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Merthyr-Tydfil, pari, bor., par., and market town,
Glamorgan, 22 miles NW. of Cardiff and 190 miles W.
of London by rail—pari. bor. (comprising most of the
par. of Merthyr-Tydfil, the par. of Aberdare, and
parts of the pars, of Llanwonno and Yainor, the latter
in Brecknockshire), 29,954 ac., pop. 91,373; town and
par., 17,400 ac., pop. 48,861; 2 Banks, 2 newspapers.
Wednesday and Saturday. Mertliyr-
Tydfil is situated at a high elevation among the bleak
and wild hills of Glamorgan. It is the great centre
of the iron mfr., and the whole locality abounds with
the heaped and smouldering refuse of the works.
Before 1755 it was a small and almost unknown vil-
lage, but about that time some furnaces were erected,
giving it an initial prosperity which ever since has been
continually and largely augmented. Every branch of
iron and steel mfr. is here conducted on a gigantic
scale. The coal supply is abundant. A remarkable
scene at Merthyr-Tydfil is the lurid appearance of the
country in the night time when the furnaces are at
work. Merthyr-Tydfil returns 2 members to Parlia-
ment ; it was made a pari. bor. in 1832.

Merthyr-Vale, sta. on Taff Vale Ry., Glamorgan, 4
miles SE. of Merthyr-Tydfil;

Merton. — par. and vil., Devon, on river Meer, 5
miles NAY. of Hatherleigh, 3738 ac., pop. 583;
2. Merton, par., Norfolk, 2 miles S. of Watton and 10
miles NE. of Thetford, 1362 ac., pop. 170; Merton
Hall, seat of Lord AYalsingham, stands in an extensive
park.—3. Merton, par. and vil., Oxfordshire, on river
Ray, 3 miles S. of Bicester, 1932 ac., pop. 169.—4.
Merton, par. and vil. (ry. sta. Wimbledon and Merton),
Surrey, on river Wandle, 3% miles SW. of Clapham
Junction and 7f miles SW. of AVaterloo sta., London,
1765 ac., pop. 2480; has remains of a priory (1115),
which became a factory for calico printing; Merton
Place, where Lord Nelson lived from October 1801 to
May 1803, has been pulled down.—5. Merton, Wilts.

Merton (or Mertoun), par., SAY. Berwickshire, 6374
ac., pop. 682 ; Merton House (1702), seat of Lord Pol-
warth, stands on the Tweed, 2 m. NE. of St Boswells.

Merton, Lower, ry. sta., Surrey, f mile SE. of
Wimbledon and 2 miles SAY. of Tooting.

Merton Abbey, ry. sta., Surrey, 1% mile SE. of
AYimbledon and If mile SW. of Tooting.

Merton Hall, seat, Penninghame par., Wigtown-
shire, 2% miles SW. of Newton-Stewart.

Merton Hall, seat, 4 miles NAV. of Cloughjordan,
N. co. Tipperary.

Merview, seat, co. Galway; post-town, Galway.

Meshaw, par. and vil., Devon, 5 miles SE. of South
Molton, 1751 ac., pop. 162.

Messing, par. and vil., Essex, 3% miles SE. of Cogges-
hall, 2593 ac., pop. 642;

Messlngliam, par., township, and vil., Lincolnshire,
7% miles SW. of Brigg—par., 6130 ac., pop. 1352; town-,
ship, 5450 ac., pop. 1132 ;

Metfield, par. and vil., Suffolk, 4% miles NE. of
Harleston ry. sta., 2162 ac., pop. 584;
P.O.; in vicinity
of vil. is Metfield Hall, seat.

Methani, township, Howden par., East-Riding York-
shire, on river Humber, 4% miles SE. of Howden, 954
ac. (62 water), pop. 60.

Metberll (or Mevil), place with hut-circles, 3% miles
SW. of Chagford, Dartmoor, Devon.

Metheringham, par. and vil. (ry. sta. Blankney
and Metheringham), Lincolnshire, 8% miles SE. of Lin-
coln and 10 miles N. of Sleaford, 4590 ac., pop. 1857;
P.O., T.O. Metheringham drain runs to river AYitham.

Methil, seaport vil., AYemyss par., and quoad sacra
par., partly also in Markinch par., Fife—par., pop.
2342 ; vil., 1 mile SAY. of Leven, pop. 754; Methil has
a small harbour, with a wet dock (1875).

Metbilbill, vil., Wemyss par.,, Fife, 1 mile NW. of
Methil, pop. 466.

Metbley, town and par. with ry. sta., S. div. AYest-
Riding Yorkshire, 7 miles SE. of Leeds, 3492 ae. (80
water), pop. 4074;
P.O.; coal is mined ; Metbley Park
(1593) is the seat of the Earl of Mexborough.

Metbley Junction, ry. sta., S. div. West-Riding
Yorkshire, 1% m. SE. of Methley and 8| m. SE. of Leeds.

Methllc, par. and vil., Aberdeenshire—par., 14,842
ac., pop. 2162; vil., on river Ythan, 8 miles NW. of
P.O., T.O., 2 Banks.

Methven, par., quoad sacra par., and vil. with ry.
sta., Perthshire—par., 12,911 ac., pop. 1910;
I sacra par. (including part of Monzie par.), pop. 2041;
i vil., If mile NW. of Methven Junction, which is 6%

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, 1887. Public domain image from


Merthyr is Welsh, and signifies “ a martyr.”

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