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Cumberland, an island on the coast of Georgia;
the most southern territory of the United States
on the Atlantic Ocean, previous to their posses-
sion of the Floridas in July 1821. It is 15 miles
long and two broad. Opposite its south extremity
is the island of Amilla, and between them is' the
entrance to St. Mary’s River, n the lat. of 30.
39. N.

m    Cumberland,    a town and fort of British Ameri-

ca, in a county of the same name, forming the
isthmus which unites Nova Scotia to New Bruns-
wick. The fort is situate at the head of the bay of
Fundy, on the east side of its northern branch,
called Chignecto Bay. The isthmus is here about
15 miles across, easily admitting a canal to unite
the Bay of Fundy with the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
Long. 64. 10. W., lat 45. 45. N.

Cumberland House, a station of the Hudson
Bay Company, in the country of the Knisteneaux
Indians, on the south-west side of Pine Island
Lake, in the lat. of 54. N. and 102. of W. long.

Cumbo, or Combo, a kingdom on the west coast
of Africa, south of the river Gambia. The Por-
tuguese have a settlement at Cacheo.

Cumbray, Great and Little, two islands of Scot-
land, at the entrance of the frith of Clyde, to the
south-east of the isle of Bute. The former is six
miles in circumference, has excellent freestone
quarries, and the ruins of a cathedral dedicated to
St. Columba. The latter lies a little to the south
of the other, and on it is a lighthouse. Long. 4.

47. W., lat. 55 45. N. They are included in the
county of Bute. Pop. in 132l, 657.

Cumirna, a town of Piedmont, 12 miles south-
west of Turin. Pop. about 4,500.

Cumly, a fort and town of Hindoostan, in Ca-
nara, seated between two rivers, at their entrance
into a salt water lake, which is separated from the
sea by a spit of sand. On the opposite side of the
^    south    river    is the town of Kanyapura, to which it

Was formerly joined by a bridge. It is 15 m. S by
E. of Mangalore.

Cummington, p.t. Hampshire Co. Mass. 102 m.
W. Boston. Pop. 1,260.

Cumree, t. Berks Co. Pa.

Cundinamarca, one of the four great divisions
into which the new* republican territory of Colom-
bia was first divided; but since the division of
1823, when the country was divided into twelve
provinces, it forms the central and metropolitan
province of the republic. See

Cupar, a borough of Scotland, capital of Fife-
shire. Here are manufactures of coarse linens,
and a considerable tannery. It is seated in a rich
valler, on the north side of the Eden, eight miles
west "by south of St. Andrew, and 30 N. N. E. of
Edinburg. Pop. of the parish in 1821, 5,892

Cupar, in Angus, a town of Scotland, partly in
Forfar, but chiefly in Perthshire, with a consider-
able linen manufactory and tannery. It is seat-
ed on the Isla, 12 miles north-west of Dundee, and
13 N. N. E. of Perth. Pop. 1821, 2,622.

Curasao, an island in the Carribean Sea, lying
j    off the coast of Colombia, near the    entrance to the

Gulf and Lake Maracaiho, 35 miles long and 12
broad, subject to the Dutch. It produces sugar,
tobacco, and salt; has numerous warehouses,
which used formerly to supply the adjacent coast
with the productions of Europe    and Asia, and

which still continue to do so to some extent. In
1800 some French having settled on part of the is-
land, and becoming at variance with the Dutch,
the latter surrendered the island to a single British
I    frigate. It was restored to the    Dutch, by the
peace of 1802, and taken from them by a British
squadron in 1807, and again restored by the peace
of 1814. The principal town is St. Peter, at the
north-east extremity of the island. Long. 69. 15
W., lat. 12. 52. N.

Curico, the tenth in order to the provinces of
Chile, the chief town of the same name is about
100 m. from the sea, in the lat. of 35. S., on the
road from Concepcion to Santiago.

Curia Muria, an island on the coast of Arabia
Felix, opposite the mouth of the river Prim. Long.

55. 25. E., lat. 17. 0. N.    '

Curiseh Haff, a lake or bay of Prussia, separa-
ted from the Baltic Sea by a tongue of land, 70
miles in extent, in a N. N. E. direction but not
more than from two to three miles wide ; the Haff
is about 30 miles wide at the south end, pro-
gressively narrowing to about a mile only at its
outlet into its sea at Mennek

Currah, a town of Hindoostan, in Allahahad,
on the south bank of the Ganges, 36 m. north
west of Allahabad.

Current, a township in Lawrence Co. Arkan-

Curvinsville, p.v. Clearfield Co. Pa.

Currituck, a maritime'country at the north-east
extremity of North Carolina, the north end border-
ing on the Great Dismal Swamp of Virginia, and
the south end on Albemarle Sound. This was
formerly a very dreary district, but some of the
land within the present century has been render-
ed very productive in rice. Pop. 7,654. The
county gives name to one of the inlets into Albe-
marle Sound.

Curupa. a town o^ Brazil, in the government of
Para, seated on the south bank of the main chan-
nel of the Amazon. 250 miles west of Para. Long
53. 10. W., lat. 1. 5U. S.

Curzola, an island in the Gulf of Venice, on
the coast of Dalmatia, about 26 miles long. It
abounds in wood proper for building ships, and
produces good wine. At the east end is a forti-
fied town of the same name, with a good harbour,
Long. 17. 10. E., lat. 43. 6. N.

Cusco, or Cuzco, a city of Peru, and a bishop’s
see, formerly the capital of the Incas, supposed to
have been first founded by Manco Capac, in 1043.
The Spaniards, under Pizarro, took possession of
it in 1534. On a mountain contiguous to the
north part of the city are the ruins of a fort and
palace of the Incas, the stones of which are of an
enormous magnitude. Cuzco is built in a square
form, in the middle of which is the best market
in all America: four large streets, which are
perfectly straight, terminate in the square. It
contains nine churches besides the cathedral,
which is a noble structure. The number of in-
habitants is about 30,000, of avhich one-half are
original Americans. Streams of water run through
the town, which are a great conveniency in a
country where it seldom rains. It is seated near
the source of a riveT falling into the Pilcomayo,
on the east side of the first collateral ridge of the
Andes, 350 miles east by south of Lima. Long.

71. 47. W., lat. 13. 20. S.

Cushing, t. Lincoln Co. Me. Pop. 681.

CusseCa town of France, in the department of
Allier, 37 miles south by east of Moulins. Pop.
about 4,000.

Custee, a town of Bengal, on the south oank
of the main branch of the Ganges, 100 miles
north by east of Calcutta. It has considerable
manufactures of silk.

Custrin, a fortified town of Brandenburg, capi



















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