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Tirry, rivulet, Lairg par., Sutherland ; flows 14 miles
SE. to Loch Shin, 2 miles NW. of Lairg.

Tisaran, par., NAV. King’s co., on Grand Canal and
river Shannon, 4 m. NE. of Banagher, 7209 ac., pop. 866.

TJsaxon, par., S. co. Cork, on river Bandon, 3 miles
NW. of Kinsale, 1347 ac., pop. 240.

Tisbury, small town and par. with ry. sta., AATlts,
12| miles W. of Salisbury, 7355 ac., pop. 2445; P.O.,
T.O., 2 Banks; the par. contains the townships of East
Tisbury and West Tisbury, pop. 894 and 796. Tisbury
derived some importance, in old times, from its neigh-
bourhood to Wardour Castle.

Tiscoflin, par., N. co. Kilkenny, 4 miles NW. of
Gowran, 4709 ac., pop. 621.

Tisrara, par., in co. and 7 miles S. of Roscommon,
on river Suck, 8482 ac., pop. 1293.

Tisslngton, par. and vil., Derbyshire, 4 miles N. of
Ashborne, 2307 ac., pop. 352; P.O. ; Tisslngton Hall is
the seat of the Fitzherbert family. Tissington is famous
for its wells, five in number, and for the custom of
“Well Dressing,” which takes place on Holy Thursday.

Tisted, East, par., Hants, 4% miles S. of Alton,
2648 ac., pop. 188.

Tisted, West, par., Hants, 4 miles SAV. of East
Tisted and 5 miles SE. of Alresford, 2356 ac., pop. 175.

Titchbonrne, 2 miles SAV. of Alresford, Hants; P.O.
See Tichborne.

Titchfield.—par. and vil., Hants, on river Titchfield,
2 miles W. of Fareham, 15,784 ac. and 1269 tidal water
and foreshore, pop. 4571; P.O., T.o. Titchfield is an
ancient place, was long a market town, and gives the
title of marquis to the Duke of Portland. Titchfield
House, now a ruin, occupies the site of an abbey of time
of Henry III.; was built by Thomas AVriothesley, Earl
of Southampton, chancellor to Henry VIII.; afforded
shelter to Charles I. on his escape from Hampton Court;
and was the birthplace of the heroic wife of Lord William
Russell. The river Titchfield (or Meon) flows 15% miles
SW. to the mouth of Southampton AVater.—2. Titch-
field, hundred, Hants, 19,450 ac., pop. 5859.

Tltcbmarsh, 2 miles NE. of Thrapston, Northamp-
tonshire ; P.O. See Tichmarsh.

Tltchwell, par., Norfolk, 5 miles E. of Hunstanton,
1627 ac. (175 water), pop. 119; P.O.

Titeskln, par., E. co. Cork, 3 miles SW. of Cloyne,
1114 ac., pop. 202.

Tithby, vil., 2% miles S. of Bingham, Notts.

Tlthecot, Devon. See Tythacott.

Tilley, par. and vil. with ry. sta. (1% mile S.), Here-
fordshire, 3 miles NE. of Kington, 1876 ac., pop. 389 ;
P.O. ; Titley Conrt is the seat of the Greenlys; a
moated priory stood here.

Titlington, township, Eglingham par., Northumber-
land, 6 miles W. of Alnwick, 2267 ac., pop. 82.

TItness Park, seat, Berks; post-town, Sunninghill.

Titsey, par. and vil., Surrey, 4 miles NE. of God-
stone and 9 miles SE. of Croydon, 1989 ac., pop., 231;
near the vil. is Titsey Place, seat; Roman remains
have been found.

Tittenhanger Park, seat, 3 miles SE. of St Albans,

Tlttenley, township, Audlempar., Cheshire, 7 miles
S. of Nantwich, 581 ac., pop. 25.

Tittensor, in par. and 3% miles NW. of Stone,
Staffordshire; P.O.

Tltterstone Clee Hill, Shropshire, 6 miles NE. of
Ludlow, alt. 1754 ft.

Tittesworth, township, Leek par., Staffordshire, on
NE. side and mostlyin town of Leek, 1659 ac., pop. 1517.

Tittlepath Ilill, on SW. border of AVilts, 2 miles
NE. of Shaftesbury; has an extensive camp on its
summit known as Castle Rings.

Tittlesball, par., Norfolk, 6 miles SW. of Faken-
ham, 3364 ac., pop. 514; P.O.

Tiverton.—mun. bor., market town, and par., Devon,
12 miles N. of Exeter and 184 miles from London by
rail, 17,491 ac., pop. 10,462; P.O., T.O., 3 Banks, 3
newspapers. Market-days,
Tuesday and Saturday.
The town is situated on the slope of a hill above the
confluence of the Exe and the Lowman, hence its name,
“ Twyfordton ”—the town hy the two fords. A hand-
some stone bridge leads to the large suburb of West Exe.
Tiverton has existed from the Saxon times through

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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