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length, is full of shops; in other parts of the
town the buildings are too dense, and the pop.
dwelling in them is exposed to much danger in
case of pestilential fever. That which raged in
1804 carried off several thousands ; while the
military, stationed on higher ground, were* by
that advantage, and through the judicious precau-
tions adopted by the medical staff, preserved
from contagion. It has been ascertained that the
fever is fo^ered, if not generated, during sultry
weather, by the stoppage of the drains; and a
proposal has been made to erect a steam-engine;
which shall raise from the bay a constant stream
of water, to supply all the baths and refresh every
corner of the town.

The inhabitants, exceeding in number 12,000,
are mostly British ; though there are many Span-
iards, Italians, Jews, and even Moors, occupied
in commercial pursuits. Gibraltar is a general
mart of merchandise from every quarter piece
goods and hardware from England-; sugar, rum,
coffee, from the West Indies ; tobacco, rice and
flour, from North America ; wine, fruits, and silks
from the countries and isles of the Mediterra-
nean. The chief public buildings are the bar-
racks, the house of the lieutenant-governor, the
navy hospital, and the victualling office. The
places of worship are, at the English church, a
catholic chapel and three synagogues. For the
use of the officers stationed on this isolated rock,
there is a garrison library; and a small theatre
augments tha limited range of amusement which
can here be generally participated. The town is
fortified ; but owes its chief protection to the bat-
teries on the neighbouring heights, which sweep
the isthmus and the approach from the sea. Since
the siege of 1783, great sums have been expended
an these works : extensive excayations have been
made, to establish communication between the
different posts, and enable them to be relieved
without loss from an enemy’s fire : the embellish-
ments of which so rugged a spot is susceptible
have not heen neglected;xe2x80x94trees, shrubs, and
flowers have been planted in various places ; and
roads opened in the solid rock, and made passable
for carriages.

Gibraltar, a town of Colombia, in the province
of Zulia, defended by some fortifications. The
air is so unhealthy in the rainy season, that
the town is now reduced to an insignificant

Gibson, a county of the state of Indiana, bound-
ed on the N. by White river, and W. by the Wa-
bash, which divides it from the state of Illinois.
The S. W. point of the county is 30 m. above
the entrance of the Wabash into the Ohio. Pop.
5,417. Princeton is the capital.

Gibson, is also the name of townships in Clear-
field and Susquehanna Cos. Pa.

Gibsonville, p.v. Bedford Co. Ten.

Gien, a town of France, in the department of
Loire. It is seated on the N. bank of the Loire,
40 m. E. by S. of Orleans. It is the seat of a

Gieugen. a town of Suabia, on the river Brentz,
18 m. N. N. E. of Ulm, now included in the king-
dom of AVurtemburg.

Gierace, a town of Naples, in Calabria Ultra,
seated on a mountain, near the sea, 34 m. E. N.
E. of Reggio.

Giessen, a fortified town of Germany, in Upper
Hesse, with a citadel and a university. It is seat-
ed on the Lahn, 16'm. W. S. W. of Marburg.
Long. 8. 43. E., lat. 50. 35. N.

Gigay, a small island, one of the Hebrides, lying
n the W. coast of Scotland.    ,

Giglio, a small island, on the coast of Tuscany
with a castle, 15 m. W. S. W. of Orbitello.

Gignae, a town of France, in the department of
Herault, on the river Herault, 14 m. AV. of

Gihon. See Amu.

Gijon, or Gyon, a sea-port of Spain, in Asturi-
as, with an ancient castle; seated on the Bay of
Biscay, 18 m. N. E. of Oviedo. Long. 5.36. W.
lat. 43. 34. N,

GilbertsviUe, p.v. Otsego Co. N. Y.

Gilboa, p.v. Schoharie Co. N. Y.

Gilead, a towinship in Oxford Co. Me. Pop. 377

Giles, an interior county in the W. part of V?"
ginia bounded on the E. by the great Kanahwa
river. It contains about 2,000 sq. m. of surface.
Pop. 5,298.

Giles, another county East of Tennessee, border-
ing on Alabama,intersected by the Elk river,which
flows S. into the Tennessee, it comprises about
600 sq. m. of surface. Pop. 18,920. Pulaski is
the chief town.

Gilford, t. Strafford Co. N. H. on the S. side of
L. Winipiseogee. Pop. 1,872.

Gill, p.t. Franklin Co. Mass. Pop. 864.

Gittes, St. a town of France in the department
of Gard, 10 m. S. of Nismes. Pop. in 1825

Gillingham, a town in Kent, Eng. on the E.
bank of the Medway, near its entrance into the
Thames, it is strongly fortified, forming the out
port of the arsenal of Chatham. It is a place of
considerable antiquity.

There is an extensive parish of the same name
in Dorsetshire, Eng. Pop. in 1821, 2,246. The
town is 4 m. N. W. of Shaftsburv.

Gilmanton, p.t. Strafford Co. N. H. on the S. E
of L. AVinipiseogee. Pop. 3,816. Iron ore exists
here, and there were formerly iron works. Here
is also a mineral spring, potent in cutaneous and
bilious diseases.

Gilolo, an island, the largest of the Moluccas,
it is 130 miles from N. to S., but. is intersected by
several large bays; the breadth of any limb sel-
dom exceeds 40 miles. The shores are in gene-
ral low, and the interior rises in high peaks. It
does not produce any tine spices, but has a great
deal of rice, and abounds with oxen, buffalos,
goats, deer, and wild hogs. The sultans of Ter-
nate and Tidore share this island between them.
The natives are industrious, particularly in weav-
ing. One of the chief towns is Tatany, on a
small promontory on the eastern limb, and only
accessible by ladders.

Gilsum, t. Cheshire Co. N. H. adjoining
Keene. Pop. 642.

Gimont, a town of France, in the department
of Gers, 16 m. E. of Auch.

Gingee, a town of Hindoostan, in the Carnatic
strong both by nature and art, being spated on a
mountain, whose top is divided into 3 points, on
each of which is a castle. It is 38 m. N. AV. of ,
Pondicherry. Long. 79. 35. E., lat. 12. 15. N I

Giorgiev, or Giurdesov, a town of European
Turkey, in Walachia, near which the Russians
gained a victory over the Turks, in 1771. It is
seated on the Danube, 48 m. S. W. of Bucharest

Giovenazzo, a town of Naples, in Terra di Bari,
with a castle. It has high houses and towers,
built of polished stone with flat roofs, which
give it a singular appearance. It is seated near
the sea, 10 m. N W. of Bari.


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