Brookes Universal Gazetteer (1850) Page 203 Left Column

Brookes’ Universal Gazetteer (1850), Page 203 Left Column
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    London (directional)
    Severn River
    Thames River
Cirie, Piedmont (main entry)
    Doria River
    Alps (Mountains)
    Turin (directional)
Cirtknitz (main entry)
Cismar, Holstein, Lower Saxony (main entry)
    Baltic Sea
    Travemunde (directional)
Citadella, Minorca (Island) (main entry)
    Ciudella (synonym for Citadella, Minorca (Island))
Cittadella, Venetian Territory (main entry)
    Venice (directional)
Citta di Castello, Citta di Castello, Italy (main entry)
    Apennines (Mountains)
    Tiber River
    Urbino (directional)
Citta Nuova, Ancona, Italy (main entry)
    Gulf of Venice
    Loterro (directional)
Citta Nuova, Istria (main entry)
    Queto River
    Capo d'Istria (directional)
Citta Vecchia, Malta (Island) (main entry)
    Subterranean City (synonym for Citta Vecchia, Malta (Island))
    Grotto of St. Paul
    Valetta, Malta (Island)
    Valetta (directional)
City Point, Prince George County, Virginia, United States (main entry)
    James River
    Appomattox River
Ciudad Real, Mancha, Spain (main entry)
    Guadiana (directional)
    Madrid (directional)
Ciudad Real, Chiapa (main entry)
    Chiapa dos Espagnoles
Ciudad Rodrigo, Leon, Spain (main entry)
    Aguada River
    Salamanca (directional)
Civita Castellana, Patrimony of St. Peter, Italy (main entry)
    Tiber River
    Rome (directional)
Civita Chieti, Abruzzo Citeriore, Naples (main entry)
    Pescara River
    Adriatic Sea
    Aquila (directional)
    Naples (directional)
Civita di Friuli, Friuli, Italy (main entry)
    Natisona River
    Udina (directional)
Civita di Penna, Abruzzo Ulteriore, Naples (main entry)
    Salino River
    Aquila (directional)
Civita Ducale, Abruzzo Ulteriore, Naples (main entry)
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