Brookes Universal Gazetteer (1850) Page 538 Left Column

Brookes’ Universal Gazetteer (1850), Page 538 Left Column
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    West India
    Federal Street Church
    Boston (directional)
    Salem (directional)
    Portsmouth (directional)
New Canaan, Fairfield County, Connecticut, United States (main entry)
    Hartford (directional)
New Canton, Buckingham County, Virginia, United States (main entry)
    New Canton, Hawkins County, Tennessee, United States
Newcastle, Caermarthenshire, Wales, United Kingdom (main entry)
    Tivy River
    London (directional)
Newcastle, County Dublin, Ireland (main entry)
    Dublin (directional)
Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, United Kingdom (main entry)
    Trent River
    Stafford (directional)
    London (directional)
Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, United Kingdom (main entry)
    Tyne River
    Tynemouth Bar
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Brookes’ Universal Gazetteer of the World (1850)
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