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LOG    453    LOD

of A ngola, about 20 m. long and only one broad,
and divided from the continent by a narrow chan-
nel. Goats and sheep are numerous. It produ-
ces no grain, but yields the best water in all the

Loango, a kingdom of Western Africa, to the
N. of the river Zaire or Congo. It includes Loan-
go proper, and the districts of Mayomba and
Maiembo, which are subject to the king of Loan-
go ; and is said to extend more than 400 m. along
the coast, from the Zaire to Cape St. Catherine.
The climate is said to be very fine, and never
subject to hurricanes, nor even to violent winds.
Rain rarely occurs, hut the dews are sufficient
for vegetation. The land is fertile,yielding with
very little of agricultural skill or labour, three
crops of millet in a year. The potato and yam
are abundant; and there are a great number of
trees whence palm-wine is drawn. The women
cultivate the ground, sow, and get in the harvest.
The inhabitants are well-made, mild, and tracta-

Loango, the capital of the above kingdom, with
a harbour, at the mouth of the Quilla. The streets
are wide, and lined with palm-trees, bananas,
and bacava:    The houses are oblong, and have

onlv aground floor; separated from each other,
and fenced round with a hedge of palm-twigs,
canes, or bulrushes. In the centre of the city is
a large square, fronting the royal palace, which
forms another square, a mile and a hah' in com-
pass, surrounded by a palisado of stately palm-
trees. The principal trade consists in elephants’
teeth, palm-cloth, copper, tin. lead, iron, and
slaves. It is 230 m. AV. N. W. of St. Salvador.
Long. 12. 30. E., lat. 4. 40. S.

Loano, or Locano, a town of the Sardinian
states, in the territory of Genoa, near the sea,
m. S. S. W. of Finale.

Lobau, a town of W. Prussia, with a castle,
where the bishop of Culm resides. 45 m. E. by
N. of-Culm.

Lobau, a town of Saxony, in Upper Lusatia,
which has a trade in grey, striped and white lin-
ens. 13 m. S. E. of Bautzen.

Lobcustein, a town of Saxony, in the circle of
Voigtland, seated on the Lennitz, 22 m. N. N. E.
of Culmbich. Long. 11.52. E., lat. 50. 21. N.

Is ;o.i. a town of Spain, in Estremadura, seat-
ed i the Gaadiana. 22 m. E. of Badajoz.

L ~ a town of Saxony in the circle of
'1 m. S. S. E. of Leipzig.

T A-i.-g. a town of Prussian Saxony, in the
7r.T. in nt of Magdeburg. 22 m. E. of Magde-

L, *n:. a town of the Sardinian states, in
Pi r t u -nt. xc2xab rated in a fine valley, on the river
Orr . *h3 m. S. of Aosta.

L .-c.xe2x80x94. xe2x96xa0. a town of Italy, capital of a bailiwic,
to the Swiss. It contains three con-
vents. ts: : small Franciscan monastery, on a
reek -Ter-aar.ging the valley, and commanding a
view f the like Maggiore. 56 m. N. by W. of
Mlfan Long.
8. 31.'Eh lat. 46. 10. N.

Lor d zr. a district of Scotland, in Inverness-
shire. bounded on the E. by Badenoch, W. by
Movdart. X. bv Giengiry. and S. by Lorn. The
country is bleik. mountainous and rugged. The
inhabitants pay little attention to any commerce,
except the sale ot their black cattle; and the only
lands cultivated
are a few acres around the huts
of those who
tend their flocks. Here the Pre-
tender erected his
standard in 1745.

Locher Moss, a morass of Scotland, in Dum-
fries-shire, 12 m. long and 3 broad, extending down
by Dumfries to Solway Frith, and divided into two
parts by a river called Locher AVater, which
abounds with excellent pike. Oak, fir, birch,
and hazel trees, also anchors, pieces of vessels,&c.,
have been dug up in different parts of this moss

Loehes, a town of France, department of Indre
et-Loire, with a strong castle on a rock. In the
collegiate church is the tomb of the celebrated
Agnes Sorel, mistress of Charles VII., to whose
patriotic exhortations that monarch owed almost
all his glory. Loches is seated on the Indre, near
a forrest, 15 m. S. of Amboise, and 20 S. W. ol

Lochmaben, a borough of Scotland, in Dumfries-
shire, with a manufacture of coarse linen; seated
on the AV. side of the Annon, 9 m. N. E. of Dum- ,

Lochrida, or Ocrida, a town in the province of
Albania, and a Greek archbishop’s see. It is well
fortified, and seated on a hill, near a lake of its
name, 62 m. S. E. of Durazzo. Long. 20.40. E.,
lat. 41. 40. N.

Lochta, a sea-port of Sweden, seated on a bay
of the oulf of Bothnia, 30 m. S. of Tornea. Long.
24. 16. E., lat. 64. 20. X.

Lochwinnoch, a town of Scotland, in Renfrew-
shire, with a considerable manufacture of cotton.

It is seated on Castle Semple Loch,-6 m. S. W. of

Loc'hy, Loch, a lake of Scotland in Inverness-
shire, 14 m. long, and from one to 2 broad. Out
of it flows the River Lochy, which, about a mile
below, receives the Spean, and their united
stream enters Loch Eil at Fort William.

Lothenitz. a town of Prussia, in the province
of Brandenburg, on the river Rando, 16 m. N.
E. of Prentzio.

Locke, p.t. Cayuga Co. X. Y. 23 m. S. E. Au-
burn. Pop. 3,310.

Lockerby, a town of Scotland, in Dumfries-
shire, with a trade in linen and woolen cloth;
seated near the Annan,12 m. E. by N. of Dumfries.

Loekport, p.t. Niagara Co. N. Y. on the Erie
Canal. 296 m. W.xe2x80x9e Albany. Pop. 3,823. Here
are the most remarkable works on the canal, con-
sisting of
10 locks overcoming an ascent of 60
feet in the canal. Besides these there is an ex-
cavation through the mountain ridge for 3 m.
cut in the rock. The town is a place of consid-
erable trade. Pop. 3.823.

Lockwood, p.v. Sussex Co. N. J. 78 m. N. Tren-

Locle, a town of Switzerland in an elevated
valley of the same name, in the canton of Neuf-
chatel, famous for watchmakers, laceweavers,
goldsmiths, cutlers, and enamellers. It is [9 m.
N. AV. of Neufchatel.

Laddon, a town in Norfolk, Eng. 8 m. S. E. of
Norwich, and 112 N. E. of London.

Lodeve, a town of France, department of He-
rault, with manufactures of silk, hats,&c. During
the late war it supplied a great part of the cloth-
ing for the army. It is seated on the Largues,
30rin. AV. by N. of Montpelier. Long. 3. 20. E
lat. 43. 43. N.

Lodi, a town of Austrian Italy, in the govern
ment of Milan, capital of a province of the same
name, and a bishop’s see, with a fortress. It has
manufactures of porcelain, and the Parmesan
cheese made here is esteemed the best of its kind
The French defeated the Austrians at this place in
1796; It is seated on the Adda, 18 m. S. E of
Milan. Long. 9. 30. E., lat. 45. 18. N


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