Brookes’ Universal Gazetteer, page 774
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WER    774    WES

Wells, a town in Norfolk, Eng. 118 m. N. N.
E. of London.

Wells, ph. York Co. Me. 26 m. N. E. Ports-
mouth. Pop. 2,977.

Wdlslorough, p.v. Tioga Co. Pa.

lVellshurg, ph. Brooke Co. Va. on the Ohio.
15 m. above Wheeling. This is a very thriving
town and has large manufactures of glass.

Wellsville, p.v. Columbiana Co. Ohio.

Weis, a town of Upper Austria, with a castle,
and a trade in timber; seated on the Traun,
near a large forest, 15 m. S. S. W. of Lintz.

Welshfieid, a township of Geauga Co. Ohio.

Welshpool, a corporate town of Wales, in Mont-
gomeryshire, with a market on Monday. It is
the great mart for Welsh cottons, flannels, &c.,
which are sent hence to Shrewsbury. Near the
town are the remains of Powis Castle, a large
structure, built on an eminence. 176 m. N. W.
of London.

Welwarn, a town of Bohemia, in the circle of
Rakonitz, 13 m. N. of Prague.

Welzheim, a town of Wurtemberg; seated on the
Lein, 19 m. E. of Stuttgard.

Wendell, a township of Sullivan Co. N. H.
Pop. 637. ph. Franklin Co. Mass. 85 m. W.
Boston. Pop. 875.

Wem, a town in Shropshire, Eng., 9. m. N. of

Wendlingen a town of Wurtemberg, situate
on the Neckar, 12 m. S. S. E. of Stuttgard.

WendoveT, a borough in Buckinghamshire, Eng.
35 m. W. by N. of London

Wmham, ph. Essex Co. Mass. 21 m. N. E
Boston. Pop. 612.

Wenner, the largest lake of Sweden, lying in
W. Gothland, to the N. W. of the lake Wetter.
It is 100 m. in length, and in some places 40 in
breadth, and contains several islands. It receives
24 rivers, and its only outlet is the river Gotha.

Wennersborg, a town of Sweden, in W. Goth-
land, with a castle. It is the staple for all the
iron sent from the province of Wermeland to
Gotlieburg, and is seated on the Gotha, near the
S. W. extremity of the lake Wenner, 50 m. N.
by E. of Gotheburg.

Wentworth, ph. Grafton Co. N. H. Pop. 924 ;
p.v. Rockingham Co. N. C.

Weobley, a borough in Herefordshire, Eng. 147
m. W. N. W. of London.

Werchteren, a town of the Netherlands, in Bra-
bant, 9 m. E. S. E. of Mechlin.

Werden, a town of Prussian Westphalia, seat-
ed on the Roer, 13 m. N. E. of Dusselaorf.

Werderberg, a fortified town of Switzerland,
capital of a Bailiwic in the canton of Glarus with
a castle on an eminence. It is seated near the
Rhine, 10 m. S. S. E. of Appenzel and 26 m. E.
N. E. of Glarus.

Werdmfds, a town and castle of Bavaria, giv-
ing name to a county on the frontiers of Tyrol.
17xc2xb0m. S. of Weilheim and22 N. W. of Inspruck.

Werfen, a town and fortress of Austria, in the
province of Salzburg, situate on the Salza, 22 m
S. by E. of Salzburg.

Werl, a town of Prussian Westphalia, with a
castle, seated on the Sisek, 8 m. S. of Ham.

Wermeland, a former province of Sweden, the
N. part of Gothland, between Dalecarlia and the
lake Wenner, 100 m long and 50 broad. The
country is fertile; diversified by mountains, rocks,
hills, and dales, clothed with forests of birch, pop-
lar, mountain ash, pine and fir. It also abounds
with lakes, which succeed each other almost with-
out intermission; and numerous rivulet? flow
from these lakes. The chief river is the Clara,
or Stor Elbe in which is a good salmon-fishery.
It has mines of silver, lead, copper, andiron, wnth
forges, foundries, &c., belonging to them.

Wern, a town of Prussian Westphalia seated
near the Lippe, 6 m. W. of Ham.

Wernigerode, a town of the Prussian states, cap-
ital of a county of the same name, abounding in
mountains, the principal of which is the Great
Brocken, or Blocksberg. The principal business of
the town consists in brewing, distilling, and man
ufacutures of cloth and stuffs. It is 12 m. W. by
S. of Halberstadt and 23 S. S. E. of Wolfenbut-
tel. Long. 10. 58. E., lat. 51.53. N.

Werra, a river of Germany, which rises in the
principality of Coburg, 3 m. above Eissfield, flows
by Hilburghausen, Meiningen, Solzungen, Vac-
ha, Trefurt, Wanfried, Allendorf, and Witzen-
hausen ; it then enters the duchy of Brunswick,
passes by Munden, and a little below that town
joins the Fulda, where the united stream forms
the Weser.

Wertheim, a town of Germany, in Baden, capital
of a county of the same name, which yields excel-
lent wine. It is seated at the conflux of the Tau
ber with the Maine, 16 m. W. of Wurtzburg.

Werwick, a town of the Netherlands, in Flan
ders seated on the Lis 8 m. S. E. of Ypaz.

Wesel, a town of the Prussian states, in the
duchy of Cleve, with a strong citadel. Here are
two Calvinist churches, one for the Lutherans, and
another for the Papists. It is seated on the Rhine
at the influx of the Lippe, 25 m. S. E. of Cleve
and 50 W. S. W. of Munster. Long. 6. 87. E.,
lat, 51. 38. N.

Wesenburg, a fortified town of Rrussia, in the
government of Esthonia, seated on the Wiss, 54
m E. of Revel.

Weser, a river of Germany, formed by the un-
ion of the Werra and Fulda, in the duchy of
Brunswick, at Munden. It flows along the con-
fines of Westphalia and Saxony by Corvey,Ham-
elin, Minden, and Hoye ; receives the Aller from
Verden, and, passing by Bremen, enters the Ger-
man Ocean at Carlsburg.

Wesley, a township of Washington Co. Ohio.

V/est, a township of Huntington Co. Pa.; a
township of Columbiana Co. Ohio.

Westbury, a borough in Wiltshire, Eng. with
a manufacture of broad cloth. On a hill to the
E. ofthe town is Bratton Castle, the remains of a
fortification, where the Danes held out 24 days
against the English. It is 26 m. N. W. of Salis-
bury and 98 W. of London.

Westeras, a town of Sweden, capital of a gov-
ernment of
its name, and a bishop’s see, with a
citadel and a famous college. It carries on a con-
siderable commerce with Stockholm, particularly
in copper and iron from the neighbouring mines
Here are tbe ruins of an ancient palace, formerly
inhabited byhhe kings of Sweden. The cathedral,
built of brick, is celebrated for its tower, esteem-
ed the highest in the kingdom. In this cathe-
dral is the tomb of the unfortunate Eric XIV.
WesteAs is seated on the lake Maelar, 46 m. N.
W. of Stockholm. Long. 17. 0. E., lat. 59. 38. N

Westerburg, a town of Germany, in the duchy
of Nassau, with a castle. 22 m. S. W. of Eillen

Westerharn, a town in Kent,Eng. 21 m. S. S. E
of London.

Westerlo, ph. Albany Co. N. Y. Pop. 3,320.
contains an area of 8,300 sq. m. with about 1,000


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