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may move to different parts of the lake. From
this lake issues a whitish stream, which emits
vapor of a sulphureous smell, till it reaches the
Teverone. The water of this rivulet has a petri-
fying quality, which increases in strength the
further it has flowed from the lake. Fish are
found in the Teverone, both above and below
Tivoli, till it receives this lake; after which, dur-
ing the rest of its course to the Tiber, there are



Solfatara, a mountain of Naples, in Terra di
Lavoro, surrounded by other mountains, in the
form of an amphitheatre. It has a kind of cavity,
above am. in diameter, which was no doubt the
crater of a volcano now extinct. The earth here
is warm and white; and if opened to some depth
is insupportable from the heat and exhalations.
The ground is almost every where hollow, and is
supposed to have a subterraneous communication
with Mount Vesuvius. Here are manufactures,
of sulphur, vitriol, and alum.

Soliman, a sea-port of Africa, in Tunis, 20 m.
E. S. E. of Tunis.

Solingen, a town of Prussian Westphalia, in the
county of Berg, with manufactures of cutlery and
all kinds of iron work; seated near the Wipper,
15 m. E. S. E. of Dusseldorf.

Solkamsk, a town of Russia, in the government
of Perin, famous for its salt-pits and good horses;
seated on the Ussolka, which flows into the Kama,
430. m. N. E. of,Kasan. Long. 57. 26. E., lat.
59. 16. N.

Sollapour, a town of Hindoostan, in Visiapour,
capital of a district celebrated for mines of dia-
monds. It is seated near the Kistna, 130 m. S.
E. of Visiapour. Long. 77. 10. E., lat. 16. 23. N.

Solms, or Salms, a county of Germany, in Wet-
teravia, formerly a principality, but deprived of
that rank in 1815. It is subject in part to Hesse-
Darmstadt and in part to Prussia. The decayed
castle of Solms, the seat of the ancient counts, is
seated on a hilt 1 m. E. of Braunfels, the present

Solomon Islands. See Danger, Isles of.

Solomon Toicn, an Indian settlement in Ohio,
near the head of the Great Miami, 17 m. S. Fort
Me Arthur.

Solon, ph. Somerset Co. Me. on the Kennebec,
18 m. above Norridgewock. Pop. 768 ; p.t Cort-
land Co. N. Y. 132 m. W. Albany. Pop. 2,033;
a township in Cuyahoga Co. Ohio.

Solor, an island of the E. Indies, 70 m. in cir-
cuit, to the S. of Celebes and W. of Flores. Long.
123. 53. E., lat. 9. 0. S.

Solre le Chateau, a town ofFrance, department
of Nord, 7. m. S. E. of Maubeuge.

Solserma, a town of Italy, in the province of
Mantua, 17 m. N. W of Mantua.

Solsona, a town of Spain, in Catalonia, and a
bishop's see ; seated at the foot of a mountain, 51
m. N. N. W. of Barcelona.

Soltau, a town of Hanover, on the river Bohme,
28 m. N. N. W. of Zell.

Sollcamp, a town of the Netherlands, in Gron-
ingen, with a large fort, at the mouth of the river
Hunse which is called Groningen Deep, 17 m.
N. W. of Groningen.

Solway Frith, an arm of the sea, between Cum-
beiland in England and Dumfriesshire and Kirk-
cudbrightshire in Scotland. It is navigable for
vessels of 100 tons within 6 m. of its extremity;
and the fisheries, especially of salmon, are very
considerable. At its head on the Cumberland
side, near the river Esk, is Solway Moss. This
d level tract, above 2 m. long and 1 broad,
but, in 1771, being swoln by rains, it burst out
at the eastern extremity, and spread over a neigh-
bouring valley; by this means the surface of the
moss was reduced 24 feet, and sunk into its pres-
ent hollow form.

Sombrere, one ofthe Nicobar Islands, in the In-
dian Ocean, 30 m. N. of Nicobar. It gives name
to a channel nearly in the middle of those is

Sombrero, a cluster of uninhabited islands in
the W. Indies, belonging to the English. The
most remarkable of them is a league long, and
consists of an eminence, to which the Spanish
discoverers, finding some resemblance to a hat,
gave the name of
Sombrero. It is 80 m. N. W.
of St. Christopher. Lon. 63. 37. W7., lat. 18. 38.

Somers, ph. Tolland Co. Conn. 25 m. N. E.
Hartford. Pop. 1,439; ph. Westchester Co. N.
Y. Pop. 1997. A township of Buckingham Co.
L. C.

Somerset, a county of Maine. Pop. 35,778
Norridgewock is the capital. A county of New
Jersey, Pop 17,689. Somersville is the capital.

A county of the W. District of Pensylvania.
Pop. 17,441. A county of Maryland. Pop. 20
155. Princess Anne is the capital.

Somerset, a township of Windham Co. Vt.
Pop. 245; ph. Bristol Co. Mass. 42 m. S. Bos-
ton. Pop. 1,024; p.v. Somerset and Washington
Cos. Pa. Perry, Belmont and Franklin Cos. Ohio
and Pulaski Co. Ken.

Somersetshire, a county of England, 65 m. long
and 45 broad; bounded on the N. W. by the
Bristol Channel. The chief manufactures are
those of woolen, coarse linen, stockings, &c
Uchester is usually considered the county town

Somerton, a town in Somersetshire, Eng, 13 m.
S. of Wells and 123 W. by S. of London.

Somersworth, ph. Strafford Co. N. H. on the
Piscataqua 12 m. above Portsmouth. Pop. 3,090
Here are large manufactures of cotton and wool
en cloth and carpeting, employing a capital of
abov# 1,000,000 dollars.

Somerton, p.v.-Nansemond' Co. Va. 124 m. S.
xc2xa3. Richmond.

Somerville, p.v. Somerset Co. N. J. on the Rar-
itan, 16 m. above N. Brunswick ; p.v. Fauquier
Co. Va. 13 m. N. Richmond ; p.v. Fayette Co.
Pa; p.v. Morgan Co. Alab. 50 m. S. Huntsville.

Somma, a town of Naples, in Terra di Lavoro,
with a castle. The vicinity annually produces
above 7,000 pounds of silk of the hest quality. It
is seated at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, 10 m. E.
of Naples.

Somme, a department of France, including part
of the ancient province of Picardy. Its extent is
about 2,400 square miles; its population 500,000
nearly all Catholics. It takes its name from a
river which rises in the department of Aisne
flows by St. Quentin, Peronne, Amiens, Abbe-
ville, and St. Valery, and enters the English
Channel. Amiens is the capital.

Sommelsdyck, a town of the Netherlands, in S.
Holland, chief place of the island of Overflacken,

5 m. E. S. E. of'Helvoetsluys.

Sommerfeld, a town of Prussia, in Lusatia, with
manufactures of fine cloths ; seated on the Lupa.
15 m. S. S. W. of Crossen.

Sommieres, a town of France, department of
Gard, with a manufacture of thick serges ; seat
ed on the Vidourle, 14 m. W. by S. of Nismes.

Somorrostro, a town of Spain, on the coast ot


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