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6816 ac., pop. 8310; P.O., t.o., 2 Banks ; has extensive
ironworks; in vicinity is Maesteg House, seat.

Maesycrngiau, ry. sta., Carmarthenshire, on N.
border of co., 9 miles SW. of Lampeter ; P.O.

Maesycwmmer, ry. sta., Monmouthshire, on W.
border of co., 2 miles S. of Pengam and 15 miles NW.
of Newport; P.O., T.O.

Maes-y-Dderwen, seat, in co. and 2½ miles SE. of

Maesyfelin, 8 m. NW. of Lampeter, Cardigan ; P.O.

Maes-y-Gaer (Field of the Fort), steep-wooded hill,
near Aber, Carnarvonshire, alt. 753 ft.

Maes-y-Garmon, ancient battlefield (448), generally
placed 1 mile W. of Mold, Flintshire; the battle, called
the “Victoria Alleleuiatica,” in which the British
Christians under St Germanus defeated the Piets and
Saxons, is commemorated by a stone pillar erected on
the field (1 mile AV. of Mold) in 1736.

Macs-y-Xcuadd, ancient seat, 4 miles NE. of Har¬
lech, Merioneth.

Maes-y-Porth, seat, Anglesey, 3 miles (by ferry)
NW. of Carnarvon.

Magdalen, Norfolk; P.O. See Magdalen Road.

Magdalen Fifehead. See Fifehead Magdalen.

Magdalen Green, hamlet, in par. and vicinity of
Great Clacton, Essex.

Magdalen Green, ry. sta., in W. of Dundee.

Magdalen Hill, eminence, Hants, 3½ miles E. of

Magdalen Laver, par., Essex, 4 miles NAV. of Ongar,
1229 ac., pop. 166.

Magdalen Place (or St Mary Magdalen), township,
in par. and mun. bor. of Durham, 27 ac., pop. 27.

Magdalen Road, ry. sta., Norfolk, 6 miles S. of
King’s Lynn; P.O., called Magdalen. See Wiggen-
hall, St Mary Magdalen.

Magee Island, co. Antrim. See Islandmagee.

Mageny, ry. sta. (for Castledermot), S. co. Kildare,
6 miles S. of Athy ; P.O.

Mageston, hamlet, Frampton par., Dorset, 5| miles
NW. of Dorchester.

Maggiehnocketer, hamlet, Boharm par., Elginshire,
3 miles NE. of Craigellaclrie; p.o.

Maghaiu Down, vil., 2 miles NE. of Hailsham,
Sussex; P.O.

Magharce Islands (or the Seven Hogs), on W. side
of entrance of Tralee Bay, AV. co. Kerry.

Maghce.1 See Mahee.

Magher-y-Chiarn, hill-side field, near Marown
church, Isle of Man ; contains a stone platform, with 5
upright stones, called St Patrick’s Chair.

Maghcra.—market town and par. with ry. sta., E.
co. Londonderry, 44 miles NW. of Belfast and 152
miles NW. of Dublin—par., 21,755 ac., pop. 8861;
town, pop. 1124; P.O., T.O., 1 Bank. Market-days,
Tuesday and Friday. Maghera has considerable trade
in linens and sewed muslins. The town was burnt by
the insurgents in 1641, and was assaulted by the Irish
adherents of James II. — 2. Maghera, par., S. co.
Down, on Dundrum Bay, 3 miles SAV. of Dundrum,
3215 ac., pop. 846 ; P.O.

Magheraboy, bar., N. co. Fermanagh, 79,121 ac.,
pop. 14,084.

Magheracloone, par., S. co. Monaghan, 3 miles N.
of Kingscourt, 14,949 ac., pop. 4132 ; P.O.

Maghcracreggan, 3 miles SE. of Castlederg, W. co.
Tyrone ; P.O.

Magheracross, par., cos. Fermanagh and Tyrone, 6
miles NE. of Enniskillen, 10,454 ac., pop. 2501; con¬
tains Ballinamallard.

Magheraeulmoney, par., N. co. Fermanagh, 14,741
ae., pop. 3736 ; contains Kesb.

Maghcradrool, par., mid. co. Down, 12,556 ac., pop.
5641; contains Ballynahinch.

Maghcrafelt, market town and par. with ry. sta.,
SE. co. Londonderry, on river Moyola, 37 miles NW. of
Belfast and 146 NAV. of Dublin—par., 8291 ac., pop.
5465; town, pop. 1514 ; P.O., T.O., 2 Banks. Market-
Wednesday and Thursday. Magherafelt has linen
mfrs. The town, which is well built, stands on the
property of the Salters’ Company of London.

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