Brookes Universal Gazetteer (1850) Page 109 Left Column

Brookes’ Universal Gazetteer (1850), Page 109 Left Column
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    Gironde River
    Garonne River
    Paris (directional)
Bordentown, Burlington County, New Jersey, United States (main entry)
    Delaware River
    Trenton (directional)
    Philadelphia (directional)
Borge, Femern (Island), Denmark (main entry)
    Femern Sound
Borgentryck, Paderborn, Westphalia (main entry)
    Bernentrych (synonym for Borgentryck, Paderborn, Westphalia)
Borghetto, Adige, Trent (main entry)
    Borgholm, Oland (Island), East Gothland
    Baltic Sea
Borg, Ravensburg, Westphalia (main entry)
    Barg (synonym for Borg, Ravensburg, Westphalia)
    Bergno-- (synonym for Borg, Ravensburg, Westphalia)
Borgne (Lake) (main entry)
    Mississippi, United States
    Louisiana, United States
    Gulf of Mexico
    Lake Pontchartrain
Borgo, Russian Finland (main entry)
Borgo Rusz, Transylvania (main entry)
    Borgo Prunt, Transylvania
    Borgo Pass, Transylvania
    Bistritz River
    St. Donnini Borgo, Parma
    Borgo de St. Sepolcro, Fiorentino, Tuscany
    Tiber River
    Arezzo (directional)
    Borgoforte, Italy
    Po River
    Oglia River
    Mantua (directional)
Borgo, Spain (main entry)
    Burgo D'Osma (synonym for Borgo, Spain)
    Soria (directional)
    Burgos (directional)
Burgo de St. Angelo, Malta (main entry)
Borja, Arragon, Spain (main entry)
    Bergosa (synonym for Borja, Arragon, Spain)
    Mount Cayo
    Pyrenees (Mountains)
    Saragossa (directional)
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