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is the seat of the Hatherell family.—4. Radford, 2
miles S. of Leamington, Warwickshire ; P.O. See Rad-
ford Semele.
—5. Radford, hamlet, Rouse Lench
par., Worcestershire, 6 miles NE. of Pershore.

Radford Honse, seat, 3 miles SE. of Plymouth,

Radford Semele, par. and vil., Warwickshire, 2 miles
SE. of Leamington, 2093 ac., pop. 556; P.O., called
Radford; near vil. is Radford Hall, seat.

Radlpole, par. and vil., Dorset—par. (partly in bor.
of Weymouth), 1329 ac., pop. 1322; the vil. is 2 m. NW.
of Weymouth, and has mineral waters and baths; in
the old churchyard are the graves of 80 persons, drownejl
in the wreck of the
Ahergavenney, off Portland, in 1805.

Radlett, eccl. dist. and vil. with ry. sta., Aldenham
par., Herts, 4§ miles S. of St Albans, pop. 480; P.O.

Radley, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Berks, 2J? miles
NE. of Abingdon and 44 miles S. of Oxford, 2990 ac.,
pop. 531; P.O.;
Radley Honse is the seat of the
Bowyer family.

Radlow, hundred, Herefordshire, 52,680 ac., pop.
13,737; contains 23 pars.

Radmantb waite, hamlet, Mansfield par., Notts, 3
miles NW. of Mansfield.

Radmore, Cannock par., Staffordshire ; a Cistercian
abbey was founded here 1140, but removed 1154.

Radnage, par. and vil., Bucks, 6 miles NW. of High
Wycombe, 1369 ac., pop. 427.

Radnor.—township, Astbury par., Cheshire, on river
Dane, 1 mile NW. of Congleton, 259 ac., pop. 29.-2.
Radnor, hundred, Radnorshire, 42,673 ac., pop. 4439.

Radnor, New, ancient bor. and par. with ry. sta.,
Radnorshire, on river Somergill, 6 miles NW. of King-
ton and 60 miles NW. of Bristol, 3401 ac., pop. 472;
P.O. New Radnor is pleasantly situated at the entrance
of the pass from the Forest of Radnor to the Vale of
Radnor, and has some slight remains of castle and walls
destroyed by Owen Glyndwr in 1401. It has charters
granted by Queen Elizabeth and George II. The
nor District
of Parliamentary Boroughs (Cefnllys,
Knighton, Knucklas, New Radnor, Presteigne, and
Rhayader) returned 1 member until 1885.

Radnor, Old, vil., Radnorshire, and par., partly also
in Herefordshire—par., 11,698 ac., pop. 1269; the vil.
is 3 miles SE. of New Radnor.

Radnor, Old, and Burlingjobb, township, Old
Radnor par., Radnorshire, pop. 332.

Radnorshire, inland co. of South Wales, bounded
N. by Montgomeryshire and Shropshire, E. by Here-
fordshire, S. and SW. by Brecknockshire, and AV. by
Cardiganshire ; greatest length, N. and S., 30 miles;
greatest breadth, E. and W., 34 miles; area, 276,552
ac., pop. 23,528. Radnorshire is the smallest of the
6 counties of South Wales. In the E. and S. are
some comparatively level tracts, including the Vale of
Radnor, but the greater portion of the surface is hilly,
or even mountainous, the Forest of Radnor reaching in
its highest summit an elevation of 2163 ft. Oats and
wheat are grown in the lower parts, but attention is
chiefly directed to the rearing of stock; the higher
parts serve only for the feeding of sheep and the breed-
ing of Welsh ponies. Butter is made in large quan-
tities. (For agricultural statistics, see Appendix.) The
minerals are of little value, except the limestone which
underlies the Vale of Radnor. The mfrs. are very
limited, chiefly flannel. The forests, which at one
time were of great extent, have long disappeared.
There are several medicinal mineral springs, those of
Llandrindod being in great repute. None of the rivers
(Wye, Elan, Ithon, &c.) are navigable, but the railway
communication is good. Radnorshire was made a county
by Henry VIII. It comprises 6 hundreds and 60 pars,
with part of 1 other. It contains no parl. or mun. bor.
It is in the dioceses of St David’s and Hereford. It
returns 1 member to Parliament.

Radstock, town and par. with ry. sta., Somerset, 8|
miles NW. of Frome and 16 miles SE. of Bristol, 1005
ac., pop. 3074; P.O., t.o., 1 Bank; has coal mines.

Radstone, par., Northamptonshire, 24 miles N. of
Brackley, 810 ac., pop. 116.

Radway, par. and vil., Warwickshire, near Edge
Hill, 3 miles SE. of Kineton, 1530 ac., pop. 255; near
vil. is Radway Grange, seat.

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