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OTT    570    ODD

yards long. Omai, a native of this island, was
carried to“ England by captain Cook, and carried
back by him in his last voyage. In 1799 king
Pomare ceded the district of Matavia, on the N.
side of this island, to some of the missionaries be-
longing to the London Missionary Society, through
whose labors all the inhabitants of Otaheite and
many of the neighbouring islands have been led
to renounce idolatry. The sovereign himself be-
came a decided convert to Christianity. A gen-
eral reformation of manners has been effected, a
number of schools established, the useful arts in-
troduced, and civilization'is rapidly advancing.
Point Venus is in long. 149. 36. W., lat. 17.29. S.

Ol.chakof. See Oczakow.

Otego, ph. Otsego Co. N. Y. Pop. 1,148.

Otis, ph. Berkshire Co. Mass. 20 m. S. E. Lenox.
Pop. 1,013; ph. Hancock Co. Me. Pop. 350.

Otisfidd, ph. Cumberland Co. Me. 40 m. N. of

Otisco, ph. Onondaga Co. N. Y. on a small lake
ofthe same name. Pop. 1,933.

Otley, a town in W. Yorkshire, Eng. seated on
the Wharf, under a high craggy cliff, 25 m. W.
of York and 203 N. N. W. of London.

Otoque, an island of S. America, in the bay of
Panama. Long. 80. 10. AV7., lat.
8. 10. N.

Otranto, or Terra d’Otranto, a province of Na-
ples, 70 m. long, and 30 broad; bounded on the
N. by Terra di Bari, and on all other parts by the
sea. It is a mountainous country, abounding in
olives, figs, and wine. See

Otranto, a strong city and sea-port of Naples,
capital of Terra d’Otranto, and an archbishop’s
see, with a harbour and a citadel. It has a con-
siderable trade, and is seated on the gulf of Venice,
140 m. S. E of Eari. Long. 18. 35. E., lat. 40.-
20. N.

Otrar, a town of W. Tartary, in Turkestan,
near the river Sirr, 70 m. W. S. W. of Taraz.

Otricoli. a town of Italy; in the papal states,
seated on a hill, near the Tiber, 7 m. N. by E. of

Otsego, a small lake in New York giving rise to
one of the head streams oi
me Susquehanna.

Otsego, a county of New York lying on the above
lake. Pop 51.372. Cooperstown is the capital.

Otsego, ph. Otsego Co. N. Y. Pop. 4,368.

Otsetic, ph.. Chenango Co. N. Y. Pop. 1,238.

Ottawa, or Grand River rises in the mountains
N. of Lake Huron, and flows into the St. Law
rence above Montreal. Its navigation is obstructed
by rapids.

Ottendorf, a town of Prussian Saxony, with a
castle ; situate near the mouth of the Meden, 27
m. N. W. ofStade.

mulberry tree, which is beaten with a kind of mal-
let, and a glue, made of the hibiscus esculentus
is employed to make the bark cohere. Some of
these pieces are two or three yards wide and 50

Ottenheim, a town of Austria, on the N. side of
the Danube, 5 m. W. N. W. ofLintz.

Otterberg, a town of Bavaria, in the circle of
the Rhine, 5 m. N. of Kayserslautern.

Otterburn, a village in Northumberland, Eng.
on the river Reed, noted for a battle in 1388 be-
tween the English and Scotch, when Henry Percy,
surnamed Hotspur, was taken prisoner, and Doug-
las, the Scotch general, killed. On this battle
the ballad of Chevy Chase is founded. 21 m. N.
of Hexham.

Otter Creek, a stream of Vermont rising in the
Green Mountains and flowing into Lake Cham-

Otter Bridge, p.v. Bedford Co. Va. 120 m. S. W

Ottersberg, a town of Hanover, in the duchy
of Bremen,”with a fort, 17 m. N. E. of Bremen.

Otlery, St. Mary, a town in Devonshire, Eng.
It has a large church with two square towers, and
manufactures of flannels, serges, <fcc. It is seat-
ed on the rivulet Otter,10 m. E. of Exeter and 161
W. by S. of London.

Ottmachau, a town of Prussian Silesia, in the
government of Oppeln, with a castle, seated on the
river Niesse, 7 m. W. by S. of Niesse.

Otto, ph. Cattaraugus Co. N. Y. Pop. 1,224.

Ottsville, p.v. Bucks Co. Pa. 40 m. E. Philad.

Ottweiller, a town of Prussia, in the province of
Lower Rhine, with an ancient castle; seated
among mountains, 16 m. N. N. E. of Sarbruck.

Ouby, one ofthe Molucca islands, lying to the
S. of Gilolo, and subject to the sultan of Bachian.
It abounds in clove trees. The Dutch have a
small fort on the W. side. Long. 126. 50. E., lat.

1. 30. S.

Oude, a province of Hindoostan. to the N. of
Allahabad. It is subject to a nabob, whose do-
minions lie on both sides of the Ganges, occupy-
ing (with the exception of the district of Rampour)
all” the flat country between that river and the
northern mountains, as well as the principal part
of that fertile tract lying between the Ganges and
Jumna, known by the name of Dooab, to within
40 m. ofthe city of Dehli. Oude and its depen-
dencies are estimated at 360 m. in length from E.
to W., and in breadth from 150 to 180. The na-
bob is in alliance with the British ; and a brigade
of the "Bengal army is constantly stationed on its
western frontier, which answers the purpose of
covering Oude as well as Bengal, and of keeping
the western states in awe. The capital is Luck-

Oude, a decayed city of Hindoostan, in the
province of Oude, said to have been the capital
ofa great kingdom 1,200 years before the Chris-
tian era. It is frequently mentioned in the Maha-
berat, a famous Hindoo work in Sanscrit, under
the name of Adjudiah. But no traces of its former
magnificence are left. It is seated on the Gogra,
nearly adjoining Fyzabad.

Oudenard, a town of the Netherlands, in E.
Flanders, in the middle of which is a fort. Here
are manufactures of very fine linen and of curious
tapestry. This town was besieged by the French
in 1708, but the duke of Marlborough entirely
routed their army. In 1745 it wa? fa ken by the
French, restored by the peace of UVf -gain sur-
rendered to the French in 1794, and finally ceded

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