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Mottram St Andrew, township and vil., Prestbury
par., Cheshire, 24 miles NW. of Prestbury, 1792 ac.,
pop. 365 ; Mottram Hall and Mottram Old llall are

seats ; the latter was formerly moated.

Mottram In Longen Dale, town, par., and town-
ship (ry. sta. Mottram and Broadbottom), Cheshire, 3
miles AV. of Glossop and 9f miles E. of Manchester—
par., 23,279 ac., pop. 25,576 ; town and township, 1084
ac., pop. 2913;
P.O., called Mottram; cotton-spinning
and calico-printing are carried on.

Moughan, hamlet, co. Armagh. See Mowhan.

Monghtre (or Mochtre), par., Montgomeryshire,
near river Severn, 3 miles SAV. of Newtown, 5025 ac.,
pop. 508.

Mouldsworth, township and vil. with ry. sta.,
Tarvin par., Cheshire, near Delamere Forest, 74 miles
NE. of Chester, 886 ac., pop. 183.

Moulin, par. and vil., NE. Perthshire, on rivers Garry
and Tummel—par., 44,640 ac., pop. 2066; vil., 1 mile
N. of Pitlochry;
P.O.; Dr Alexander Duff (1808-1878),
the missionary, was a native.

Moulin Huet, picturesque cove, on SE. coast of
Guernsey, Channel Islands, 24 m. S. of St Peter Port.

Moulsey (or Molesey), East, par. and vil., Surrey,
on river Mole, at influx to the Thames, opposite
Hampton Court, 24 miles SW. of Kingston on Thames,
781 ac. (40 water), pop. 3289;
P.O., T.O., 1 Bank.

Moulsey (or Molesey), West, par. and vil., Surrey,
on river Thames, 34 miles SAV. of Kingston, 737 ac.
(34 water), pop. 661;

Moulsford, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Berks, on
river Thames, 34 miles S. of Wallingford and 114 miles
NW. of Reading, 1441 ac., pop. 170;
P.O.; a bridge here
crosses the Thames.

Monlsham, eccl. dist., Chelmsford par., Essex, in
town of Chelmsford, pop. 4822.

Moulsoe, par. and vil., Bucks, 3 miles SE. of New-
port Pagnell, 1654 ac., pop. 194.

Moulton. — township and vil., Davenham par.,
Cheshire, 24 miles S. of Northwich, 484 ac., pop. 1113 ;
P.O. ; has extensive saltworks; Moulton Hall and
Moulton Lodge are seats.—2. Moulton, par. and vil.
with ry. sta., Lincolnshire, 4 miles E. of Spalding and
34 miles W. of Holbeach, 13,785 ac. (335 water), pop.
2248 ;
P.O., and P.O. at Moulton Chapel, 4 miles SAY.
of vil. ; the grammar school was founded in 1560.—3.
Moulton, par., Norfolk, 2 miles NE. of Cantley sta.
and 8 miles W. of Yarmouth, 1018 ac., pop. 240 ;
—4. Moulton, 7 miles NW. of Harleston, Norfolk;
p.o. See Moulton St Michael.—5. Moulton, par.
and vil., in co. and 4 miles NE. of Northampton, 1680
ac., pop. 1483;
P.O., T.o.; 14 mile NW. of vil. is
Moulton Grange, seat.—6. Monlton, par. and vil.,
Suffolk, on river Lark, 34 miles E. of Newmarket, 3134
ac., pop. 505;
P.O.; near vil. is Moulton Paddocks,
seat.—7. Moulton, township and vil. with ry. sta.,
Middleton Tyas par., North-Riding Yorkshire—town-
ship, 3042 ac., pop. 273; the vil. is 24 miles AY. of its
sta. and 5 miles NE. of Richmond.

Monlton, Little, hamlet, Great Moulton par.,

Moulton Park, par., Northamptonshire, 2 miles SAV.
of Moulton, 450 ac., pop. 45.

Monlton St Michael (or Great Moulton), par. and
vil., Norfolk, 7 miles NAV. of Harleston, 1347 ac., pop.
359 ;
P.O., called Moulton.

Mound, The, ry. sta., SE. Sutherland, in par. and
34 miles SW. of Golspie;
P.O., called Mound; so
named from a sluiced embankment here across Loch
Fleet, constructed in 1816 at a cost of £12,500, for the
purpose of carrying the public road across the lagoon.

Mounie Castle, seat, Daviot par., mid. Aberdeen-
shire, 24 miles NAV. of Old Meldrum.

Mount.—(or Moel-y-Mwnt), coast par., in co. and 4
miles N. of Cardigan, 1142 ac., pop. 132.—2. Mount,
7 miles from Bodmin, Cornwall;

Mount, hill, Kirkurd par., Peeblesshire, alt. 1385 ft.

Mount, The, Monimail par., Fife, on S. side of
Mount Hill, 34 miles NW. of Cupar; was the residence
of Sir David Lindsay (1490-1555), the poet; the top of
Mount Hill (600 ft.) is crowned by a monument 92 ft.
high, erected to the Earl of Hopetoun (1766-1823) of
Peninsular fame.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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