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N. E. side of London, in which there are about

10,000 looms employed in the broad silk manufac-
ture. Pop. in 1821, 45,676.

Bethsaida, p. v. Jones Co. Geo. 25 m. W. Mil-

Bethune, a fortified town of France, in the de-
partment of Pas de Calais, with a castle. It was
taken by the allies, in 1710, and restored by the
treaty of Utrecht. It is seated on a rock, by the
river Brette, 120 m. N. of Paris.

Betley, a town in Staffordshire, Eng. 18 m. N.
N. W. of Stafford, and 157 of London. Pop.

Beltis, a town of European Turkey, formerly
the capital of Curdistan. It is now the residence
of a bey, who is neither subject to the Turks nor
Persians, and has a numerous army of horsemen
and infantry. It stands on the Khabur, between
two mountains, 150 m. N. N. W. of Altunkupri.
Long. 43. 20. E. lat. 37. 20. N.

Bettenhausen, a populous village of the county
of Henneberg, Saxony, six miles west of Mein-
ungen; it has considerable manufactures of lin-

Betitah, a town of Hindoostan, in Bahar, 85 m.
N. N. W. of Patna.

Betzko, a considerable town of Lower Hungary,
situate on the east bank of the Waag River, a few
miles south of Treutschin.

Bi'.uKe. sin island of Holland, in Guelderland,
10 miles long and 10 broad, formed by the bifurca-
tion of the Rhine above Nimeguen, and by the
union of its streams, under different appellations,
near Worcnm. It was the ancient Batavia, and
formerly gave the name of Bataveeren, or Batavi-
ans, to the inhabitants of the Dutch Netherlands.
In this island the ancestors of the present race first
settled, when they emigrated from Germany.
The principal place is Nimeguen.

Beula, t. Cambria Co. Pa. 58 m. E. Pittsburg.

Bevecum, a town of the Netherlands, in Brabant,
10 m. S. of Louvain.

Bevdand, North and South, two islands of Hol-
land, in Zealand, between the east and west branch-
es of the Scheldt. They were occupied by the
English at the period of their disastrous expedi-
tion to Walcheren in 1809.

Bevergem, a town of Westphalia, in the princi-
pality of Munster, on the river Ems, 5 m. N.
W. of Tecklenburgh.

Beveren, a populous town of the Netherlands,
5 m. N. N. E. of Oudenarde.

Beverley, a borough in East Yorkshire, Eng.
It iias two churches, besides the Minster; and a
urge market-place, adorned with a beautiful cross.
The chief trade is malt, oatmeal, and tanned lea-
ther. It is famous for being the retirement of
John de Beverley, archbishop of York, who lived
here four years, built a monastery, and died in
1211: in honour of whom several kings, particu
larly AthH-tan, who chose him guardian saint, en-
dowed the place with many privileges and immu-
nities. It is seated near the river Hull, 28 m. E.
by S. of York, and 183 N. of London. It returns
two members to parliament. Pop. in 1821, 7,503.


Beverly, p.t. Essex Co. Mass. is a seaport, and
separated from Salem by an inlet which is crossed
by a bridge. This town was formerly a part of
Salem. It is pleasantly situated and has consid-
erable commerce and fishing business. Pop. 4,079.

Beverly, p.v. the seat of justice of Randolph Co.
Va. on the E. branch of the Monongahela, 250 m.
N. W. Richmond

Beverungen, a town of Westphalia, in the
principality of Paderborn, at tne confluence of
Beaver and Weser, 24 m. S. E. of Paderborn.


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Beverwyck, a town of North Holland, on the
Wyckermeer, which communicates with the Wye,
7 m. N. of Harlem, and 11 S. by W. of Alc-

Beuthen, a town of Silesia, capital of a lordship
of the same name. It stands near a branch of the
Oder, on the frontiers of Poland, 45 m. E. N. E.
of Ratisbon. Long. 18. 53. E. lat. 50. 21. N.

Beuthen, a town of Silesia, in the principality
of Carolath, on the river Oder, 13 m. N. W. Glo-


Bewdley, a borough in Worcestershire, Eng.
It has a good trade in malt, leather, salt, and
iron ware; and a free school founded by James I.
It is seated, on the Severn, 14 m. N. of Worcester,
and 129 N. W. of London. It returns one mem-
ber to parliament. Pop. in 1821, 3,720.

Bex, a town of Switzerland, in the canton of
Bern, noted for its salt rocks, 43 m. S. W. of Bern.

Beziers, a city of France, in the department of
Herault, iately an episcopal see. The remains of
a circus, and some inscriptions, bespeak its an-
cient grandeur. It is seated near the royal ca-
nal, on a hill, at the foot of which flows the Obre,
a few miles from the sea, 85 m. E. by S. of Toul-
ouse, and 30 S. W. of Montpelier. Long. 3. 12.
E. lat. 43. 20. N. Pop. 12,500.

Bhatgong, a considerable town ofNepaul, ahout
eight miles E. by S. of the capital, Catmandoo;
it is the principal residence of the chief Brahmin
of Nepaul. Pop. about 7,000.

Bhurtpore, a town and fortress of Hindoostan,
in the province of Agra. The British took it by
storm, in 1805. Is it 38 m. W. of Agra.

Biafra, a country of Guinea, to the S. E. of
Benin, of which little is known; but is said to
have a capital of the same name, on the river
Camerones, which enters ths Atlantic in long. 11.
30. E. lat. 3. 28. N.

Biala, a town of Gallicia, on the frontiers of
Silesia, opposite to Bilitz ; it participates in the
linen manufacture of the district. Pop. about

2,300. It is the name of three other small towns
in different parts of Germany.

Bialystock, a considerable town of Russian Po-
land, seated on the Biala, a branch of the Vistula
River, 15 m. E. of Wilna.

Biar, a town of Spain, in Valencia. Its principal
riches consists in honey, celebrated for its white-
ness and solidity, which is not affected by weather.
It is 6 m. from Vilena.

Bibb, a county of Alabama. Pop. 6,305. Cen-
treville, 112 m. N. by E. of Gahawba, is the seat
of judicature for the county.

Biberach, a town of Suabia, with a manufac-
ture of fustians, seated in a fertile valley, on the
Reuss, 20 m. S. S. W. of Ulm. Pop. about 4,500
It now belongs to Wurtemburg.

Bibra, a town of Upper Saxony, in Thuringia,
much frequented on account of its mineral spring
It is 9 m. S. of Querfurt.

Bichester, a town in Oxfordshire, Eng. 11 m.
N. N. E. of Oxford, and 54 W. by N. of London
on the mail coach road to Leamington and War
wick. Pop. 2,544.

Biekaneer, a town of Hindoostan, capital of a
cicar, in the country of Agimere. It is 42 m. W.
of Nagore. Long. 74. 0. E. lat. 27. 12. N.

Bidaehe, a town of France, in the departmen
of Lower Pyrenees, with a castle, seated on the
Bidouse, 12 m. E. of Bayonne. Pop. about 2,000.

Bidassoa, a river of Spain, which rises in the


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