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ARS    54    ARZ

N. in a N. E. direction to the Pyrenees, bounded
on the N. W. by Old Castile and Navarre ; and on
the east by the north end of Valencia, and Cata-
lonia ; its superficies is about 1,230 sq. French
leagues, and its population in 1810 was about

660,000. The river Ebro enters the territory
from the N. W. and runs through the middle of
it in a S. E. direction. Saragossa seated on the
banks of the Ebro, is the chief and only place of
importance in the whole territory, nor is it re-
markable for any natural productions ; whilst the
domination of the priestcraft, which pervades all
Spain, operates as a barrier to all social enterprize
and improvement.

Arrah, or Arraba, a river on the east side of the
province of Mekhran, Persia. There is a town
of the same name on the coast about 60 m. west
of the river, in lat. 25. 30. N. 65. E. long.

Arrah, a town of Hindoostan, in Bahar, 33 m.
W. by S. of Patna.

Arran, an island of Scotland, in the frith of
Clyde, to the south of the isle of Bute. It is of
an oval form, 20 m. long and 12 broad, and con-
stitutes the greatest part of the county of Bute.
Pudges of rugged mountains extend across the
island, and Goatfell is near 3,000 ft. in height.
The southern parts present lerw and cultivated
grounds. The climate is healthful, and invalids
resort hither to drink the whey of goats milk.
Robert Bruce took refuge in this island, during
the time of his greatest distress. Among the
rocks are found iron-ore, spar, and a great variety
of beautiful pebbles. On the coast are many
wonderful caverns, which often afford shelter to
smugglers. It is divided into two parishes, Kil-
bride, and Kilmorey. Total pop. 6,541. The prin-
cipal place is Lamlash.

Arras, a fortified city of France, capital of the
department of Pas de Calais, and an episcopal see,
and one of the most ancient towns of France; it
was the seat of the Atrebates in the time of Caesar.
It is divided into two towns; one named the city,
which is the most ancient; and the other the
town, which is modern. The great
full of fine buildings, surrounded with piazzas.
It was the birth-place of Robespierre, and is seat-
ed on the Scarpe, 22 m. W. N. W. of Cambray.
Long. 2. 46. E. lat. 50. 17. N. Pop. about 19,000.

Arriege, a department of France, containing the
late provinces of Couserans, and Foix. It is so
named from a river, which rises in the Pyrenees,
and passing by Foix and Pamiers, enters the Gar-
onne, near Toulouse. Gold dust is found among
its sands. Foix is the capital. Pop. about 225,

xe2x80x98irroe or Aaroe and JF.roe, two islands of Den-
mark, the first about the middle of the little Belt,
and the other at its entrance into the Baltic.
There are a cluster of islands also called Arroe,
just within the Red Sea, opposite to Moka.

Arroo, five islands in the Indian Ocean, to the
south and west of New Guinea, extending from 5
30. to 7. 0. S. lat. with narrow channels between
diem. The chief product is sago. During the
dry or western monsoon, numerous flocks of the
birds of paradise, from New Guinea, reside in
these islands, where great numbers are killed,
dried, and exported to Banda. The Arroo fsles
are considered as belonging to the Dutch.

Arsamas. a town of Russia, situate near the
source of the Techa, a branch of the Oka river, in
the province of Nishnei, or Lower Novogorod.
It is about 100 m. E. of Moscow, and has a variety
of manufactures. Pop. about 6 000

Asur, a town on the coast of Syria, in Palestine,
with a fortress, 10 m. N. of Jaffa.

Arta, a seaport of European Turkey, in Alba-
nia, and a Greek archbishop’s see. It has a con-
siderable trade in tobacco and skins, and is seated
on the Arta, 70 m. N. N. W. of Lepantc. Long.

21. 20. E. lat. 39.28. N.

Artaki, a town of Asiatic Turkey, in Natolia,
on the south coast of the sea of Marmora, 76 m.
S. W. of Constantinople. Long. 27.40. E. lat. 39.
30. N.

Artakui, a town of European Turkey, in Rom-
ania, 48 m. N. W. of Gallipoli.

Artern, a town of Upper Saxony, in the county
of Mansfield, circle of Thuringia, on the rive'
Unstrutt, 29 m. N. N. E. of Erfurt.

Artois, a late province of France, bounded on
the north and east by Flanders, and south and
west by Hainault, Cambresis, and Picardy. It is
now included in the department of Pas de Calais

Aruba, an island 15 m. in circumference, situ-
ated near the mouth of the gulf of Maracaybo.
45 m. W. of Curacao. Long. 70. 5. W. lat. 12.

10. N.

Arundel, a borough in Sussex, Eng., governed
by a mayor. It is seated on the side of a hill on the
river Arun, about 5 m. from the sea, and has a
venerable gothic church, formerly, collegiate. Its
castle, the ancient seat of the dukes of Norfolk,
stands onjthe hill, and is of great extent; a vast
sum was expended upon it by Charles the XII.
duke ; the interior court forms a square of 200 ft.
each way, the centre of the east side is decorated
by a magnificent work of art, a has relief, repre-
senting Alfred and the assembling of the first, jury.
It was executed by the elder Rossi, and is the
finest and most characteristic work of art of the
kind in Europe ; the library is on the same side,*
fitted up with the finest mahogany and cedar most
highly wrought; the west side is occupied by a
grand banqueting room and chapel; the south, the
state apartments ; the north is open to the gardens,
but at the N. W. corner is the old gateway, and
tower, a circular building of great dimensions, and
was formerly the strongest place of defence in
Britain. The possession of this castle confers an
earldom on the proprietor. The river is naviga-
ble for barges, and great quantities of timber are
sent hence for the dock-yards. It is 11 m. S. E.
of Chichester and 56 S. S. W. of London.

Ana, a County at the northern extremity of
Lower Hungary, intersected by the Carpathian
mountains; it contains a pop. of about 75,000,
subsisting chiefly by agriculture, more particular-
ly flax for domestic manufacture and some foi
trade. There is a town which gives name to the
county, situate on a stream which falls into the
Wag River.

Arve, a rapid river of Savoy, which rises in
Faucigny, and watering Salenche, Cluse, and
Bonneville, joins the Rhone, below Geneva.

Ancangen, a town and castle of Switzerland, in
the canton of Berne, on the river Aar, 12 m. E.
of Soleure.

Arzew, a seaport town of Algiers, about 15 m
W. of Oran. It appears to be the ancient Arsen
aria, there being many relics of antiquity in the

Arzilla, a seaport in the kingdom of Fez, about
30 m. S. of Cape Spartel, and 50 S. S. W. of Tan-
giers. It was formerly a Roman colony, and a
place of considerable importance, but at present
does not contain more than 1,000 inhabitants.

Arzingan, a town of Armenia, on the west






















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