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SAL    651    SAM

Saltash, a borough in Cornwall, Eng. on the
side of a steep hill, near the mouth of the Tamar
6 m. N. W. of Plymouth, 220 W. by S of London.

Saltcoats, a sea-port of Scotland, in Ayrshire,
with a considerable trade in salt and coal, and
also in ship-building. It is situate on the frith
of Clyde, 5 m. W. by N. of Irvine, 28 S. W. of
Glasgow. Long. 4. 45. W., lat. 55. 40. N.

Salifieet, a town in Lincolnshire, Eng. on a creek
of the German Ocean, 33 m. E. N. E. of Lincoln,
158 N. by E. of London.

Sa'u, p.v. Madison Co. Illinois.

Saluda, a river of S. Carolina joining the Con-
garee at Columbia.

Saluzzo, a town of Piedmont, capital of a dis-
trict of its name, with a castle. The cathedral is
magnificent and rich. It is seated on an emi-
nence near the Po. 24 m. S. by W. ofTurin.

Salvador, St., one of the Bahama islands. See

Salvador, St., the capital of Congo, stands on a
large mountain, the summit of which forms a
plain, 10 m. in circuit, which is well cultivated.
The city has 12 churches besides the cathedral;
also a large palace, in which the king and a Por-
tuguese bishop reside. 230 m. E. S. E. of Loango.
Long. 14. 20. E., lat. 5. 40. S.

Salvador, St., a city of Brazil, capital of a prov-
ince of Bahia, and an archbishop’s see, with sev-
eral forts. The cathedral is large ; but the most
superb structure in the city is the grand church
of the ex-jesuits, built of European marble, and
the internal part exceedingly rich. The houses
are two or three stories high, and built of stone.

^The principal streets are good, but the generality
are narrow and dirty. In the royal square are the
governor’s house, the mint, and the public offices;
and along the beach are the custom-house, dock-
yard, storehouses, &c. There are many gardens,
full of a great variety of fruit-trees, herbs, and
flowers. The chief commodities are cotton, su-
gar, tobacco, coffee, gums, wood, hides, tallow,
and train oil. The inhabitants are. estimated at
upwards of 100,000. It is seated on an eminence,
in the bay of All-Saints, 120 m. S. W. of Sergip-
pe. Long. 39. 30. W., lat. 13.30. S.

Salvador deJujui, St., a city of Tucuman, situ-
ate at the foot of a high mountain, on a river of
its name, which flows E. to the Vermejo. 280
m. N. N. E. of St. Jao-o del Estero. Long. 66. 20.
W., lat. 24. 5. S.

Salvages, small uninhabited islands, lying be-
tween the Canaries and Madeira, 27 leagues N. of
Point Nago in Teneriffe. Long. 15. 54. W., lat.

30. 0. N.

Salvaterra, a town of Portugal, in Estremadura,
with a royal palace, seated on the Tajo, 35. m. N.
E. of Lisbon.

Salvaterra, a strong town of Portugal in Beira.
It was tak--in by the French in 1704, and by the
allies in 1705. It stands on the frontiers of Spain,
12 m. N. N. AV. of Alcantara and 37. E. by S. of
Castel Branco.

Salvatierra, a town of Spain, in Galicia, seat-
ed on the Minho 7 m. N. E. of Tuy.

Salvatierra, a town of Spain, in Leon, seated
on the Tormes, 23 m. S. of Salamanca.

Salvatierra, a town of Spain, in Biscay, seated
at the foot of Mount St. Adrian, 18 m E. N. E.
of Vittoria.

Salza, a town of Prussian Saxony, in the gov-
ernment of Magdeburg, famous for its salt-works.
It is seated near the Elbe, 12 m. S. S. E of















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Salzburg, a province of the Austrian empire
bounded on the N. by Bavaria, E. by Stiria, S.    '

and W. by Tyrol and Bavaria. It >s a moun-
tainous country, but pretty fertile, and contains
mines of copper, silver, and iron. It was formerly
subject to an archbishop, who was a prince of the
empire and primate of Germany. In 1802 it was
made an electorate and given to the grand duke
of Tuscany ; incorporated with the Austrian states
in 1806 ; and transferred in 1809 to Bavaria. On
the fall of Napoleon it was restored, with the ex
ception of a part of its territory, to Austria. 11
now comprises an area of 2,800 square miles, with

142,000 inhabitants.

Salzburg, the capital of the above province, has
a strong castle on a mountain and two noble pal
aces. The inhabitants are estimated at 13,000
The cathedral of St. Rupert is very fine, and
contains five organs. The university founded in
1623 was converted in 1810 into a lyceum, witii
a theological and surgical school. Near Salz-
burg are some very productive salt-works. The
French became masters of this city in 1800 and
again in 1805. In 1818 upwards of 100 houses
were destroyed by fire. It is situate between three
mountains, on both sides the river Salza, 46 m.

S. by W. of Passau, 155 W. by S. of Vienna.

Long. 13. 4. E., lat. 47. 46. N.

Salzkoten, a town of Prussian Westphalia, with
a good salt-mine, 7 m. S. W of Paderborn.

Salzusten, a town of Germany, in the county
of Lippe-Detmold, with a salt mine, 12 m. N.

W. of Detmold.

Salzungen, a town of Germany, in the duchy of
Meiningen. with a castle called Schnepfenburg,
on an eminence, and several salt-works. It is
seated on the Werra, 10 m. S. of Eisenach.

Salzicedel, a town of Prussian Saxony, in the
government of Magdeburg, with manufactures of
woolen, linen, and cotton ; and a considerable
trade in corn, cattle, and hops. It is seated on
the Jeetze, 72 m. E of Hamburgh.

Samana, an island of the W. Indies, on the N.

E. side of that of St. Domingo, from which it is
separated on the W. by a narrow channel. It is
33 miles long and 8 broad, and has a town and bay
of the same name on the coast. It was taken by
the British in 1808. Long. 69. 20. E.. lat. 19. 10.


Samandraki, or Samondraehi, an island of the
Grecian Archipelago, between Stalimeni and the
coast of Romania, and to the N. of the isle of Im-
bro. It is 17 m. in circumference, and has a    .

town of the same name, with a spacious harbour.

Long. 25. 17. E.. lat. 40. 34. N.    I

Samar, or Tenday, one ofthe Philippine islands,

S. E. of that of Luconia, from which it is separat-    i

ed by a strait. It is 320 miles in circumference,
and is full of craggy mountains, among which are    i

fertile valleys.

Samara, a towin of Russia, in the government
of Simbirsk, seated on the Volga, 95 m. S. S. E.
of Simbirsk.

Samarang, a fortified town in the N. E. part
of the island of Java, and next to Batavia, the
most considerable settlement in the island. It
stands at the mouth of a river of the same name,

290 m. E. by S. of Batavia. Long. 110. 38. E.,
lat. 6. 54. S."

Samarcand, an ancient city of Asia, formerly
the capital of Usbec Tartary, in Bokharia, with a
castle and a university. It was the birthplace
and seat of Tamerlane the Great, and afterwards
the residence of a Tartar prince. The city falls


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