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AVolstanbury Hill, eminence with ancient camp,
Sussex, 6 miles NW. of Brighton.

Wolstanton, manufacturing dist. and par., Stafford-
shire—par. (partly within the parl. limits of Stoke
upon Trent and Newcastle under Lyme), 10,816 ac.,
pop. 47,216; dist., on NW. side of Stoke upon Trent,
pop. 5538; P.O., T.O. Wolstanton lies within the
Potteries district, and shares in its industries, besides
having iron and steel works, engine works,' and silk and
cotton mills.

Wolstenlioline Hall, seat, SE. Lancashire, near

Wolston (or Woolston), par., township, and vil.
(ry. sta. Brandon and Wolston), AYarwickshire—par.,
2770 ac., pop. 1226 ; township, pop. 791; vil., on river
Avon, 6 miles W. of Rugby; P.O.; was the site of an
ancient priory. The church exhibits interesting Nor-
man features. In vicinity is Wolston Hall, seat.

Wolston My ml, eminence, Worthen par., Mont-
gomeryshire, 3 miles SW. of AYelshpool sta.

Wolsty, hamlet, near coast of Cumberland, 2 miles

S. of Silloth ; in vicinity is Wolsty Hall, seat.

Woiterton, par., Norfolk, 5 miles NAA7. of Aylsham,
1697 ac. (including AYick mere), pop. 47; Woiterton
Hall is the seat of the Earl of Orford.

Wolvercote (or Woolvercot), in co. and 2| miles
N. of Oxford; p.o. See Woolvercot.

Wolverdington, Warwickshire. See AYolverton.

Wolverhampton, parl. and mun. bor. and manu-
facturing town, par., and township, Staffordshire, on an
eminence, 12f miles NAY. of Birmingham and 125 miles
from London by rail—par. (containing Bilston, AVed-
nesfield, AVillenhall, &c.), 17,499 ac., pop. 131,587;
mun. bor. and township, 3396 ac., pop. 75,766; parl.
bor., comprising also the townships of Bilston, AYednes-
field, and AYillenhall, and the par. of Sedgley, 18,888
ac., pop. 164,332 ; 5 Banks, 7 newspapers. Market-days,
Wednesday and Saturday. AYolverhampton stands
on the summit of an eminence, amid a network of
railways and canals. It is of ancient origin, and had
a religious house of the 10th century, but it remained
small and obscure until recent times, when it increased
rapidly in population and wealth ; it is now the largest
manufacturing town in the county, and is known as
the Metropolis of the Black Country. Situated in the
heart of the great midland mining district, with ex-
tensive beds of coal and ironstone in its vicinity, it
possesses enormous iron foundries, where articles of
every description of ironware are produced. Steel,
brass, tin, papier mache, and japanned wares are also
extensively made, with galvanised ironware, chemicals,
colours, varnishes, &c. AYolverhampton has long been
noted for its locks and keys. It possesses many fine
public buildings, among which are the collegiate church
of St Peter, and a Catholic chapel designed by Pugin.
Congreve and Abernethy were educated at the grammar
school (1515). Wolverhampton was made a parlia-
mentary borough in 1832, and a municipal borough in
1848. It returns 3 members to Parliament (3 divisions
—viz., AYest, East, and South, 1 member for each
division); its representation was increased from 2 to 3
members in 1885.

Wolvcrley, par. and vil., AYorcestershire, in N. of
co.—par. (partly within the parl. limits of Kidder-
minster, and containing Cookley), 5532 ac., pop. 3343;
vil., on river Stour, 2 miles N. of Kidderminster; P.O.,
T.O.; has ironworks. Wolverley Court and AVol-
verley House are seats.

Wolversbill, hamlet, Bulkington par., Warwick-
shire, 4 miles SE. of Nuneaton.

Wolverton.—town and par. with ry. sta., Bucks, in
N. of co., 2 miles NE. of Stony Stratford, 12 SE. of
Northampton, and 52 NW. of London by rail, 2325 ac.,
pop. 3611; P.O., T.O. AYolverton is the first town in
England owing its origin to railways, having since the
opening of the line become the great workshop of the
London and North AVestern for the manufacturing and
repairing of the company’s carriages; the railway
employes alone number over 2000 hands. There is a
handsome church, an art and science institute, and a
large school. AYolverton House, seat, is in vicinity.—
2. AYolverton, par. and vil., Hants—par., 1464 ac.,
pop. 184 ; vil., 2g miles E. of Kingsclere ; P.O. ; in
vicinity is AYolverton Park, seat.—3, AYolverton,


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