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ALO    22    ALE

corner of the state, surrounded by water on all
sides but the N. Pop. 1,239.

Ally or Albi, an ancient city of France, in the
department of Tarn, seated on the river of that
name. It is the chief city of the Albigeois, and
^ was formerly the see of an archbishop. The ca-
thedral was dedicated to St. Cecilia, and before the
revolution, was ornamented with a valuable silver
shrine, of exquisite workmanship, of the Mosaic
kind, and contained the relics of St. Clair, the
first bishop of this city. The chapel of this saint
is a magnificent building, adorned with paintings.
Alby has manufactures of both linens and wool-
ens, and four gates, which open into beautiful
and fruitful plains.

Alcala de Henares, a beautiful and extensive city
of Spain, in New Castile, seated upon the river
Henares. The university, which had gone to de-
cay, was re-established in 1494, by Cardinal Fran-
cis Ximenes ; at whose charge and under whose
direction, the first polyglot bible was printed in
this town. Without the walls is a spring, the
water of which is so pure and well tasted, that it
is inclosed for the king of Spain’s own use, from
whence it is carried to Madrid. It is 11 miles S.
W. of Guadalaxara, and 15 N. E. of Madrid.

Alcala la Real, a city of Spain, with a fine abbey,
situate on the summit of the Sierra de Granada,
on the high road from Madrid to Granada, from
which it is distant 18 m. and 190 from Madrid.

Alcala de Guadayra,a town of Spain, dis. 6. m.
from Seville on the road to Madrid.

Aleama, a town of Sicily, in Val di Mazaro, 25
m. S. W. of Palermo.

Alcaniz, a town of Arragon, in Spain. It was
formerly ihe capital of the kingdom of the Moors.
It has a remarkable fountain, which throws up
water, through 42 pipes. It is seated on the
river Bergantes, 12 m. from Caspe.

Alcantara, a fortified town of Spain, in Estre-
madura, and the chief place of the knights of
that name. It has a celebrated stone bridge over
the Tejo, or Tagus, built in the time of Trajan.
It was taken by the earl of Galway, in 1706, but
retaken the same year. It is situate on the high
post road from Badajos to Ciudad Rodrigo.

Alcantara, or Alcantarida, a town of Spain, in
Andalusia, near the river Guadalquivir. Here is
a bridge built by the Romans to pass the marshes
formed by the river. It is 14 m. S. of Seville.

Alcantara, a town of, Portugal, near Lisbon,
having a royal palace. There is also a town of
the same name in Brazil, in the province of

Alearaz, a town of Spain, in New Castile, with
a strong castle, and a remarkable ancient aqueduct.
It is situate near the source of the Guadalquivir, 80
m. E. bv S. of Calatrava. Long. 2. 20. W. E. lat.
38. 28. N.

Alearaz or Mcarraz, a town of Arragon, Spain,
2 leagues from Lerida. on the road to Madrid.

Alcazar de Sal, a town of Portugal, in Estrema-
dura. Fine white salt is made here. It is seated
on Ihe Cadoan, 15 m. from the sea, and 35 S. E.
of Lisbon. Long. 9. 5. W. lat. 38.18. N.

Alcazar Quiber, a town of the kingdom of Fez,
near which Sebastian, king of Portugal, lost his
life in a battle with the Moors, in 1578. It is seated
on the Lucos, 36 m. S. of Tangier.

Alcazar Seguar, a town of the kingdom of Fez,
on the strait of Gibraltar. It was taken by Al-
phonso, king of Portugal, in 1468, but soon after
abandoned. It is 14 m. E. of Tangier.

Alcester, or Alncester, a market town in War-
wickshire. Many Roman coins, bricks, &c. have
been found near it, and the Icknild street passes
through the town. It has a manufacture of need-
les, and is situate at the confluence of the Aine
with the Arrow, 14 m. W. S. W. of Warwick, and
103 N. W. of London. Market on Tuesday.





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Alcmoer or Alkmaer, a city of North Holland.
It is a handsome city and one of the cleanest in
Holland. The streets and houses are extremely
neat and regular, and the public buildings
very beautiful. The Spaniards, under Frederick
of Toledo, besieged it after they had taken
Haerlem, in 1578 ; but were forced to raise
the siege, after lying before it three months. It
opened its gates to the British troops in 1799, after
the second battle near Bergen ; and here the trea-
ty for the evacuation of Holland by the invaders,
was afterwards concluded. It is recorded in the
register of this city, that in the year 1639, 120
tulips, with the off-sets, sold for 90,000 florins;
and in particular, that one of them called the
sold for 4,203 guilders ! The States at last put
a stop to this extravagant and ruinous passion for
flowers. The town has a good trade in butter and
cheese, which is esteemed the best in Holland.
It is about 4 m. from the sea, 15 from Haerlem,
and 20 N. from Amsterdam.

Aleoutim, a town of Portugal, in Algarves, with
a strong castle, seated on an island in the Guadia-
na, opposite to San Lucar, 16 m. from the entrance
of the Guadiana into the Gulf of Cadiz, 22 N. N. E.
of Tavira.

Alcudia, a town of Majorca, situate on the N. E.
coast, between two large harbours. Long. 3. 0. E.
lat. 39. 50. N.

Aldiorough, a borough, returning 2 members to
parliament, and sea-port, in Suffolk, with a market
on Wednesday and Saturday ; pleasantly seated on
the Aide, between a high hill and the sea ; and the
harbour is tolerably good, but small. The town
was formerly much larger; but the sea lias taken
away whole streets. It is 40 m. E. of Bury, and
94 N. E. of London. Pop. in 1821, 1,212.

Aldborougk, a borough in the West Riding of
Yorkshire, returning 2 members to parliament.
Here are many remains of Roman works. It is 15
m. N. E. of York, and 208 N. by W. of London.

Aldenburg, a town of Westphalia', 20 m. E. S. E.
of Dusseldorf.

Alderbury, a town in Wiltshire, on a hill near
the Avon, 3 m. from Salisbury. It has a manufac-
ture of fustians. By a fire in 1777, 200 houses
were destroyed.

Alderholm, an island in Sweden, formed by the
three arms of the river Gefle,in the Gulf ofBoth-
nia. It has a considerable trade in planks and
deals. It is 80 m. N. of Stockholm.

Alderney, an island in the English channel, 8 m.
in circumference, separated from France by a
strait called the Race of Alderney, which is a dan-
gerous passage, on account of the rocks under
water. It is fertile in corn and pasture ; and is cele-
brated for a breed of small cattle, which yield an
abundance of very rich milk. There is a
town of the same name. Long. 2. 12. W. lat. 49.

45. N.

Aldstone. See Alston-Moor.

Alegre, a town of France, in the department of
Upper Loire, 15 m. S. E. of Brioude.

Alemtejo, the largest, in its superficies, of the 6
provinces of Portugal, bounded on the north by
the Tagus, and south by the ancient kingdom of
Algarva. Its superficial extent is 883 French


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