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Stechford, ry. sta., on NE. border of Worcestershire,
3 miles E. of Birmingham ; P.O.

Stcde Place, seat, Harrietsham par., Kent, on an
eminence, 6½ miles SE. of Maidstone.

Stedham, par. and vil., Sussex—par., 2493 ac., pop.
541; vil., on river Bother, 2 miles NW. of Midhurst
sta.; P.O.; near the vil. is Stedham Place, seat.

Steel, 5 miles S. of Hexham, Northumberland; P.O.

Steel Fell, mountain, on W. border of Westmorland,
3 m. NW. of Grasmere, near Dunmail Raise, alt. 1811 ft.

Steele Koad, ry. sta., Castleton par., Roxburgh-
shire, 3 miles S. of Riccarton Junction.

Steel’s Cross, 2 m. from Crowborough sta., Sussex; P.O.

Steens Bridge, ry. sta., at Leominster, Herefordshire.

Steep, township and vil., Hants, and par., partly
also in Sussex—par., 5331 ac., pop. 891; township,
2658 ac., pop. 600 ; vil., 1¼ mile N W. of Petersfield.

Steep Holme Island, Somerset, in Bristol Channel,
5 miles W. of Weston super Mare, pop. 5; is 400 ft. high
and 1¼ mile in circumference, and had formerly a small
priory founded in 1320.

Steephili Castle, seat, on S. coast of Isle of Wight,
near Ventnor.

Steeping, river, Lincolnshire; rises on the Wolds,
and flows 18 miles SE. to the Wash near Waim±eet.

Steeping, Great, par. and vil., Lincolnshire—par.,
1724 ac., pop. 266; vil., on river Steeping, 2½ miles N.
of Little Steeping sta. and 3 SE. of Spilsby; P.O.

Steeping, Little, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Lincoln-
shire, on river Steeping, 2¼ miles SW. of Firsby and 14
miles NE. of Boston by rail, 1490 ac., pop. 272.

Steeple.—mountain, Cumberland, between Wast
Water and Ennerdale Water, alt. 2746 ft.—2. Steeple,
par. and vil., Dorset, in SE. of co., 5 miles S. of
Wareham, 3362 ac., pop. 295. — 3. Steeple, par.,
Essex, on Blackwater estuary, 2823 ac., pop. 527; con-
tains Steeple Maldon, vil., 6 m. SE. of Maldon; P.O.

Steeple Ashton, par., township, and vil., Wilts—
par., 6789 ac., pop. 1649; township, 2808 ac., pop. 697;
vil., 3 miles E. of Trowbridge; P.O.

Steeple Aston, par., township, and vil., Oxfordshire
—par., 1974 ac., pop. 776; township, 1076 ac., pop. 682;
vil., 4 miles S. of Deddington; P.O., T.O.

Steeple Barton, par., Oxfordshire, 4 miles SAV. of
Deddington, 2983 ac., pop. 915.

Steeple Bnmpstead, par. and vil., Essex—par., 3423
ac., pop. 1045 ; vil., 3 miles S. of Haverhill; P.O.

Steeple Clay don, par. and vil. (ry. sta. Clay don),
Bucks, in N. of co.—par., 3329 ac., pop. 852; vil., 4
miles AV. of Winslow; P.O., T.O.

Steeple Gidding, par., in co. and 10 miles NW. of
Huntingdon, 1091 ac., pop. 125.

Steeple Langford, par. and vil., AVilts—par., 3941
ac., pop. 523; vil., on river AViley, 5½ miles NAA7. of
AA7ilton ; P.O.; has remains of ancient camp.

Steeple Maldon, vil., Steeple par., Essex, 6 miles
SE. of Maldon; P.O.

Steeple Morden, par. and vil., in SW. of Cambridge-
shire—par., 3767 ac., pop. 981; vil., 4½ miles NW. of
Royston; P.O.

Steepleton Iwerne (or Steepleton Preston), par.,
in NE. of Dorset, on river Iwerne, 3¼ miles N. of
Blandford, 773 ac., pop. 73 ; contains S. House.

St eel ley Chapel, ruined Norman chapel, in par. and
3 miles W. of AVorksop, Notts.

Stecton.—township, Bolton Percy par., E. div.
West-Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles E. of Tadcaster, 1141
ac., pop. 71.—2. Steeton, township and vil. (ry. sta.
Steeton and Silsden), Kildwick par., N. div. AFest-
Riding Yorkshire—township (Steeton with East burn),
2066 ac., pop. 1508; vil., 3 miles NAV. of Keighley;
P.O.; has mills for the mfr. of worsted and ribbons; in
vicinity is Steeton Hall, seat.

Stellston, school, Holy wood par., Dumfriesshire, 6
miles NW. of Dumfries.

Steinmanhill, school, Fyvie par., Aberdeenshire.

Steinsclioll, Skye. See Stenscholl.

Stella, township and vil., Ryton par., and eccl. dist.,
mostly in A\7inlaton par., Durham—dist., pop. 4739;
township, 286 ac., xiop. 743; vil., on river Tyne, 1¼
mile SE. of Ryton and 5½ miles W. of Newcastle ; P.O.;
has fire-brick works and gasworks; in vicinity is Stella
Hall, seat.

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