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hut all the more valuable articles are stqred in ware-
houses in different parts of the E. side of London.
There is also the largest private ship-building yard
in the world, where eight or ten ships, averaging

1,000 tons each, are occasionally on the stocks,
or repairing, at one time. Blackwall commands
a very extensive view down the river, which draws
a constant succession of visitors to witness the
unrivalled passing scene of vessels from and to all
parts of the world, which almost every flood and
ebb of the tide presents. The pop. of this appen-
dage of London in 1821 was 12,223.

Black Walnut, p.v. Halifax Co. Va. 100 m. S.
W. Richmond.

Black Warrior, r. the N. E. branch of Tombig-
bee river in Alabama. It rises among the moun-
tains in the northern part of the state and is nav-
igable for a great part of its course.

Biackicater, a river of Ireland, which flows
through the counties of Cork and Waterford into
Youghal Bay.

Blackioater, a river in Essex, Eng. which flows
by Bradfield, Braintree, Coggeshal, Kelvedon, and
Malden, and then enters the estuary, to which it
gives the name of Blackwater bay, near the mouth
of the Thames. It is also the name of four or
five rivers in the United States, but all inconsider-

Bladen, a county in the S. part of N. Carolina,
bordering on the maritime county of Brunswick.
It is intersected by Cape Fear River. Pop. 7,801.
Ehzabethtown, m. S. of Raleigh, is the chief

Bladenoch, a river of Scotland, which rises in
the hills in the part of Wigtonshire, and after
a winding course of
2f m. enters Wigton bav.
Several islands are formed in its bed, which are
famous for the resort of eagles.

Bladensburg, a town of Maryland, in George
county, on the E. side of the Potomac, 9 m. from
its mouth, at Washington, and 38 S. W. of Balti-
more. The American army sustained a defeat by
the British at this place, on the 24th of August,
1814, in attempting to arrest the progress of the
British towards Washington.

Blain, a town of France, in the department of
Lower Loire, 22 m. N. N. W. of Nantes.

Blair Athol, a town of Scotland, in Perthshire,
with a castle, the seat of the Duke of Athol, 36
m. N. N. W. of Perth.

Blair Gowrie, a town of Scotland, in Perthshire,
with a manor house, built in the form of a castle,
22 m. N. N. E. of Perth. Pop. 2,253, partly em-
ployed in the cotton manufacture.

Bh&MzUle, p.v. -Indiana Co. Pa. 184 m. W.

Bi-aswts. a late province of France, bounded on
the. N. by Beauce, E. by Orleanois, S. by Berry,
and W. by Touraine. It now forms the depart-
ment <oi Loire and Cher.

Bimsan. a. town of France, in the department of
| Mayenae and Loire, 8 m. S. E. of Angers.

Bloktiw. p-i~ a seaport of Baldwin Co. Alab. on
a branch o* the the head of Mobile Bay.
The town was founded in 1816, and is a flourish-
ing place. Hie situation is healthy, and the har-
bour commodioas.

Blakely, t. Luzerne Co. Pa.

Blakeslmrg, plantation, Penobscot Co. Me. Pop.

Blamont, a town in France, in the department of
Meurthe, seated on the Yezouze, 12 m. E. of Lu-

Blanc-en-berry, a town of France, in the de-
















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partment of Indre, with a castle, seated on the.
Creuse, 35 m. E. of Poitiers. Pop. 3,850.    (

Blanco, a cape of Patagonia, 130 m. N. E. of
Port St. Julien. Long. 65. 56. W. lat. 47. 20. S.

' Blanco, a cape of Peru, 123 m. S. W. of Guay-
aquil. Long. 81. 10. W. lat. 4.24. S.

Blanco, a cape on the W. coast of Africa, 180
m. N. of the river Senegal. Long. 17. 10. W.
lat. 20. 55. N. It is the name of 12 or 14 other
Capes or Promontories in different parts of the

Blandford, a corporate town in Dorsetshire,
Eng. In 1731 almost all the town was burnt
down ; but it was soon rebuilt, and a neat town-
hall of Portland stone, on columns, in which is a
pump, was erected in remembrance of that disaster.
The houses and shops are very handsome. It has a
considerable manufacture of thread and shirt but-
tons, and is seated on the river Stour, near the
Downs, 18 m. N. E. of Dorchester, and 103 W.
by S. of London. Pop. in 1821, 2,643.

Blandford, ph. Hampden Co. Mass. 15 m. N.
W. Springfield and 116. S. W. Boston. Pop.

Blandford, p.v. Prince Geo. Co. Va.

Blancs, a town of Spain, in Catalonia, near the
mouth of the Todera, 20 m. S. of Gerona.

Blankenberg, a town and fort of the Netherlands,
in Flanders, situate on the German Ocean, 8 m.
N. E. of Ostend.

Blankenburg, a town of Westphalia, at the S.
end of the duchy of Berg, on the river Sieg, 12
m. E. of Bonn.

Blankenburg, a town of Lower Saxony, capital
of a principality of the same name, in the Ilartz
district, containing about 140 sq. miles. The
castle stands on a craggy mountain and is one of
the finest buildings of the kind in Germany. It
was the residence of Louis XVIII. during a part
of his exile. The town contains about 3,000 in-
habitants, and is 9 m. S. of Halberstadt.

Blankenburg, a town in the principality of
Schwartzburg, circle of Thuringia, 5 m. N. W. of

Blankenesse, a town of Holstein, on the north
bank of the Elbe, 9 m. W. by N. of Hamburg
Pop. about 2,000.

Blankenhayn, a town of Saxony, 10 m. S. W
of Jena. Pop. about 1,850.

Blannerhassett’s Island, a small but very beau
tiful island in the Ohio, near Belpre. It was
named from an Irish gentleman who settled upon it
in 1801 and was implicated in Burr’s conspiracy.

Blarney, a parish and town in the county of
Cork, Ireland. In 1821 the parish contained a
population of 1,851. The town is situate about 4
miles N. W. of Cork, on a branch of the river Lee,
which works a paper-mill, and the cotton manu-
facture was attempted in ihis neihbourhood about
1820, at which period the town contained 333 in-

Bias San, a seaport town of Mexico, on an is-
land at the mouth of the Rio Grande, or Santiago
river, which falls into the Pacific Ocean in lat. 21.
30. N. and 104. 46. W. long.

Blaubeuren, a town of Suabia, in the kingdom
of Wurtemburg, with a castle on a hill. Great
quantities of fustian and linen cloth are made
here. It is seated at the confluence of the Ach
with the Blau, II m. W. of Ulm.

Blaye, a seaport of France, in the department at
Gironde, on the east bank of the river cf that
name, 17 miles below Bordeaux. It has a good
citadel, and a fort on an island in the Gironde, or
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