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country abounding in rice, oranges, cotton, sugar,
and silk, 25 m. S. W. of Ferabad.

Sark, a small island in the English Channel,
near the coast of France, and about two leagues
E. from the island of Guernsey, on which it is

Sark, a aiver of Scotland, which rises in the
central part ofDumfries-shire, and flows S. into
Solway Frith. Its mouth forms a good harbour,
at the village of Sarkfoot, E. by S. of Annan.

Sarlat, a town of France, department of Dor-
dogne, 27 m. S. E.of Perigueux.

Sarnen, a town of Switzerland, capital of the
canton of Underwalden, near a lake io which it
gives name.
& m. S. of Lucerne. Long. 8. 14.
E., lat. 46. 52. N.

Sarno, a town of Naples, in Principato Citra,
seated near the source of a river of its name, 12
m. N. N. W. of Salerno, and 20 E. S. E. of Na-

Saros, a strong castle of Hungary, in a county
of the same name, seated on the Tariza, at the
foot of Mount Krapach, 5 m. N. N. W. of Epe-

Sarp, or Sarpen, a town of Norway, in the
province of Christiapsand. Near it is a great
cataract, the noise of which may be heard at the
distance of 20 m. 10 m. W. S. W. of Frederick-

Sarreal, a town of Spain, in Catalonia, near
which are quarries of alabaster, so transparent
that it is used for windows. It is seated on the
Francoli, II m. N. Tarragona.

Sarsana, a town of the Sardinian states, in Ge-
noa, with a fortress; near it is a fort in the
mountains called Sarsanello. It stands on the riv-
er Magra, 5 m. from its mouth, and 45. E. S. E.
of Genoa. Long. 9. 58. E., lat. 44. 9. N.

Sarsina, a town, of Italy, in Romagna, on the
river Savio, 21 m VV. S. W. of Rimini.

Sari , a town of Asia Minor. It was the an-
cient Sardis, capital of Lydia ; and under the Ro-
mans was a large city, but was almost destroyed
by an earthquake in the reign of Tiberius. Here
are many remains of massive buildi: gs.
xc2xb1 mcsque
(which was formerly a Christian church), and a
large carvansera. The inhabitants are chiefly
sheperds, who feed their flocks in the adjacent
plains. 35 m. E. N. E. of Smyrna.

Sarte, a department of France, including part
of the ancient province of Maine, and containing
an area of 2,400 square miles, with 410,000 inhab-
itants. The climate is mild and salubrious, and
the soil in general fertile. The manufactures are
hardware, woolens, paper, leather, &c. It takes
its name from a river which flows by Mans to
Angers, where it joins the Mayenne. The capi-
tal is Mans

Sarmr, a town and fortress of Hungary, at the
conflux of the Guntz with the Raad, 40 m. S. S.
E. of Presburg.

Sarum, Old, a borough in Wiltshire, Eng.
which is now reduced to a single house, and
scarcely any thing remains to indicate its former
importance, except that it still sends two mem-
bers to parliament. 2 m. N. of New Sarum, or

Sarum, an extensive district of Hindoostan, in
the province of Bahar, and one of the most pros-
perous in the British territories. It is situate on
the N. side of the Ganges, in lat. 26. N.

Sarwerdm, a town of France, department of
Moselle, seated on the Sarre, 33 m. W. N. W of
Haguenau and 45 E. N. E. of Nancy.

Gas van Ghent,a town and fortress of Belgium,in
Flanders, situate on the Canal from Ghent to the
river Scheldt, and fortified with sluices, by means
of which the country can be laid under water.
It was built by the inhabitants of Ghent, as a
bulwark to that city, but was taken in 1664, by
the Dutch, from whom the French took it in
1747 and again in 1794. 10 m. N. of Ghent.

Sascram, a town of Hindoostan, in Bahar,
seated at the foot of a mountain, near a lake, 64
m. S. E. of Benares and 88 S. W. of Patna.

Saskatchawan, a river of N. America, rising in
two large bead streams on the E. side of the
Rocky mountains and flowing easterly into Lake
Winnipeg. It is 800 m. long.

Sassafras, a village of Kent Co. Maryland on a
stream of the same name, falling into the Chesa-

Sassari, a city of the island of Sardinia, and an
archbishop’s see, with a castle and a university.
Here is a fountain called Rossel, said to be more
magnificent than the best at Rome; and in the
neighbourhood are mines of gold and silver. It
is seated on the river Torres, 7 m. from the sea,
and 64 N. ofOristagni. Long. 8. 45. E., lat. 40.

48. N.

Sassmolo, a town of Italy, in the duchy of Mode-
na, with a castle, seated on the Secchia, 10 m. S.
W. of Modena.

SataUa, or Antalia, a strong sea-port of As ia Mi-
nor, in Caramania. It is divided into three towns,
and is so situate that from the harbour the streets
appear to rise behind each other like an amphithe-
atre. The country around is very fertile ; and
the citrons and oranges are extremely fine. The
chief trade is in wool, cotton, goats’ hair, agaric,
tragacanth, opium, and bees’ wax. It is seated
on a gulf of the Mediterranean, to which it gives
name, 150 m. S. W. of Cogni. Long. 31. 21. E.,
lat. 37.1. N.

Sataukct, p.v. Suffolk Co. N. Y.

Satgong. or Satagong. a village of Bengal, form-
erly an important city, in which the Europe-
an traders in Bengal had their factories. It is
seated on a creek of Hoogly River, 4 m. N. W. of

Sati’mr.ngalam, a town of Hindoostan, in the
province of Coimbetore, with a large stone fort,
and a considerable temple. It has manufactures
of cotton cloths, and a great trade to Seringapa-
tam. In its vicinity the troops of Tippoo Sultan
maintained a severe conflict with the British. It
is 30 m. W. of Bhawanikudal and 75 S. S. E. of

Satriano, a town of Naples, in Calabria Ultra, 8
m. S. of Squiliace.

Sattarah, a town and fort of Hindoostan, in the
province of Visiapour, the residence of the Mah-
ratta prince, who was restored by the British in
1818. It is situate :;ear the source of the Kist
nah. 50 m. S. of Poonan and 77 W. of Visiapour.

Satteagala, a town of Hindoostan, in the prov
ince of Coimbetore, with a fort of considerable
size. It stands near the Cavery, which 3 m. be
low forms and island 9 m. in length, with noble
cataracts on each side. 36 m. S. E. of Seringapa-

Saueeda, a town of Mexico, in New Biscay, on
a r'ver of the same name, which joins the Nassas
to form the Palmas 100 m. N. N. W. of Duran
go. Long 105. 36. W,, lat. 25.18. N.

Saucon, Upper, a township in Lehigh Co. Pa.

Saueon, Lower, a township in Northampton Co

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