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WAT    772    WEA

Washitaw, or Ouachitta, a river of Arkansas and
Louisiana, flowing into Red River.

Washita, a Parish of Louisiana. Pop. 5,140.
Monroe is the capital.

Wassenberg, a town of Prussia, in the duchy of
Juliers; seated on the Roer, 17 m. N. W. of

Wasserburg, a town of Bavaria, with a castle '
and four churches. The principal trade is in salt.
In 1800 the French took it by storm. It is seated
on tbe Inn, 28 m. E. of Munich and 38 N. W. of

Wassev-trudingen, atown of Bavarian Franconia,
in the principality of Anspaeh, 6 m. N. of Oettin-

Wastwater, a lake in Cumberland, Eng. 7 m. N.
N. E. of Ravenglass. It is 3 m. long and above
half a m. broad, lying in Wastdale, among the
western mountains. The Screes, a very high
ridge of mountains, run along the S. E. side of
the lake. Its outlet, at the S. end, joins the river
Irt, which enters the sea at Ravenglass.

Wasungcn, a town of Germany, in the duchy
of Saxe-Meinungen, seated on the Werra, 5 m.
N. of Meinungen.

Watchet, a town in Somersetshire, Eng. seated
on the Bristol Channel, at the mouth of a harbour,
frequented by coal ships, which are freighted
hence with limestone, alabaster, and kelp. 156
m. W. by S. of London.

Watehoo, an island in the S. Pacific, discovered
by captain Cook. It is six leagues in circuit,
diversified by hills and plains, and covered with
verdure. Long. 158.15. W., lat. 21. 1. S.

Waterborough, ph. York Co. Me. Pop. 1,816.

Waterbary, ph. Washington Co. Vt. 12 m. N.
W. Montpelier. Pop. 1,650; ph. N. Haven Co.
Conn. 25 m. S. W. Hartford. Pop. 3,070.

Waterford, ph. Oxford Co. Me. Pop. 1,123;
ph. Caledonia Co. Vt. Pop. 1,358; ph. N. Lon-
don Co. Conn. adjoining New London. Pop.
2,475; ph. Saratoga Co. N. Y. on the Hudson.
11 m. above Albany. Pop. 1,473; a township of
Gloucester Co. N. J.; ph. Erie Co. Pa.; p.v Mif-
flin Co. Pa.; p.v. London Co. Va.,2 townships in
Washington Co. Ohio.

Waterford, a county of Ireland, 50 m. long and
29 broad ; bounded on the S. by St. George’s

Waterford, a city and sea-port of Ireland, capi-
tal of a county of the same name. It has an ex-
cellent harbour, where ships of the greatest bur-
den may ride at the quay. The bishop’s palace
and the Roman Catholic chapel are elegant. The
commerce with England and other countries is
considerable; and packet-boats sail regularly
hence for Milford haven. The principal exports
are beef, pork, corn, live stock, butter, and linen.
75 m. S. by WT. of Dublin.

Waterloo, a village ofthe Netherlands, celebrated
as the scene of the signal victory of tbe 18th of
June, 1815, which completed the downfall of
Napoleon. 10 m. S. of Brussels.

Waterloo, p.t. Seneca Co. N. Y. 5 m. N. E.
Geneva. Pop. 1,837; p.v. Mifflin Co. Pa.; Anno
Arundel Co. Md; Laurens Dis. S. C.; Fayette.
Co. Ind ; Lauderdale Co. Alab.

Watertown, ph. Middlesex Co. Mass. 7 Mi. N.
W. Boston on Charles River. Here are manu-
factures of woolen, cotton, paper &c., and an
arsenal of the United States. Pop. 1,641.

Watertown, ph. Litchfield Co. Conn. 10 m. S.
E. Liu kfield. Pop. 1,500; ph. Jefferson Co. N.

b in. S. E. Sacketts Harbour. Pop.#4,768.

WaterviUe, ph. Kennebec Co. Me. on the Ken
nebec. 20 m. above Hallowefl. Pop. 2,216.
Here are some manufactures, and a Theologica.
Institution ; p.v. Oneida and Delaware Co. N. Y

Water Vliet, ph. Albany Co. N. Y. 9 m. N
Albany. It contains the Shaker village of Nis

Watford, a town in Hertfordshire, Eng. 15 m
N. W. London.

Watkinsville, p.v. Goochland Co. Va., Clark Co

Watlington, a town in Oxfordshire, Eng. 46 m.
W. of London.

Watton, a town in Norfolk, Eng. 91 m. N. N
E. of London.

Wattsborough, p.v. Lunenburg Co. Va.

Waveren, a town of the Netherlands, in S. Bra-
bant, situate on the Dyle, 12 m. S. of Louvain.

Waverley, p.v. Lincoln Co Missouri.

Waxholm, a fortress on the coast of Sweden, in
the Baltic, situate on a small island at the en-
trance of the Lake Maeler. Here all homeward-
bound ships are searched. It is 16 m. E. of Stock-

Way, or Pulo Way, an island near the N. point
of that of Sumatra. It is the largest of the is-
lands that form the entrance of tne channel of
Acheen; and is peopled by men banished from
Acheen. Long. 94. 50. E., lat. 5. 35. N.

Wayne, a county of New York. Pop. 33,555.
Lyons is the capital; a coiwity of the E. Dis. of
Pennsylvania. Pop. 7,663. Bethany is the capital;
a county of N. Carolina. Pop. 10,902, Waynes-
borough is the capital; a county of Georgia.
Pop. 962. Waynesville is the capital; a county
of Ohio. Pop. 23,344. Wooster is the capital;
a county of Indiana Pop. 18,587. Centreville is
the capital; a county of Illinois. Pop. 2.562
Fairfield is the capital; a county of Missouri
Pop. 3,254. Greenville is the capital; a county
of Kentucky. Pop. 8,731. Monticello is the
capital; a county of W. Tennessee. Pop.6,t>!3.
Waynesborough is the capital; a county of Mis-
sissippi. Pop. 2,778. Winchester is the capital,
a county of Michigan Pop. 4,565. Detroit is the

Wayne, ph. Kennbec Co. Me. Pop. 1,153; ph.
Steuben Co. N. Y. Pop. 1,172; and 17 townships
in Ohio.

Waynesborough, p.v. Augusta Co. Va., Wayne
Co., N. C. Burks Co. Geo., Wayne Co. Ten.

Wayneshurg, p.v. Franklin, Green and Chestei
Cos. Pa., Stark Co Ohio.

Waynesville, p.v Wayne Co. Geo., Haywood
Co. N. C. and Warren Co. Ohio.

Weakley, a county of W. Tennessee. Pop,
4,796. Dresden is the capital.

Weare, ph. Hillsborough Co. N. H. 55 m. W
Portsmouth. Pop. 2,430.

Weathersfield, ph. Windsor Co. Vt. Pop. 2,213,
ph Trumbull Co. Ohio.

Webster, ph. Worcester Co. Mass. Pop

Weier's Cave, a remarkable Cavern in Augusta
Co. Virginia, near the Shenandoah. It has ma
ny apartments and galleries, abounding in sparry
concretions, which by torch light exhibit the most
magnificent scenes-

Wearmouth Bishop, a town in the county ot
Durham, Eng. on the S. side of the Wear, adjoin
ing Sunderland. It has an iron bridge over the
river, of one arch, 236 feet span, erected in 1796
and the first ever constructed of parts so form
ed as to unite in the manner of keystones. It has

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