlleth,
hundred, Montgomeryshire, 71,550 ac., pop. 7964.

Macktnnon’s Cave, vast cavern, in Gribon promon-
tory, Mull island, Argyllshire, 8 miles NE. of Iona.

Mackney, vil., 14 mile NAV. of AVallingford, Berks.

Mackney, seat, near Ballinasloe, E. co. Galway.

Mackworth, par., township, and vil., in co. and 3
miles NAV. of Derby—par., 3400 ac., pop. 1011; town-
ship, pop. 253;
P.O.; near the church is a fine old gate-
way, formerly an entrance to Mackworth Castle.

Maclellan’s Castle. See Kirkcudbright.

Macleod’s Castle, remains of ancient fortress, at the
entrance of Stornoway Bay, Lewis isl., Outer Hebrides.

Macleod’s Maidens, 3 rocks rising out of the sea,
near Idrigill Point, Duirinish par., Skye isl., Inverness.

Maclcod’s Tables, 2 flat-topped hills, Duirinish par.,
Skye island, Inverness-shire. See

Maclonelgh, par., mid. co. Cork, on river Lee, 2
miles SE. of Macroom, 3808 ac., pop. 815._

Macmerry, vil. with ry. sta., Gladsmuir par., Had-
ji ingtonshire, 2 miles E. of Tranent, pop. 352;
has ironworks (now stopped).

Macmine Junction, sta. on Dublin, AVicklow, and
AVexford Ry., which is here joined by a branch of the
Great South and AVestern Ry., in co. and 14 miles NAV.
of AVexford; Macmine Castle, seat, is in vicinity.

Macnean, Bovver, lough (2| miles by 1 mile), AV. co.
Fermanagh; from the E. end of the lough issues the
river Arney, which flows to Lough Erne.

Macncan, Upper, lough (5 miles by 1 to 2 miles), on
border of cos. Fermanagh, Cavan, and Leitrim, 1 mil
AV. of Lower Macnean.

Macosquin, par. and hamlet, NE. co. Londonderry,
4 miles SAA7. of Coleraine, 17,748 ac., pop. 3698 ;
the par. borders on river Bann.

Macroney, par., NE. co. Cork, on Araglin rivulet,
3 miles NE. of Kilworth, 8370 ae., pop. 1231.

Macroom, market town and par. with ry. sta., AV.
co. Cork, on river Sullane, 25 miles AV. of Cork and
190 miles SAV. of Dublin—par., 12,666 ac., pop. 4981;
town, pop. 3099;
P.O., T.O., 2 Banks. Market-day,
Saturday. Macroom has a good market for grain, pigs,
butter, &c. In the vicinity is Macroom Castle, a seat
of the Earl of Bantry, originally built in the reign of
King John, and now modernised.

Macswine’s Bay, S. co. Donegal, about 5 m. by 2 m.

Macswlne’s Gun, coast cavern, at Horn Head, N.
co. Donegal, 2 miles N. of Dunfanaghy.

Mail Stream, Skye island, Inverness-shire; flows
into Locb Scavaig.

Maddaford, hamlet, in par. and near Okehampton,

Madden, 3 m. NAV. of Keady, AV. co. Armagh ; P.O.

Maddcnstown, seat, in co. and 2J? m. S. of Kildare.

Madderty, par. and ry. sta., Perthshire, 4861 ac.,
pop. 527 ;
P.O.; the sta. is 6£ miles E. of Crieff and llg
miles AV. of Perth.

Maddlngton, par., in Salisbury Plain, AVilts, 6 miles
NAV. of Amesbury, 3973 ac., pop. 402.

Maddiston, vil., Muiravonside par., Stirlingshire,
lg mile SE. of Polmont Junction ; P.O.

Muddy, Boch, Outer Hebrides. See Lochmaddy.

Maddy Moss, morass, on NAV. border of Dollar par.,

Madchurst, par., Sussex, 3 miles NAV. of Arundel,
1891 ac., pop. 190.

Madcley.—market town and par. (ry. stations Ma-
deley Court and Madeley Market), Shropshire, on river
Severn, 6 miles NE. of Much AA7enlock and within the
municipal limits of AVenlock, 3025 ac., pop. (including
Ironbridge and the greater part of Coalbrookdale) 9212;
P.O., T.O. Market-day, Friday. Madeley is a local
government district. Productive mines of coal and
ironstone are here. The ironworks are especially pros-
perous, and give employment to a large number of
hands. Potters’ clay exists in large beds. The church
contains a monument to “Fletcher of Madeley” (died
1785), who was vicar.—2. Madclcy, par. and vil. (ry.
stations Madeley and Madeley Road), Staffordshire, 8
miles SE. of Crewe, 5864 ac., pop. 2457;
P.O., T.o.;
near vil. is Madclcy House, seat.

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