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Tippoo to sign a treaty, by which he ceeded half
of his dominions, and agreed to pay a vast sum of
money to the English arid their allies ; and, anew
war taking place in 1799, the British troops car-
ried the fort by an assault, in which Tippoo was
killed. .The city and the island have since been
retained by the English, towards the support ofthe
late sultan’s family. The palace is very large,
and surrounded by a massy wall of stone and
mud : it is now the residence of a surgeon. The
seraglio of Hyder has been converted into an
European hospital, that of Tippoo into a barrack
for artillery; the private apartments of the latter
are occupied by the resident, and the public ones
by European troops. Without the walls of the
citv are two gardens and palaces; and near to one
of them is the mausoleum of Hyder, where rests
all that was mortal of this Mahometan dynasty,
consisting of Hyder and his wife, and Tippoo,who
lie under tombs covered with rich cloths, at the
expense of the British government ; and the es-
tablishment of priests to offer-up prajrers, and of
musicians to perform the nobut, is retained as
formerly. In the space between the city and the
two gardens is the suburb called Shahar Ganjam,
which is rapidly increasing on a regular plan.
Serino-apatam is 10 m. N. of Mysore, and 290 W.
by S. Madras. Long. 76. 50. "E., lat. 12. 24. N.

Seringham, an island in the S. of India, in the
district of Trichinopoly, celebrated for its Hindoo
temple, to which pilgrims from all parts of Hin-
doostan, resort for absolution ; and here, as in all
great pagodas, the Brahmans live in a subordina-
tion that knows no resistance, and slumber in
voluptuousness that feels no want. At present
the allowance made by the British government
for the support of the temple and its establish-
ment, amounts to about xc2xa36,240 sterling.

Sarong, a town of Hindoostan, in Malwa, cele-
brated for its manufacture of painted cottons and
chintzes. It is situate in the river Cavery, half
a mile N. of the fortress of Trichinopoly and 140
m. E. N. E. of Ougein. Long. 78. 4. E.flat. 24.
5. N.

Serpa, a town of Portugal, in Alemtejo, with a
castle; seated on a rugged eminence, near the
Guadiana. 33 m. S. by E. of Evora.

Serravalle, a town of Austrian Italy, in the
government of Venice with a castle. It has cloth,
woolen, and silk manufactures, and a trade in
corn, wine and honey. The cathedral contains
some fine paintings, and the church of St. Au-
gusta is a noble edifice. It is situate between two
mountains, and at the source of the Maschio 22
m. N. of Treviso.

Sex-res, a town ofFrance, department of Upper
Alps, 23 m. S. W. of Gap.

Serran. St., a town of France, department of
Ille-et-Vilaine, with considerable manufactures of
linen, sail-cloth, soap, and tobacco, and 9,000 in-
habitants. It is seated at the mouth of the river
Ranee, about a mile S. of St. Malo, from which
it is separated by a narrow arm of the sea, dry at
low water.

Servia, a province of European Turkey, 190 m.
long and 95 broad; bounded N. by the Danube
and Save, which separate it from Hungary, E. by
Bulgaria, S. by Macedonia and Albania, and W.
by Bosnia. The climate is less mild than might
be excepted in 43. and 44. of N. lat., the winter
being of considerable length, and spring not be-
giiinino- till April. This is owing partly to the
height of the great ridge of the Argentaro or Qlu
botin Mountains, extending along its southern
boundary; partly to the number of forests, and
the general neglect of cultivation in its interior.
The soil is in general fertile, but a small propor-
tion of the country is as yet under tillage. The
produets are wheat, barley, oats, rice, hemp, flax,
and tobacco; also vines, and fruit of various kinds;
and in the valleys and other warm spots cotton is
raised. Mines of iron have been discovered in
several parts; but they are almost entirely neg-
lected. The only manufactures are of woolen,
cotton, and hardware, for home consumption.
Servia was formerly an independent kingdom,
but yielded to the Turks in 1365. In 1801 an
insurrection took place against their authority,
under the standard of Czerni Georges, previously
known as the head of a band of robbers, but now
honored with the name of avenger of his country.
In 1814 he judged proper to withdraw into Rus-
sia; and by a convention concluded between his
country and the Porte, in 1815, the Servians ac-
knowledged the sovereignty of the sultan, bu.
preserved the free exercise of th'eir religion, as
well as thsir civil rights. Belgrade is the capital.

Sesslach, a town and castle of Bavarian Fran-
conia, 16 m. N. of Bamberg.

Sesto, a town of Austrian Italy, in the Milanese,
seated on the Ticino, where it issues from the
lake Maggiore, 25 m. W. N. W. of Milan.

Sestre, Grand, or Great Paris, a town of Guty
ea, on the Grain Coast; near which is Petit Ses-
tre. It is one of the largest and most commer-
cial towns in the country. Long. 7. 0. W., lat.

4. 50. N.

Sestri di Levante, a town of the Sardinian states,
in the territory of Genoa, 30 m. E. S. E. of Ge-

Se-tckeou, a city of China, of the first rank, in
the province of Koei-tcheou. It is situate among
mountains, which yield cinnabar and quicksilver,
980 m. S. S. AV. of Pekin. Long. 103. 25. E.,
lat. 27. 10. N.

Se-tchuen, a province of China, bounded on the
N. by Chen-si, E. by Houquang, S. by Koei-
tcheou, and W. by Tibet. It is watered by the
Kian-ku; and is rich, not only on account of the
great quantity of silk it produces, but also in iron,
tin, lead, amber, sugar-canes, lapis lazuli, musk,
rhubarb, &c. Tchingriou is the capital.

Seteef, a town of Algiers, in the province of
Constantina. It was the ancient Sitipha, capital
of a part of Mauritania; but scarcely a fragment
is left of its former greatness, except the fountains.
50 m. S. W. of Constantina. Long. 5. 36. E , lat.
35. 58. N.

Setimo, a town of the Sardinian states, in Pied-
mont, seated on the Po, 8 m. N. of Turin.

Setlege, a river of Hindoostan, the most easterly
of the five eastern branches of the Indus. About
midway from its source, it receives the Beyah, at
Firosepour, and joins the Indus at Veil.

Sette, a town of W. Africa, in a district of its
name, lying between Loango and Benin. It has
a great trade in logwood, sent in vessels to May-
amba; and stands on a river of the same name,
60 m. from its mouth, and 110 N. N. E. of May
amba. Long. 10. 20. E., lat. 2. 0. S.

Settmil, a town of Spain, in Granada, 8 m. N
of Ronda and 38 N. W. of Malaga.

Scttia, a town of the island of Candia, and a
Greek bishop’s see, 48 m. E. S. E. of Candia
Long. 26. 2. E., lat. 35. 3. N.

Settle, a town in W. Yorkshire, Eng. About
2 m to the E. is Attermire Cave, containing
numberless chinks and recesses, fluted pillars ano


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