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of Pulaski co., and flows S. E. into the Oemulgee

Casco Bay, Me., situated between Capes Eliz-
abeth and Small Point, is one of the finest bays
on the American coast. It is 20 miles long, and
extends inland about 15 miles. Within it are
some of the best harbors in the world. It con-
tains numerous islands, some of which are very
large, fertile, and well cultivated. The view of
the bay and its islands from the high grounds in
the vicinity is one of great beauty.

Cash River, Is. This stream drains the W. part
of Johnson co., flows S. W., separating Pulaski
from Alexander co., and empties into the Ken-
tucky River.

Cashaque Creek rises in Alleghany co., N. Y.,
flows N., and enters Genesee River in Livingston
co., near Mount Morris.

Cashong Creek rises in Benton, Yates co., N. Y.,
and flows E. into Lake Seneca.

Caspian Lake, Yt. See Greensborough.

Cass Bay, Mn. Situated between Grand Island
and the main land of Schoolcraft co.

Cass Lake, Ma. A large, irregularly-shaped
body of water, through which the head waters of
the Mississippi River pass. It contains one or two
large islands, and has Pike's and Allen's Bays on
the S. and S. W.

Cass River, Mn., is a branch of the Saginaw,
which it enters 20 miles from its mouth. It is an
excellent mill stream, and in high water is boata-
ble 15 or 20 miles from its mouth.

Cassadaga Creek, N. Y. This fine mill stream
rises in Cassadaga Lake, Chatauque co., flows

S., receiving several tributaries, most of which
afford water power, and enters Conewango Creek.

Cassadaga Lake, N. Y., is a small sheet of
water, lying in the towns of Pomfret and Stoc-
ton, Chatauque co.

Castete Creek, Eranklin co., As. A branch of
the Arkansas.

Castle Hill, Saugus, Ms. Height 288 feet.

Castleton River, Vt., rises in Pittsford, and flows
S. and W. through Rutland, Ira, Castleton, and
Pair Haven, into Poultney River. In Castleton,
it receives the waters of Bombazine Lake, and a
considerable mill stream from the N. Length
about 20 miles.

Castor Creek, Mo. The head branches of this
stream water the W. part of Madison co.; it then
flows in a S. direction, and empties into the St.

Cat Island, St. Bernard parish, La., lies in Ship
Island Sound, W. from Ship Island.

Cat Point, Franklin co., Fa. A point of land
extending into Appalachicola Bay.

Catahoola Lake, La., lies in Catahoola and
Avoyelles parishes, receives several large streams,
and flows into Red and Black Rivers.

Catahoola RvTer, La., rises in Claiborne parish,
enters a lake on the S. part of Catahoola parish,
and after passing through it enters Wachita River.
The lake, which is of considerable dimensions, is
filled at high water, and nearly or quite dry when
the river is low.

Catamount Mountains, N. H. See Pittsfield and

Catawba River. See Santee River.

Catherine's Creek rises in Chemung co., N. Y.,
flows N., and enters Seneca Lake, of which it is
the inlet, at the village of Jefferson. This stream
has a descent of 400 feet, in a distance of 15 miles,
affording extensive water power.

Cathlatates River, On. It rises among the Cas-
cade Mts., and flows S. into Columbia River.

Catistobole River, Fa., drains the W. part of the
state, and empties into the Gulf of Mexico.

Catskill Creek, N. Y., a good mill stream, rises
in Schoharie co., flows through the S. W. comer
of Albany co., and enters the Hudson in Greene
co. at the village of Catskill. It has a descent of
more than
1000 feet in 35 miles.

Catskill Mountains, N. Y. A spur from the Sha-
wangunk ridge, which is a detached portion of
the great Appalachian chain. They extend W. of
the Hudson River, in the counties of Ulster,
Greene, Albany, and Schoharie, and constitute
the largest and most extensive range of moun-
tains in the state. Their course is first northerly,
near the Hudson, afterwards bending to the W.
Their general elevation is about
3000 feet above
tide water. Round Top and High Peak, two of
the highest summits, as measured by the barom-
eter, are, the former,
3804 feet, and the latter 3718
feet above the level of the sea. The Catskill
Mountain House, upon a terrace of rock at the
eastern extremity of the ridge, 2212 feet above
the Hudson, and about 12 miles from the place
of landing on the river, is a place of much resort
in the summer season, for the clear and bracing
atmosphere, and the extensive and beautiful pros-
pects there to be enjoyed. See
Pine Orchard.

Cattaraugus Creek rises in Cattaraugus and
Genesee counties, N. Y., flows W., forming the
boundary between Cattaraugus and Erie counties,
and empties into Lake Erie. It is a fine large
stream, and has a fall of
800 feet in about 50 miles,
affording extensive water power.

Cattotong Creek rises in Tompkins co., N. Y.,
flows S., and enters the O wego, in Tioga co., a little
above the entrance of the latter stream into the

Caucomgomac Lake, Me. Situated in the W.
part of Piscataquis co., and connected by outlets
with many small ponds.

Cauquaga Creek, Erie co., N. Y., flows W. into
Lake Erie, 15 miles S. of Buffalo.

Cawenisque River, Pa. A branch of the Tioga,
which it enters on the borders of New York.

Cayudutta Creek rises in Fulton co., N. Y., flows

S., and enters the Mohawk near the village of
Fonda, Montgomery co.

Cayuga Creek, N. Y., rises in Genesee and Wy-
oming counties, flows in a W. direction, and unites
with Seneca Creek to form Buffalo Creek, in
Erie co.

Cayuga Island, N. Y., lies in Niagara River, op-
posite Grand Island. It is 1 mile long and a quar-
ter of a mile wide.

Cayuga Lake, N. Y., lies between Cayuga and
Seneca counties, and extends several miles S. into
Tompkins co. It is a beautiful sheet of water,
40 miles long from N. to S., and from 1 to
3^ miles in width. The outlet flows N. into Seneca
River, and thence through the Oswego into Lake
Ontario, about
35 miles distant. Its shores, in
some places, are precipitous, but generally rise
gradually from
100 to 150 feet, covered with
highly-cultivated farms and thriving villages.
The celebrated “ Cayuga bridge," a mile and
eight rods in length, crosses this lake at Cayuga
village, near its northern extremity; likewise, the
bridge of the Auburn and Rochester Railroad,
which is a mile and a half in length. Steamboats
run daily between this point and Ithaca, which is
beautifully situated at the southern extremity of

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

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