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of 6 ac. was opened in 1885. The mild, equable, and
salubrious climate of Silloth has caused it to become a

Silly earn, school, Grange par., Banffshire.

Silpho, township, Haekness par., North-Biding York-
shire, 7 miles NAV. of Scarborough, 1447 ac., pop. 85.

Sllsden, town and township (ry. sta. Steeton and
Silsden), Kildwick par., N. div. AYest-Riding Yorkshire,

4 miles NAY. of Keighley, 7060 ac., pop. 3329; P.O., T.O.,
1 Bank; has a large worsted mill, and carries on nail-
making. Silsden is a local government district.

Silsoe, township and vil., Flitton par., Bedfordshire
—township, 2160 ac., pop. 679; vil., 3¼ miles SE. of
Ampthill; P.O., T.O.

Silton, par. and vil., in N. of Dorset, on river Stour,

5 miles AY. of AYincanton, 1257 ac., pop. 245.

Silton, Nether, township, Leake par., North-Riding

Yorkshire, 1 mile S. of Over Silton, 1538 ac., pop. 176.

Silton, Over, par. and township, North-Riding York-
shire, 6 miles E. of Northallerton—par., 3727 ac., pop.
212; township, 1235 ac., pop. 44.

Silver Burn, rivulet, in S. of Isle of Man ; rises on
South Barrule mountain, and flows 7 miles S. to the
sea at Castletown.

Silver llill, seat, Staffordshire ; post-town, Burton
on Trent.

Silver Holm, island, in Windermere, AYestmorland.

Silver Howe, eminence, Westmorland, near AY. side
of Grasmere lake and 1½ mile SAY. of Grasmere vil.,
alt. 1345 ft.

Silver Kiver, King’s co.; rises in Slievebloom Moun-
tains, and flows 18 miles NW. to river Brosna, 2 miles
SE. of Ferbane.

Silver Street (Tottenham), sta. on Great Eastern
Ry., Middlesex, ¾ mile SW. of Lower Edmonton.

Silverbanks, part of town of Cambuslang, Cambus-
lang par., Lanarkshire, pop. 479.

Silverbitkall, seat, Wilton par., Roxburghshire, 1
mile N. of Hawick.

Sllverbridge, 4 miles NE. of Crossmaglen, S. co.
Armagh ; P.O.

Silverdale.—eccl. dist., township, and vil. with ry.
sta.,Warton par., N. Lancashire, 3¼ miles NAY. of Carn-
forth—dist. (Silverdale with Lindeth), pop. 642 ; town-
ship, 1168 ac. and 322 foreshore, pop. 489; P.O., T.O.—
2. Silverdale, eccl. dist. and ry. sta., Keele and Wol-
stanton pars., Staffordshire—dist., pop. 5920; P.O., T.O.,
1 Bank; the sta. is 2 miles AY. of Newcastle under Lyme.

Sllverfoot, seat, 6 miles NE. of Cashel, S. co.

Sllverhill.—hamlet, South Huish par., Devon, 4 m.
SAY. of Kingsbridge. — 2. Sllverhill, vil., Walwins
Castle par., Pembrokeshire, 4 m. NAY. of Milford.—3.
Sllverhill, eccl. dist., Hastings St Leonards on Sea par.,
Sussex, pop. 3245 ; forms part of St Leonards on Sea.

Silverhill.—mountain, in co. and 9 miles NW. of
Donegal, alt. 1967 ft.—2. Silverhill, seat, S. King’s
co., 3 miles S. of Cloghjordan.

Silverknowes, seat, 1 mile from Davidson’s Mains,

Silvcrley. See Ashley cum Silverley.

SUvermines, vil., Kilmore par., N. co. Tipperary,
5 miles SW. of Nenagh, pop. 231; P.O.; is near Silver-
mines Mountains (1607 ft.), which contain lead mines,
now closed.

Silverstone, par. and vil., Northamptonshire—par.,
2110 ac., pop. 1153; vil., 4 m. SW. of Towcester; P.O.

Silverstream, in co. and 3 m. from Monaghan; P.O.

Silverton, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Devon, between
rivers Exe and Culm—par., 2714 ac., pop. 1266; vil.,
7½ miles NE. of Exeter; P.O.; near the vil. is Silverton
Park, seat.

Sil vert own (Victoria Dock), eccl. dist. and ry. sta.,
AYest Ham par. and bor., Essex, pop. 4481; the sta.
is 1. mile NAA7. of North Woolwich Station.

Silvlneh, hamlet, White Lackington par., Somerset,
near Ilminster.

Silvimgton, par., Shropshire, 6 miles NW. of Cleo-
bnry Mortimer, 493 ac., pop. 48.

Silwood Park, seat, 1¼ mile S. of Ascot sta.,

Simmer Water, lake, in AYensleydale, North-Riding
Yorkshire, 3 miles S. of Askrigg.

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