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Rainey Island, Ardkeen par., E. co. Down, in Lough
Strangford, 39 ac., pop. 12.

Rainford, town and township (ry. stations Rainford
and Rainford Junction), Prescot par., SW. Lancashire,
4 miles NW.
of St Helens, 5872 ac., pop. 3745; P.O.,
T.o.; in vicinity is Rainford Hall, seat; Rainford has
mfrs. of tobacco pipes and crucibles, and in the neigh-
bourhood are coal mines; scythe-stone abounds; much
of the land is reclaimed morass.

Ralnham. — par. and vil. with ry. sta. and quay,
Essex, 5 miles SE. of Barking, 3253 ac., pop. 1253;
P.O., T.O.; 2 miles NE. of sta. is Ralnbam Lodge, seat.
—2. Ralnbam, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Kent, on
river Medway, 4 miles SE. of Chatham, 3562 ac., pop.
P.O., T.o.

Ralnbam, East (or St Mary), par. (ry. sta. Rayn-
ham Park), Norfolk, on river Wensum, 3% miles SW.
of Fakenham, 1635 ac., pop. 145; Ralnbam Hall
(1632), seat of the Marquis of Townshend, is noted for
its collection of portraits.

Ralnbam, Soutb (or St Martin), par. (ry. sta. Rayn-
ham Park), Norfolk, 1 mile S. of East Rainham, 1040
ac., pop. 158;
P.O.; a priory was founded here in 1160.

Ralnbam, West (or St Margaret), par. (ry. sta.
Raynham Park), Norfolk, 1 mile W. of East Rainham,
1370 ac., pop. 336;
P.O.; Whitaker (1759-1821), the
antiquary, was a native.

Ralnbill, eccl. dist. and township with ry. sta.,
Prescot par., SW. Lancashire, 8| miles E. of Liverpool—
dist., pop.2974; township, 1640ac., pop.2219;

Ralnow, township and vil., Prestbury par., Cheshire,
2% miles NE. of Macclesfield, 5744 ac., pop. 1281.

Ralnsborougb, ancient camp, Newbottle par., North-
amptonshire, 4% miles W. of Brackley.

Rainsborrow Crag, Westmorland, 2 miles NW. of

Rainscombe, seat, North Newnton par., Wilts, 3
miles S. of Marlborough.

Ralnton, East, eccl. dist. and township, Houghton
le Spring par., in co. and 5 miles NE.
of Durham—
dist., pop. 1952; township, 1091 ac.,
pop. 1680; P.O.;
has coal mines.

Ralnton, Middle, vil., inco. and4%m. NE. ofDurham.

Ralnton, West, eccl. dist. and township, Houghton
le Spring par., in co. and 4 miles NE. of Durham—
(list., pop. 3778 ; township, 1776 ac., pop. 2888;
T.o.; has coal mines.

Rainton witb Newby, township, Topcliffe par.,
North-Riding Yorkshire, 4 miles NE.
of Ripon, 1576
ac., pop. 394.

Rainwortb, hamlet, Blidworth par., Notts, 3 miles
SE. of Mansfield.

Raise Gap, or Dunmail Raise : which see.

Ralstborpe and Birdall, township, Wharram Percy
par., East-Riding Yorkshire, 5 miles SE. of Malton,
2112 ac., pop. 78.

Bait, vil., Kilspindie par., Perthshire, 3 miles NW.
of Errol;

Ralt Castle, ruined seat, in eo. and 3 m. S. of Nairn.

Raitb, quoad sacra par., Abbotshall par., Fife; was
constituted in 1883; Raitb House, seat, is 2% miles W.
of Kirkcaldy.

Raitbby (by Loutb), par., Lincolnshire, 2% miles
SW. of Louth, 1930 ac., pop. 169.

Raitbby (by Spilsby), par. and vil., Lincolnshire, 2
miles NW. of Spilsby, 385 ac., pop. 155;
P.O.; near vil.
is Raitbby Hall, seat.

Rake, vil., on border of Hants and Sussex, 2 miles
SE. of Liss ;

Rakes Farm (or Mown Rakes), par., Lincolnshire,
near Swineshead, pop. 12.

Rakesbrough Hill, Rutland. See Ranksborough.

Ralelgb, Essex. See Rayleigh.

Ralelgb House, 1% mile from Barnstaple, Devon;
stands on the site of the old mansion of the Raleigh

Ralelgb’s Cross, place with inn, on Brendon Hills,
Somerset, near Combe Row sta.

Kallagb, school, Banagher par., co. Londonderry.

Raloo, par. and hamlet, E. co. Antrim, 4 miles SW.
of Larne, 6105 ac., pop. 1374; P.O.

Ralpb Cross, North-Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles S. of
Danby, alt. 1864 ft.

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