Brookes Universal Gazetteer (1850) Page 637 Right Column

Brookes’ Universal Gazetteer (1850), Page 637 Right Column
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    Drummond, Mr.
    English mutton
Rocky Ridge, Trigg County, Kentucky, United States (main entry)
    Frankfort (directional)
Rocky Springs, Rockingham County, North Carolina, United States (main entry)
    Raleigh (directional)
    Rocky Springs, George County, Tennessee, United States
    Rocky Springs, Claiborne County, Mississippi, United States
Recroy, Ardennes, France (main entry)
    Rethel (directional)
Rodach, Saxe-Coburn, Germany (main entry)
    Rodach River
    Coburg (directional)
Rodby, Laland (Island), Denmark (main entry)
    Heiligenhaven, Holstein
    Femern (Island)
    Naxkow (directional)
Rodenburg, Schauenburg, Germany (main entry)
    Hanover (directional)
Rodez, Aveiron, France (main entry)
    Aveiron River
    Mende (directional)
Rodings, Essex, United Kingdom (main entry)
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