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Nodes Beacon, on the S. coast of Isle of Wight, on
The Nodes, or eastern portion of the cliffs, 2 miles E. of
The Needles.

Noe, river, in N. of Derbyshire; rises near Kinder
Scout in the Peak, and flows 9 miles SE. to the Derwent
2 miles above Hathersage.

Noe, rivulet, Argyllshire, See Glen Noe.

Noel Park, ry. sta., London. See Green Lanes and
Noel Park.

Noggin Head, Isle of Man. See Naggin Head.

Noliaval.—coast par., SE. co. Cork, 6 miles E. of Kin-
sale, 2568 ac., pop. 489; P.O.—2. Nokaval, par., mid
co. Kerry, 3 miles W. of Castleisland, 3204 ac., pop. 569.
—3. Noliaval. See

Nohavaldaly, par., cos. Cork and Kerry, on river
Blackwater, 6 m. NW. of Millstreet, 17,371 ac., pop. 3542.

Nolriuont Point, headland, on S. coast of Jersey,
Channel Islands, at AV. extremity of St Aubin’s Bay,
1% mile S. of St Aubins.

Noke, par., in co. and 5 miles NE. of Oxford, 808 ac.,
pop. 118.

Noltland Castle, ruin, on NW. coast of Westray
island, Orkney.

Nolton.—vil., Coyty par., Glamorgan, 2 miles NE.
of Bridgend.—2. Nolton, par., Pembrokeshire, on St
Brides Bay, 6 miles NW. of Haverfordwest, 1504 ac.,
pop. 154; contains Nolton Haven, which is a sub-port
to Pembroke.

Noness, coast vil., Dunrossness par., Shetland, 2
miles SE. of Sandwick.

Nonington, par. and vil., Kent, 6 miles NW. of
Sandwich, 3808 ac., pop. 794; P.O.

Nonsuek Park, seat, Cheampar., Surrey, 3%m. NE.
of Epsom; a royal palace at one time stood in the park.

Nook.—hamlet, Cumberland, in NE. of co., 9% miles
NE. of Longtown. — 2. Nook, township, Bellingham
par., Northumberland, at confluence of rivers Rede and
North Tyne, 2 miles SE. of Bellingham, 3065 ac., pop.
79.—3. Nook, hamlet, Burton in Kendal par., West-
morland, 3 miles NE. of Milnthorpe.—4. Nook, hamlet,
in par. and 3 miles AV. of Kendal, AVestmorland.—5.
Nook, vil., Saddleworth township, Rochdale par., S.
div. AVest-Riding Yorkshire, 13 miles SW. of Halifax.

Noran Water, Forfarshire; rises in the N. of Tanna-
dice par., and flows 10 miles SE. to the river South
Esk 4 miles SW. of Brechin.

Noranside, seat, Fearn par., Forfarshire, on Noran
Water, 7 miles W. of Brechin.

NorMton, eccl. dist. (ry. sta. Norbiton and Kingston
Hill), Kingston upon Thames par., Surrey, in E.
suburbs of Kingston upon Thames, pop. 5734; P.O., T.o.

Norbreck, hamlet, Bispham par., N. Lancashire, 3 m.
N. of Blackpool; in vicinity is Norbreck Villa, seat.
Bispham with Norbreck.

Norbriggs, 2 miles from Staveley, Derbyshire; P.O.

Norbnry.—township and vil., Stockport par., and
eccl. dist., partly also in Cheadle par., Cheshire—-dist.,
pop. 4576 ; township, 1249 ac., pop. 1499 ; the vil. is 3
miles SE. of Stockport; in vicinity is the seat of Nor-
bury Booths Hall.—2. Norbury, township, Marbury
par., Cheshire, on Ellesmere Canal, 7 miles SW. of
Nantwich, 1553 ac., pop. 330.—3. Norbury, par. and
vil. with ry. sta., Derbyshire, on river Dove, 5 miles
SW. of Ashborne, 2298 ac., pop. 399.—4. Norbury,
par. and vil., Shropshire, 4 miles NE. of Bishops
Castle, 4584 ac., pop. 374; P.O.—5. Norbury, par.,
township, and vil., on W. border of Staffordshire, 4
miles NE. of Newport—par., 3366 ac., pop. 318 ; town-
ship, 2107 ac., pop. 212.—6. Norbury, ry. sta., 3 miles
NW( of Croydon, Surrey; in vicinity is Norbury
House, seat.

Norbury Bark, seat, Mickleham par., Surrey, 2%
miles N. of Dorking.

Norby, hamlet, Walls par., Shetland, near Sandness.

Norcliffe Hall, seat, Cheshire; post-town, Wilmslow.

Norcroft, hamlet, Cranthorne par., S. div. AVest-
Riding Yorkshire, 4 miles NW. of Barnsley.

Nordelpk, vil., Upwell par., Norfolk, 4 miles SW. of
Downham Market; P.O.

Norden, smalltown, Rochdale par., SE. Lancashire,
forming a W. suburb of Rochdale, pop. 4043; P.O.; is a
local government dist., and shares in the industries of

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