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GRA    341    GRE

Grand Lick, p.v. Campbell Co. Kentucky.

Grandmont, a town of France, in the depart-
ment of Upper Vienne. Near it was a celebrated
abbey, suppressed in 1769, after the death of the
then professed members. It is 15 m. N. N. E.
of Limoges.

Grand Manan, an island at the entrance of the
bay of Fundy, the S. end of which is in lat 44.
43. N., and 67. of W7. long.; it is included in the
province of Nova Scotia.

Grundpre, a town of France, in the department
of Ardennes, seated on the Ayre, 32 in. E. of

Grand View, a township of Washington Co.

Grangemouth, a village of Scotland, in Stirling-
shire, at the junction of the Great Canal with
the river Carron, 4 m. N. E. of Falkirk, in which
parish it is included. Upwards of 40,000 tons of
shipping are annually entered here, belonging
either to the foreign or coasting trade.

Granger, a county of East Tennessee. Pop.
1,066. Rutledge is the chief town. Also towns
in Cuyahoga and Medina Cos. Ohio.

Gransee, a town of Brandenburg, in the Mid-
dle Mark, 30 m. N. of Berlin.

Granson, a town of Switzerland, in the Pays de
Vaud. It stands near the S. end of the lake of
Neufchatel, 16 m. AV. S. AV. of Neufchatel.

Grant, a county of Kentucky. E. of the Ken-
tucky river. Pop. 2,967. AA'iliiamstown is the

Grantham, a borough in Lincolnshire, Eng.
The church is an elegant structure with a very
* lofty spire. A canal passes hence to the Trent
at Nottingham. Grantham is seated on the
Witham, 20 m. S. by W. of Lincoln and 110 N.
by AV. of London. It returns two members to
parliament. The population which in 1801 was
3,303, in 1821 was 4,148.

Grantham, t. Sullivan Co. N. H. 45 m. N. W.
Concord. Pop. 1,079.

Grantsmlle, p.v. Greene Co. Geo.

Granville, a town of France, in the department
of Manche, seated on the English channel, in the
bay of St. Malo, partly on a rock, and partly on a
plain, 15 m. S. by AV. of Coutances, and 25 N. E.
of St. Malo. Pop. 7,030; it carries on a consid-
erable traffic with the Island of Jersey.

Granville, a county of North Carolina. Pop.
19.343. Oxford is the chief town.

Granville, p.t. Hampden Co. Mass. Pop. 1,652.
Also a p.t. Washington Co. N. Y. Pop. 3,882.
Also towns in Licking Co. Ohio. Monongahela
Co. Va., and a Seignory of Cornwallis Co. Lower

Grostitz, a town of Bohemia, in the circle of
sSaaz. famous for its manufacture of bras3, 15 m.
R. W. of Elbogen.

Grasmere-water, a small lake of Westmoreland,
Eng. W.of Ambleside. Its margin is hollowed into

! small bays, with bold eminences ; some of rock,
some of turf, that half conceal and vary the figure
of the lake. A low promontory projects far into
the water ; and on it stands a white village.

Grasom, an island in the gulf of Bothnia, near
the coast of Sweden, 15 m. Iona- and 2 broad.
Long. 18 29. E.. lat. 61). 12. N.

Grasse, a town of France, in the department of
Var, and lately a bishop’s see. It has a trade in
dry fruit, oil, perfumes, and tanned leather, and
is seated on an eminence, 11 m. W. Jf. AV. of
Antibes, and 20 W. Ire S of Nice. It is the seat
of a prefect. Pop. 12,5o3.













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Grasse la, a town of France, in the department
ol Aude, on the river Othieu. Pop. 1,244.

Gratis, a village in Preble Co. Ohio.

Gratz, a fortified town of Germany, capital of
Loover Styria, and a bishop’s see. Here are
many churches, and a fine arsdnal. The castle
stands on a rock, and is a strong place.. Gratz is
seated on the W. side of the Muer, over which is
a bridge to an extensive suburb. The inhabitants
are estimated at 35,000. In 1797 it was taken by
the French. It is 88 m. S. S. W. of Vienna.
Long. 15. 26. E., lat. 47. 4. N.

Graudenz, a town of Prussian Poland, on the
E. bank of the Vistula, ’8 m.. N. of Culm, and
55 S. of Dantzic. Pop. about 8,000.

Grave, a strong town of Dutch Brabant, on the
left bank of the Maese, beyond which there is a
fort. It has been often taken. It is 8 m. S. S.
W. of Nimeguen.

Grave Creek, p.v. Ohio Co. Va.

Gravelines, a small sea-port of France, seated
at the mouth ofthe Aa, defended by Fort Phillip,
12 m. E. of Calais. Pop. 2:570.

Gravenau, or Grayenau, a town of Bavaria, in
the principality of Passau, on the river Sag. 16
m. N. of Passau.

Gravenwert, a town of Bavaria, in the upper
palatinate, 17 m. N. of Amberg.

Gravesande, a town of South Holland, where
the ancient counts of Holland formerly resided.
It is about 4 m. from the sea, and 6 W. by S. of

Gravesend, a town in Kent, Eng. It stands on
the S. bank of the Thames, and is the common
landing and embarking place for seamen and
passengers to and from London; and here all
outward bound vessels stop to be examined by
the custom-house officers, and to receive their
clearances: and inward vessels deliver in their
manifests, it being the boundary of the port of
London. A great part of it was burnt down, with
the church, in 1727 ; the latter was rebuilt as one
of the 50 new churches. It is called the corpo-
ration of Gravesend and Milton, these two places
being united under the government of a mayor.
The latter place is a m. E. of the other, and has
a blockhouse over against Tilbury fort. They
were incorporated by queen Elizabeth ; but, long
before, Richard II. had granted them the exclu-
sive privilege of conveying passengers to London
in boats. Gravesend is famous for asparagus and
other vegetables, with which most of the ships
outward bound on long voyages supply them-
selves ; and thetffiief employment of the labour-
ing people is the spinning of hemp, to make nets
and ropes. It is 22 m. E. S. E. of London. Pop.
in 1821,3,814, and of Milton 2,769.

Gravina, a town of Naples, in Terra di Bari,
32 m. W. S. W. of Bari. It has nine churches
and a Pop. of about 9,000.

Gray, a town of France in the department of
Upper Saone. It has a trade in iron, and is seat-
ed on the Saone, 25 m. N. E. of Dijon. It is the
seat of a prefect. Pop. 6,584.

Gray, p.t. Cumberland Co. Me. Pop. 1,575.    *

Grayson, an interior county of Kentucky,
bounded on the S. by Green river. Pop. 3,879.
Litchfield is the chief town. Also a county of
the AVestern District of Virginia, bordering on
North Carolina; it is intersected by New River
which runs from N. into the Ohio. Pop. 7,675.

Greosley, a village 7 m. N. W. of Nottingham,

Great Britain, an island on the western coast of

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