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ancient and famous trees. In the Little or Home
Park is Frogmore, with the mausoleum of the Prince
Consort; in the Great Park are the Long Walk (an
avenue of elms, 3 miles in length, running to Snow
Hill, on which is an equestrian statue of George III.),
Cumberland Lodge, and Virginia Water, the largest
artificial lake in England. Windsor was incorporated
by Edward I. It returns 1 member to Parl.; it regu-
larly returned 2 members from Henry A7I. until 1867.

Windsor, Old, par. and vil., Berks, in E. of co.—
par. (containing part of Sunningdale), 5530 ac., pop.
2524; vil., on river Thames, 2 miles SE. of AVindsor;
P.O., T.O. Numerous fine residences are in the par.

AVindsor (St Nathaniel), eccl. dist., West Derby
par., SW. Lancashire, 4 m. NE. of Liverpool, pop. 4249.

AVindsor Station, on Belfast Central Ry., Belfast.

Windspit (or Winspit) Quarries, large stone
quarries, in Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, on the coast, 3
miles SW. of Swanage.

Windy Harbour, vil., Taney par., in co. and 3
miles SE. of Dublin, pop. 333.

AVindygates (and Cameron Bridge), vil. with ry.
sta. (Cameron Bridge), Markinch par., Fife, 34 miles
NE. of Thornton Junction, pop. 410; P.O., T.o.; has a

AVindynook, eccl. dist., partly in Gateshead par.
but chiefly in Jarrow par., Durham, on SE. side of
Gateshead, pop. 3554 ; P.O.

Windyraw, school, Cairnie par., Aberdeenshire.

AVinestead, par. andry. sta., East-Riding Yorkshire,

14 mile NAY. of Patrington, 2108 ac., pop. 163 ; P.O. ;
Andrew Marvel (1620-78), political writer, poet, and
satirist, was a native; near the sta. is AVinestead
Hall, seat.

Winfarthing, par. and vil., Norfolk—par., 2620 ac.,
pop. 604; vil., 4 miles NAY. of Diss ; P.O.

AVinford, par. and vil., Somerset—par., 2991 ac.,
pop. 947; vil., 6 miles SAY. of Bristol; P.O.

AVinford Eagle, Dorset. See Wynford Eagle.

Winforton, par., on AY. border of Herefordshire, 6
miles NE. of Hay, 1099 ac., pop. 120 ; P.O.

AVinfrith, hundred, Dorset, 29,352 ac. (including
Stoborough Liberty), pop. 5762; contains 9 pars.

AVinirith Newburgh, par., Dorset, in S. of co.,
4496 ac., pop. 959; contains Winfritb, vil., 8 miles
SW. of Wareham; P.O.

W’ing.—par. and vil., Bucks, in E. of co.—par., 5703
ac., pop. 1636; vil., 24miles SW. of Leighton Buzzard;
P.O.; in vicinity is Wing Park, seat.—2. AVing, par.
and vil., Rutland—par., 1050 ac., pop. 320; vil., 3 miles
NE. of Uppingham; P.O.

AVingate, township and ry. sta., Kelloe par., Dur-
ham, 10 miles NW. of Hartlepool, 4176 ac., pop. 5949;
P.O., T.O., and P.O. at sta., called Wingate Station;
contains AVingate Grange, eccl. dist., pop. 2404;
P.O., T.O.

AVin gates.—township, Long Horsley par., North-
umberland, 9 miles NAA7. of Morpeth, 2617 ac., pop.
106.—2. AVingates, eccl. dist., Bolton le Moors and
Deane pars., SE. Lancashire, on SAY. side of Bolton,
pop. 3718.

AVingberry, hamlet, Wing par., Bucks, 4 miles SW.
of Leighton Buzzard.

Wingerworth, par. and vil., Derbyshire—par., 2958
ac., pop. 410 ; vil., 24miles S. of Chesterfield; P.O.; in
vicinity is Wingerworth Hall, seat.

AVingfield.—hamlet, Chalgrave par., Bedfordshire,
in S. of co., 3 miles NW. of Dunstable.—2. Wingfield,
par. and vil., Suffolk—par., 2441 ac., pop. 463; vil., 4
miles S. of Harleston; P.O.; has remains of Wingfield
Castle, ancient stronghold of the De la Poles.—3.
Wingfield, AA7ilts. See AYinkfield.

AVingfield, North, par., township, and vil. with ry.
sta. (Wingfield), Derbyshire—par. (containing Clay-
cross), 7603 ac., pop. 13,033; township (partly in Clay- j
cross), 1449 ac., pop. 2044 ; vil., near Claycross sta., and
44 miles S. of Chesterfield; P.O.

Wingfield, South, par. and vil., Derbyshire—par.,
3364 ac., pop. 1226 ; vil., 2 miles W. of Alfreton ; P.O. ;
cotton spinning and twist mfrs. are carried on; on
an eminence stand the ruins of Wingfield Manor
Honse (erected in the time of Henry VI.), in which
Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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