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Giles par., Berks, on S. side of Reading, pop. 4133.—

4. Whitley, eccl. dist., Hexham par., Northumber-
land, 5 miles S. of Hexham, pop. 745.—5. Whitley,
hundred, Somerset, in NAA7. of co., 49,294 ac., pop.
12,707 ; contains 20 pars.—6. Whitley, vil., Coventry
St Michael par., AYarwickshire, on river Avon, 2 miles
SE. of Coventry. At Whitley Abbey, a seat in vicinity,
Charles I. resided for a few days in 1642. The Avon
is here crossed by Whitley Bridge.—7. Whitley, AYilts.
See Shaw and Whitley.—8. Whitley, township and
vil. with ry. sta. (Whitley Bridge), Kellington par.,
E. div. West-Riding Yorkshire—township, 1843 ac.,
pop. 409; vil., 9 miles E. of Pontefract; P.O.; has
maltings, corn mills, and bone mills.—9. Whitley,
vil., Ecelesfield township and par., S. div. West-Riding
Yorkshire, 4 miles N. of Sheffield.

Whitley, Lower.—eccl. dist. and township, Great
Budworth par., Cheshire, 5 miles NW. of Northwich—
dist., pop. 520; township, 1136 ac., pop. 214.—2.
Whitley, Lower, township, Thornhill par., AArest-Riding
Yorkshire, in local government district of Thornhill,
1038 ac., pop. 986.

Whitley,Over, township, Great Budworth par.,Che-
shire, 54 miles NAY. of Northwich, 1020 ac., pop. 306.

Whitley, Upper, township, Kirkheaton par., S. div.
West-Riding Yorkshire, 6 miles E. of Huddersfield,
2053 ac., pop. 909; has coal mines ; contains Whitley
Beaumont, seat. Upper Whitley is a local govern-
ment district.

Whitley Bridge, vil. with ry. sta., Whitley town-
ship, Kellington par., E. div. West-Riding Yorkshire,
on Goole Canal, 7 miles E. of Pontefract; P.O.

Whitley Castle, ruin, Alston par., Cumberland, on
Hall Hill, near Alston.

Whitley Bidge Walk, section of New Forest, Hants,
in Brockenhurst and Boldre pars., 5400 ac.

Whitlinghain, par. and ry. sta. (AA7hitlingham Junc-
tion), Norfolk, 24 miles E. of Norwich, 542 ac., pop. 70.

Wkitminster, vil., AA7heatenhurst par., Gloucester-
shire, in AV. of co., 2 miles NW. of Stonehouse sta.; P.O.

Whitmore, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Staffordshire
—par., 2015 ac., pop. 311; vil., 4 miles SW. of New-
castle under Lyme; P.O., T.O.; in vicinity is
more Hall,

WTiitnasli, par. and vil., Warwickshire, 14 mile SE.
of Leamington, 1242 ac., pop. 426.

Whitney, par. and vil. with ry. sta. (AVhitney on
the Wye), Herefordshire, in W. of co.—par., 1483 ac.,
pop. 258; vil., on river AVye, 44 miles NE. of Hay;
P.O.; in vicinity is Whitney Court, seat.

Whitridge, township, Hartburn par., Northumber-
land, 7 miles W. of Morpeth, 201 ac., pop. 4.

Whitrigg.—ry. sta., Cumberland, near mouth of
river AVampool, 54 miles SE. of Annan.—2. Whitrigg,
Cumberland. See Torpenhow.

Whitsand Bay. See AVhitesand Bay.

Whitsbury, par., Wilts, 34 miles NW. of Fording-
bridge, 1824 ac., pop. 184.

Whitslaid, ruined tower, Legerwood par., Berwick-
shire, on Leader Water, 3 miles SE.„of Lauder.

Whitsome, par. and hamlet, in SE. of Berwickshire
—par., on Leet Water, 4896 ac., pop. 560; hamlet, 6
miles S. of Chirnside; P.O.; was burned by the English
in 1482.

Whitson (or Witston), par., Monmouthshire, in S.
of co., 54 miles SE. of Newport, 1073 ac., pop. 93; P.O.,
called Witston; contains Whitson House, seat.

Whitstahle.—seaport and par. with ry. sta. (Whit-
stable on Sea), Kent, 6 miles NW. of Canterbury by
rail, 3601 ac. and 561 foreshore, pop. 4882; P.O., T.O.,
2 Banks, 1 newspaper. AVhitstable is the port of Can-
terbury, and carries on a considerable shipping trade,
especially in coals. It has extensive oyster fisheries,
for which it has been famous from the days of the
Romans, the oysters of Whitstahle being the most
delicate in the market.—2. Whitstahle, hundred, St
Augustine lathe, Kent, 5952 ac., pop. 687.

Whitstaunton, Somerset. See Whitestaunton.

Whitstone.—par. and vil., Cornwall, in N. of co.—
par., 3787 ac., pop. 410; vil., 7 miles SW. of Hols-
wortliy; P.O., called Whitestone.—2. Whitstone,
par., Devon, 3 miles W. of Exeter; P.O. See AVhite-
STONE.—3. Whitstone, hundred, Gloucestershire,

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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