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par., Somerset, 4 miles SE. of Ilchester.—8. Stapleton,
township, Croft and Gilling near Richmond pars.,
North-Riding Yorkshire, on river Tees, 2 miles SW.
of Darlington, 998 ac. (24 water), pop. 151.—9. Staple-
ton, township, Darrington par., S. div. West-Riding
Yorkshire, 3 miles SE. of Pontefract, 1633 ac., pop. 120;
contains Stapleton Park, seat.

Stapleton Koad, ry. sta., Gloucestershire, 2% miles
N. of Bristol. See

Stapley, hamlet, Church Stanton par., Devon, on
NE. border of co., 7 miles SE. of Wellington.

' Staploe, hundred, in E. of Cambridgeshire, 40,775
ac., pop. 10,695; contains 9 pars.

Star, vil., Kennoway par., Fife, If mile NE. of Mark-
inch; P.O.

Star Castle, Elizabethan fortress, on W. side of St
Mary’s, Scilly Islands.

Star Cove, on coast of Dorset, 9 m. E. of Weymouth.

Star Row, 2 miles from Horsham, Sussex ; P.O.

Starbeck, ry. sta., E. div. West-Riding Yorkshire,
2 miles E. of Harrogate; P.O.; near it is a spa with
sulphureous and chalybeate waters.

Starbog Mountains, S. co. Tyrone, between Bally-
gawley and Omagh, greatest alt. 1035 ft.

Starbotton, hamlet, Kettlewell par., N. div. West-
Riding Yorkshire, 12 miles NE. of Settle; P.O.

Starcross, watering-place with ry. sta., Kenton and
Dawlish pars., Devon, on estuary of the Exe, 4 miles
NE. of Dawlish and 8 miles SE. of Exeter, pop. 899;
P.O., T.O. Starcross has risen into favour as a place
of summer resort since 1820, previous to which it was
only a small fishing hamlet. It is a ferry station for
Exmouth, 1% mile distant.

Starkeys House, ancient manor-house, Wouldham
par., Kent, 2% miles SAY. of Rochester.

Starkliolnie, 1 mile from Matlock Bath, Derby-
shire ; P.O.

Starlaw, school, in par. and 2 miles SE. of Bath-
gate, Linlithgowshire.

Starleybiirn, hamlet and stream with cascade, in
par. and 1 mile AV. of Burntisland, Fife.

Starling Dodd, mountain, Cumberland, between
Ennerdale AVater and Crummock Water, alt. 2085 ft.

Starmore. See Westrill and Starmore.

Stars ton, par. and vil., Norfolk—par., 2244 ac.,
pop. 510; vil., 1% mile NW. of Harleston; P.O.

Start Point, promontory, in S. of Devon, at S.
extremity of Start Bay, 8% miles S. of Dartmouth; on
the point is a lighthouse 92 ft. high, with revolving
light (Start Point) 204 ft. above high water and seen
20 miles. Start Bay is 7 miles wide, and penetrates
2% miles.

Start Point, headland, at E. extremity of Sanday
island, Orkney ; has a lighthouse 91 ft. high, with fixed
light (Start Point, Ronaldsha Firth) 80 ft. above high
water and seen 14 miles.

Startfortli, par. and township, North-Riding York-
shire, on river Tees, on S. side and partly in town of
Barnard Castle—par., 2908 ac., pop. 730; township,
1010 ac., pop. 516. Startfortk Hall and Lower Start-
forth Hall are seats.

Startley, hamlet, Great Somerford par., Wilts, 5
miles S. of Malmesbury.

Start on, vil., Stoneleigh par., Warwickshire, 4 miles
S. of Coventry.

Statenborongh House, seat, Eastry par., Kent, 2
miles SAV. of Sandwich.

Statfold, par., Staffordshire, 3 miles NE. of Tam-
worth, 450 ac., pop. 61; contains Statfold Hall, seat.

Statbain Lodge, seat, Cheshire, on river Mersey, 4
miles E. of Warrington.

Stathe, hamlet, Stoke St Gregory par., Somerset, 3
miles NAV. of Langport.

Stathern, par. and vil. (ry. sta. Harby and Stathern),
Leicestershire, 6 miles SW. of Bottesford, 1420 ac., pop.
539; P.O.

Station Island, in Lough Derg, S. co. Donegal, pop. 6.

Staugbton, Great, par. and vil., Huntingdonshire—
par., 5940 ac., pop. 1090; vil., 3 miles SE. of Kimbol-
ton ; P.O.; in vicinity is Staugbton House, seat.

Staughton, Little, par. and vil., in NE. of Bedford-
shire—par., 1773 ac., pop. 469; vil., 2 miles SW. of
Great Staughton; P.O.

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