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KIL    421    KIN

die, and Upper Lake. The northern, or lower
fake, is
6 m. long and 3 broad. On the side of
one of the mountains is O’Sullivan’s Cascade
which falls about 70 feet into the lake with a
tremendous roar ; and opposite this cascade is the
island of lnnisfallen. The promontory of Muc-
russ divides the upper from the Lower lake, and,
on passing round its extremity into the upper lake,
there is a celebrated rock, called the Eagle’s Nest,
which produces wonderful echoes. The upper
fake is 4 m. long and 2 broad, and from the moun-
inins descend a numher of beautiful cascades. The
islands in this lake are numerous, and afford an
amazing variety of picturesque views. Tfie cen-
tre lake is small in comparison with the other two,
ind cannot boast of equal variety ; but the shores
are indented with bays, surrounded by dark groves
of trees The E. boundary is formed by the base
of Mangerton, down the steep side of which de-
scends a cascade, visible for 150 yards: this fall
of water is supplied by a circular lake, near the
summit ofthe mountain, called the Devil’s Punch-
bowl, which is considered one ,of the greatest
curiosities of Ki-llarney.

Killcullen, a town of Ireland, in the county of
Kildare, on the river Liffey, over which is a bridge.
9 in. E. S. E. of Kildare, and 25 S. W. of Dublin.

Killingly. ph. Windkam Co. Conn. 45 m. E.
Hartford. Pop. 3.261.

KiIington Peak. See Green Mountains.

KiVingieorth. p.t. Middlesex Co. Conn. on Long
Island Sound, 26 m. E. New Haven. Pop. 2.483.

K'Mmalfock, a town of Ireland, in the countv
of Limerick, formerly one of the best built inland
towns in the kingdom, but much decayed. 16 m.
S. of Limerick.

Kitiony, a town of Ireland, in the county of
6 m. S. of Sligo.

Kiilougli, or Port St. Ann, a seaport of Ireland,
in the county of Down, to the N. of St. John’s
Point, in the Irish Sea. A rock stands in the
middle of the entrance of its harbour, covered at
half flood. Here is a manufacture of salt.
6 m.
S. S. E. of Downpatrick. Long. 5. 40. W., lat.
54. 14. N.

KiUyhegs, a town of Ireland, in the county
Donegal, with a spacious harbour on the N. side
of Donegal Bay. 12 m. N. W. of Ballyshannon.

K- , -sigh, a town of Ireland, in the county of
D xe2x80xa2-.v i. with a linen and thread manufacture. The
ce'.r-Tited Sir Hans Sloane was born in this town;
I* ; - i-Vrd on an arm of Strangford Lough, 35 m;
N r. -f Newrv.

V - : ... :g:i. a village of Ireland, in the county of

' r xe2x80x94av. an old episcopal see. united to Clonfert.
Tre r : tin :f the cathedral, a monasterv, &c., de-
- -in in finaer consequence.
12 m. N. of Ennis.

.-J in-us. a town of Ireland, in the county
j'ffior r*i. 12 m. AV.
8 W of Waterford

Asm. a town of Ireland, in a valley,
arinra:    a    el    W. of Dublin. It has a session-

h-use-, a gaoL a foundling hospital, and an hos-
p:*il for in-rxf i s'ldiers. Here the knights for
the c-' xaty
-yf Dublin are elected ; and it was the
seat of
g remraent before the castle at Dublin
was appropriated to that purpose.

Kilmxntxk. a populous and flourishing town
of Scotland, in Ayrshire. It is the principal man-
ufacturing tcrsm in
the county, and carries on an
extensive trade: its chief manufactures are car-
pets, serges,
blankets, tartans, and other woolen
goods, saddlery,
leather. &c. Near it are the re-
mains of Dean
Castle, the seat of the earls of Kil-
marnock, in the
desolate condition to which it was

reduced by fire in 1735. It is seated near tne
Irvine, 11 m. N. N. E. of Ayr, and 20 S. S. W
of Glasgow. Long. 4. 28. W., lat. 55.40. N.

Kilmarnock, p.v. Lancaster Co. Va.

Kilmaurs, a town of Scotland, in Ayrshire, for-
merly celebrated for its cutlery. 2 m. N. VV. of

Kilmore, a town of Ireland, in the county of
Cavan, and, with Armagh, a bishop’s see. 3 m.
S. W. of Cavan.

Kilrenny, a parish of Scotland, in Fifeshire, on
the frith of Forth.

Kilsyth, a village of Scotland, in Stirlingshire,
inhabited chiefly by weavers employed by the
Glascow manufacturers. It is situate on the
Great North Road from Edinburgh and Stirling
to Glascow, 15 m. S VV. of Stirling, and 13 Ni
E. of Glascow.

Kilwinning, a town of Scotland, in Ayrshire.
Here is the elegant seat ofthe Montgomery family,
Eglington Castle ; also some remains of a mag
nificent monastery, which was erected here m
1140. The vicinity abounds in limestone and
coal. It is seated on the Garnock, over which is
a stone bridge, 5 m. N. N. AV. of Irvine.

Kimberton, p.v. Chester Co. Pa.

Kimbtrworth, a village in AVest Yorkshire Eng.
2 m. W. of Rotherham.

Kimbolton, a town in Huntingdonshire, Eng.
Here is a castle, the seat of the duke of Manches-
ter, where queen Catherine resided for some time
after her divorce from Henry VIII. 63 m. N. by
W. of London.

Kimi, or Kiemi, a town of Russian Lapland, on a
river of the same name, near its entrance into the
gulf of Bothnia, 10 m. E. of Tornea.

Kin, Koin, a town of Persia, in the province ot
Seistan. situate at the foot of a mountain, 60 m.
S. S. W of Herat.

Kinburg, a fortress of Russia, in the government
of Taurida, on the S. side of the estuary of the
Dnieper:    It has been frequently attacked by the

Turks, by land and sea, but without success. 18
m. S. S. E. of Oczakow, on the opposite side of
the Dnieper.

Kincardine, a town of Scotland, in Perthshire,
with a commo.dious harbour, and a good road in
the frith of Forth. Ship-building is carried on to
a great extent, and the coasting and foreign trade
is considerable. 5 m. S. E. of Alloa, and 22 S. by
W. of Perth.

Kinkardine, a town of Scotland, in Rossshire,
with a small harbour, on the frith of Dornoch, .4
m. W. by N. of Tain.

Kincardine, O’neel, a town of Scotland, in Aber
deenshire, seated on the river Dee, 23 m. W. by
S. of Aberdeen.

Kincardineshire, or Mearns, a county of Scot-
land, bounded on the N. W. and N. by Aberdeen-
shire, E. by the German Ocean, and S. and W.
by Angusshire. Its length along the coast is 30
m. and its greatest breadth about 24. The N. W.
part is mountainous, and chiefly adapted for pas-
ture ; but to the S. of the Grampians the surface
is in general fertile. The small village of Kincar-
dine 9.m. S. W. of Stonehaven, was formerly the
capital but Stonehaven is now the county-town.

Kinderhook, ph. Columbia Co. N. Y. on the
Hudson 20 m. S. Albany. Pop. 2,706.

Kineton. See Kington.

King and Queen, a county in the E. district ol
Virginia. Pop. 11,644.

King George, a county in the E. district of
Virginia. Pop. 3,397.

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